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Ida Fuller Potter
Ida Fuller Potter, 1912 - 2007 - My Mother, d/o Green Fuller and Leona Smith. Wife of Creed Flannery Potter
Creed Flannery Potter
Creed Flannery Potter, My Father, s/o Joel Martin Mart Potter and Eliza Frances Reynolds, Husband of Ida Fuller
Creed Flannery Potter
L-R Back: David, Marty, Creed and Clark Potter. L-R Front: Annette and Carlene Potter
L-R: Annette Potter, Eliza Frances Reynolds Potter and Leona Carlene Potter Burkland; d/o Creed Potter and Ida Fuller
Potter Kids
L-R: Clark, Archie, Dan, David, Annette, Fred, Marty and Carlene

Potter Family and Friends

January 1, 2018: All links to the Rootsweb site are not working now because of some claims at their site by their "security technician" that there was a "security problem". I doubt that very seriously, because as you can see by previous posts, they have been slowly getting rid of all the free services. Unscrupulous to say the least after having used thousands of people's information on their websites and then "lost" their free site information. I will remove the bad links as soon as I'm able, but this will probably take a while. This is why I quit linking to other sites. They usually end up deleting their pages or going completely down.

Genealogy sites such as Ancestry are trying their best to become a monopoly and succeeding quite well in the process. Many of the free sites are closing after being bought out by ancestry. Sad but true. In my case, they had Yahoo aiding them who completely deleted all of my information with no warning and for no reason whatsoever. Sometimes my conspiracy theory paranoia leads me to consider that perhaps they did it (deleted my site) on purpose just for Ancestry. After all, Ancestry is a very powerful monopoly organization with lots of influential money to pass around.

October 14, 2017: Rootsweb has deleted our guestbook, but there is a Copy of Posts up to 2014. Rootsweb has not been very stable in the past few years. They seem to be making drastic changes and it is possible to lose your work there, so be sure to make backups of all your information. That is what I have been doing on a regular basis to try and preserve as much as possible of my own work. I have experienced a lot of loss on my website stored there as well. They somehow randomly delete pages off your website there, as well.

August 4, 2017. I suspect my sister, Carlene Burkland, will perhaps not approve of this note, but I would like to give her credit for her contribution to this website. She pays yahoo for this web space and she needs to be acknowledged for so doing. She has paid for this website address for at least two years now I hope she doesn't disapprove of my posting it here, but thank you to my sister, Carlene for her invaluable contribution.

July 7, 2017. Most recently I have been working on the census records to make a page for everyone in those particular census records. These census records are a great help to me to allow me to recall what was lost when yahoo deleted my files in July 2015. So far, I have worked on them for 2 years this coming July 15, 2017. Their delete date was July 15, 2015 when yahoo wrongly deleted my site. Since my endeavor, I have made quite a bit of headway. However, I have not updated the links page in some time, but plan to do so in the next few months. I am currently working on the 1850 and 1860 Russell County, Virginia Census. They are a treasure trove. I am now backing up everything I do in several different places to prevent having to go through this awful loss again.

The following is a Link to an alphabetical list of the files that our special cousin, Phyllis Madden, found at archives.org and uploaded to Facebook for us. These files are in pdf form and are not updated, so they will have errors. Thanks to Phyllis Madden for going out of her way to do this for us. It has been a lot of work for her and she is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Phyllis. They can be viewed or downloaded to your computer to save. They are old files and there are a lot of errors and corrections needed but they are all that is left of the site that Yahoo deleted. They are snapshots taken throughout the years by archives.org.

Click on this "Lost Files Link" to get to them. They are nowhere near what I had, but they are better than none. Please Note: You will need to be signed in on your Facebook Page to access these files because they are on Our Potter Family and Friends Facebook Page. More About Us.

Creed Flannery Potter and Ida Fuller
Creed Potter and Ida Fuller
Creed Flannery Potter
and Ida Fuller

Creed Flannery Potter b 2 Sept 1902 Letcher Co KY d 26 Jan 1959 Letcher Co KY; buried Reynolds Family Cemetery, Seco, Letcher Co KY; s/o Joel Martin Potter and Eliza Frances Reynolds. Creed Flannery Potter m. Ida Fuller Potter b 27 Jun 1912 KY d 1 Jul 2006 TX; d/o Elijah Green Fuller and Leona Smith. My Memorial Tribute to Mother, Ida Fuller Potter. Creed Flannery Potter m. (1) to Sarah Rose Robinson b about 1902 d about 1934; buried Reynolds Cemetery, Seco, Letcher Co KY; d/o James "Big Jim" Robinson and Adah Rose. (Divorced 30 Aug 1933). Creed Flannery Potter m. (2) to Betty Brown.

Joel Martin Mart Potter
Joel Martin Mart Potter

Paternal Grandparents
Joel Martin Mart Potter
and Eliza Frances Reynolds.

Joel Martin "Mart" Potter b 4 Mar 1875 Letcher Co KY d 20 Apr 1949; buried Potter Family Cemetery, Payne Gap, KY; s/o Abraham Potter and Sarah "Sallie" Wright. Joel Martin "Mart" Potter m. 6 Oct 1894 Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY to (1) Eliza Frances Reynolds b 16 Dec 1877 d 23 Apr 1975; buried Reynolds Family Cemetery, Seco, Letcher Co KY; d/o William Henry Reynolds and Matilda Frances Baker. Joel Martin "Mart" Potter m. (2) to Callie Potter; d/o Abraham Potter and Selina Phillips. Joel Martin "Mart" Potter m. (3) to Leona Smith; d/o Hilliard Smith and Armelda Combs. Leona Smith m. (1) to James "Jim" Hale. Eliza Frances Reynolds m. (2) to Thomas Davis.

Green Fuller
Green Fuller
Maternal Grandparents
Elijah Green Fuller
and Leona Smith.

Elijah "Green" Fuller b Sept 1877 Knott Co KY d about 1929; s/o Elijah "Bunt" Fuller b 1845 KY and Martha Combs b 1858. Elijah "Green" Fuller m. 29 Mar 1909 Smithsboro, Knott Co KY to (2) Leona Smith b 14 Apr 1884 Smithsboro, Knott Co KY d 12 Sept 1966; buried Isom Cemetery, Isom KY; behind the Presbyterian Church; d/o Hilliard Jackson Smith and Armelda "Melda" Combs. Elijah "Green" Fuller m. 16 Sept 1895 to (1st) Margaret Amburgey b 12 Mar 1879; d/o Alfred Amburgey and Elizabeth Amburgey. Leona Smith m. (1) to James "Jim" Hale; s/o Thomas Hale and Matilda Smith. Leona Smith m. (3) to Joel Martin "Mart" Potter late in life.

Abraham Potter and Sarah Wright
Abraham Potter and Sarah Wright
Paternal Great-Grandparents
Abraham Potter and
Sarah Sally Wright

Abraham Potter b 13 Aug 1837 Letcher Co KY d 13 May 1913 Pike Co KY; buried Potter Family Cemetery, Payne Gap KY; s/o Isaac Potter and Mary Polly Houston. Abraham Potter m. 15 Jul 1869 to (2) Sarah Sally Wright b 10 Mar 1847 d 8 Nov 1925; buried Potter Family Cemetery, Payne Gap KY; d/o Joel Ellis Wright and Eliza Agnes Bates.

William Henry Reynolds
William Henry Reynolds
Paternal Great-Grandparents
William Henry Reynolds
and Matilda Frances Baker

William Henry Reynolds b 28 Feb, 1837 Russell Co VA d 8 Dec 1890 Seco, Letcher Co KY; buried Reynolds Family Cemetery, Seco, Letcher Co KY; s/o Noah Milburn Reynolds 1808 and Mary Chaney Stone. William Henry Reynolds m. 4 Mar 1859 to Frances Matilda Baker b 23 Apr 1844 d 28 Mar 1927; d/o Henry Baker and Mary Catherine Privett.

Elijah Bunt Fuller
Elijah Bunt Fuller
Maternal Great-Grandparents
Elijah Bunt Fuller
and Martha Combs

Elijah Bunt Fuller b 20 Jul 1845 d 31 Dec 1931 Perry Co KY; s/o Elijah Green Fuller 1790 NC Elizabeth Patton. Elijah Bunt Fuller m. Martha Combs.


Hillard Smith
Hillard Smith
Armelda Combs Smith
Armelda Combs Smith
Maternal Great-Grandparents
Hilliard Jackson Smith
and Armelda Combs

Hilliard Jackson Smith b 13 Apr 1855 Perry Co KY d 29 Apr 1914 Knott Co KY; s/o William Medford "Med" Smith and Martha Ashley. Hilliard Jackson Smith m. 24 Sept 1879 Perry Co KY to Armelda "Melda" Combs b 28 Aug 1862 Allock, Perry Co KY d 15 Mar 1953 Knott Co KY; d/o Jackson "Jack" Combs and Mary Ann Young.

Hazel Potter Thompson
Potter Lineage

Hazel Potter and Bert Thompson
1. Hazel Potter and Bert Thompson; s/o Thomas Lindsay Thompson and Trudy Bee Modena Farmer. (Visit Hazel on Facebook)

2. Hazel's Parents - Clabe Potter and Anna Hall;

3. Hazel's Grandparents - Reuben Potter 1865 and Arminda Hall;

4. Hazel's Great Grandparents - Isaac Potter 1839 and Emiline Bentley;

5. Hazel's GG Grandparents Benjamin Potter 1796 NC and Susannah Hollingsworth?;

6. Hazel's GGG Grandparents Abraham Potter 1745 NC and Lydia? Stewart?

Thanks very much to Hazel Potter Thompson who worked with me extensively on her family as well as some extended family of her father, Clabe Potter. She has been the largest contributor of time, information and photos to this website

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