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William Fillmore Addington
and Nancy Ann Bentley

William Fillmore Addington
William Fillmore Addington
William Fillmore Addington (twin) (Reverend) b 21 Mar 1861 Wise Co VA d 22 Oct 1930; s/o William Billy Addington and Nancy Kilgore. William Fillmore Addington m. 10 Apr 1879 Letcher Co KY to Nancy Ann Bentley b 16 Jan 1860 d 20 Apr 1922; d/o Solomon Bentley and Susan Matilda Austin. Children of William Fillmore Addington and Nancy Ann Bentley;

1. Martha Addington

2. John Franklin Addington b 14 Feb 1881 Shelby Gap, Pike Co KY d 18 Apr 1949; m. 14 Feb 1909 to Louise Whitt b 26 Oct 1882 VA d 18 May 1917; d/o Richard Whitt and Florence Robinson. Child of John Franklin Addington and Louise Whitt; i. Odas Addington b 19 Sept 1909 Wise Co VA; m. Dora Mullins; d/o Joe Mullins.

John Franklin Addington; m. 22/27 Nov 1918 to Bertha Aldridge b 10 Aug 1901 d 10 Nov 1972; d/o F M Aldridge and Victoria Haynes. (8 children)

3. Cora Lee Addington b 3 Apr 1884 Phipps, Wise Co VA d 20 Feb 1977 Wise Co VA; buried Whitt Family Cemetery, Phipps, Wise Co VA; m. 19 Feb 1903 Russell Co VA to Vincent Whitt b 15/16 Jul 1876/78 VA d 29 Oct 1918 Wise Co VA; s/o Richard Lee Whitt and Florence Robinson. Children of Vincent Whitt and Cora Lee Addington; i. Clarence Whitt b 31 Mar 1909 Pound, Wise Co VA d 2 May 1970 Jenkins, Letcher Co KY; m. Nova Gertrude Boggs b 16 Mar 1908 Bold Camp, Wise Co VA d 13 Apr 1998 Norton, Wise Co VA; d/o Grover Cleveland Boggs and Bertha Ann Hale. ii. Mabel Whitt b abt 1916 Wise Co VA; m. Medford Jennings Boggs b 4 Feb 1911 Bold Camp, Wise Co VA d 27 Jun 1973 Pound, Wise Co VA; s/o Grover Cleveland Boggs and Bertha Ann Hale iii. Hazel Dorothy Whitt b 4 Jun 1917 VA d 22 Aug 1967 iv. Ruth Marie Whitt b 4 Jun 1917 Pound Wise Co VA d 25 Sept 1991

Cora Lee Addington m. 19 Feb 1903 Russell Co VA to Walter Wesley Dierks b 2 Jan 1881 Johnson, Nemaha NE d 3 Jul 1955; s/o Herman Dierks and Caroline Schneider. Walter Wesley Dierks m. 1909 to Ethel Cottingham b 28 Feb 1886 Coffeeville, Montgomery Co KS d 15 Aug 1942.

4. Carrie Ellen Addington b 2 Apr 1889 d 7 Feb 1964; m. (2) to Ellis Hall. Carrie Addington m. 16 Jul 1908 to (1) John Harvey Reynolds b 29 Nov 1879 d 26 Aug 1921 VA; occupation, prohibition officer; killed during a raid on a moonshine still, Paintsville, KY; s/o William Henry Reynolds and Matilda Frances Baker.

5. Calvin Addington b 25 Nov 1896 Wise Co VA; m. Emma Mae Cox b 1 Mar 1895 Wise Co VA d 1953; d/o James Floyd Cox and Melissa Ellen Adkins.

6. Matilda Jane Addington b 10 Sept 1898 Haddonfiled, Wise Co VA d 10 Jan 1987 Virginia Beach, VA; occupation, teacher; m. 26/27 Jun 1915 VA to James Leonardo Lioutza b 11 Oct 1889 Lacri, Italy d 27 Apr 1980 Winter Park, Orlando Co FL. Child of James Leonardo Lioutza and Matilda Addington; i. Onnie Lioutza b 21 Aug 1918 Phipps, Wise Co VA d 12 Feb 1998 Virginia Beach, VA; m. 28 Nov 1936 to Marvin Easly White b 12/13 Aug 1913 d 9/10 Jul 1988 Virginia Beach, VA; s/o Jesse K White and Laura Bell Schroder. Children of Marvin Easly White and Onnie Lioutza; I. Marvin Easley White II. Lawrence Randall White; m. Bonnie Jene Kelley; d/o Stanton Alexander Kelley and Myrtle Majorie Brown. Children of Lawrence Randall White and Bonnie Jene Kelley; II.i. Scott Alexander White II.ii. Angie Marie White II.iii. Jeff Daniel White

(I don't know why all the discrepancies in the date of birth, but put them here as I found them).

Old Regular Baptist Church Obituaries: Addington, Filmore was born Mar 18 1861 died Oct 22 1930; married Nancy Bentley in 1880; 4 girls and 3 boys; 1 girl and 1 boy died in infancy. Member of the Old Regular Baptist Church where is was an ordained minister. Written by his daughter Carrie Hall.

Addington, William Fillmore b: Mar 16 1861 d: Oct 18 1930 md: Nancy Ann Addington Apr 10 1879 b: Jan 16 1860 d: Apr 20 1902

Filmore Addington, born 3/18/1861, died 10/22/1930, married Nancy Bentley in 1880. They had 4 daughters and 3 sons, 2 died in infancy, the others are living. 3 of the daughters were members of the ORB Church. He joined the ORB church and was ordained to preach in 1895. He preached his last sermon at Bethel Church at a foot washing meeting, using the text: "Thus in one house shall it be eaten." His sons were named Calvin and Johnny. Calvin lived in Cincinnati. The writer states, "Children, I want you to respect, Katie, his wife for she has done all she could for him..." [This suggests that he may have married a second time although the writer does not make that clear.] Her final statement is: "So dear brethren and sisters, each of you pray, down in the grave where father and mother were laid." Obituary was written by his daughter, Carrie Hall.

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