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William Stamper and Emily Millie Polly -

More About William Stamper. William Stamper was a farmer, trapper, hunter, and trader. Born in NC He migrated from the area of NC to KY, and settled on Rockhouse ...

James Stamper -

James B Stamper in the Civil War. It was during the Civil War that James B. Stamper was killed by Federal troops on January 30, 1864. His allegiance was with the South.

James Stamper - pafg06.htm -

48. Matilda Stamper (John Whitt, William "Tatter Bill", James, Jonathan Brooks) was born on 9 Jun 1836 in Kentucky. She died on 6 Feb 1890 in Cornettsville, Perry ...

Isom Stamper and Sarah Melvina Sally Creech -

Isom Stamper and Sarah Creech. Isom Stamper b 18 Nov 1807 Wilkes Co NC d 3 Apr 1899 Turkey Creek, Letcher Co KY; s/o William Stamper and Agnes Emily Polly.

Stephen Hogg and Millie Stamper -

Stephen Hogg and Millie Stamper. Stephen Hogg b 18 Sept 1845 Kings Creek, Letcher Co KY d 12 Oct 1923 Kings Creek, Letcher Co KY; buried Stephen Hogg Cemetery, Roxana ...

Harrison Banks and Hettie Stamper -

Harrison Banks and Hettie Stamper. Harrison Banks b 6 Dec 1874 Letcher Co KY; s/o Elijah Banks and Elizabeth Burton Lucas. Harrison Banks m. 26 Apr 1894 Letcher Co KY ...

Hiram H Stamper and Matilda Jane Hogg -

Hiram H Stamper was the son of William and Emily (Polly) Stamper, and reared at Isom, Letcher County, Kentucky. Some of his descendants are living there at present.

Peter Hogg Descendants - pafg08.htm -

127. John Witt Stamper (James P. Stamper, Lucinda Hogg, James, Thomas, Peter) was born on 6 Jan 1857. He died on 29 Feb 1924. He was buried UNKNOWN in Ball Point ...

Henley Fugate and Tabitha Bithie Ritchie -

Henley Fugate and Matilda Stamper. Henley Fugate b about 1798 Russell Co VA d about 1881 Russell Co VA; s/o Benjamin Fugate and Hannah Devers. Henley "Old Henley ...

Thomas Francis Jr and Jane Hammonds -

Thomas Francis Jr and Jane Hammonds. ... They are buried in the Stamper Cemetery about a mile below this church. This cemetery is called Ball Point Cemetery.

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