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Henry Adkins
and Nancy Adkins

Henry Adkins b about 1784 VA d 31 Jan 1866 Wise Co VA; s/o John Adkins and Unknown. Henry Adkins m. about 1806 Burke Co NC to Nancy Adkins (or Stanley) b about 1784 Burke Co NC d 1848 Yancey Co NC; buried Yancey Co NC. (1850 Russell Co VA Census Henry with Sarah Bowman). Children of Henry Adkins and Nancy Adkins;

I. William Adkins b 6 Dec 1807 Burke Co NC d 22 Jul 1894; m. about 1831 to Isabella Whitson b 19 Aug 1814 Burke Co NC d 17 Apr 1896 Yancey Co NC. Children of William Adkins and Isabella Whitson;

1. Rickles Adkins b 26 Dec 1831 Burke Co NC

2. Isaac Adkins b 1834 Burke Co NC

3. Jason Adkins b 1838 Yancey Co NC

4. Nancy Adkins b 1842 Burke Co NC

5. Sarah Adkins b 1845 Burke Co NC

6. Swinfield Adkins b about 1848 Burke Co NC

7. Elizabeth Adkins b 1852 Burke Co NC

8. William Henry Adkins b 20 Jun 1855 Burke Co NC

9. Samuel C. Adkins b 1858 Burke Co NC

10. Olivia Adkins b about 1863 Yancey Co NC

II. John Adkins b about 1810 Burke Co NC d after 1870; m. 14 Feb 1831 to Mary Rogers b about 1811 NC. Children of John Adkins and Mary Rogers;

1. Henry Adkins b about 1828 Mitchell NC

2. Hannah Adkins b about 1832 Carter Co TN

3. Elizabeth Adkins b about 1834 Yancey Co NC

4. Olley Adkins b about 1836 Carter Co TN

5. Delilah Adkins b about 1838 Carter Co TN

6. Nancy Adkins b about 1843 Carter Co TN

7. Sarah Adkins b about 1845 Carter Co TN

8. Wilson Adkins b about 1847 Carter Co TN

9. Clingman Adkins b about 1849 Carter Co TN

10. David Adkins b about 1852 Carter Co TN

11. Johnson Adkins b about 1855 Carter Co TN

III. Elizabeth Adkins b about 1811 Burke Co NC; m. Joseph McKinney b about 1801 NC; s/o Samuel McKinney and Unknown.

IV. Delilah Adkins b about 1812 Burke Co NC d 10 Jul 1876; m. about 1832 Yancey Co NC to Samuel McKinney Jr b about 1805 NC; s/o Samuel McKinney and Unknown. Children of Samuel McKinney Jr and Delilah Adkins;

1. Willson McKinney b about 1833 Carter Co TN

2. Henry McKinney b about 1835 Carter Co TN

3. John McKinney b about 1837 Carter Co TN

4. Samuel McKinney b about 1839 Carter Co TN

5. Nancy McKinney b about 1840 Carter Co TN

6. Mary McKinney b about 1842 Carter Co TN

7. Judah McKinney b about 1843 Carter Co TN

8. Olley McKinney b about 1844 Carter Co TN

9. Sarah McKinney b about 1846 Carter Co TN

10. William McKinney b about 1848 Carter Co TN

11. Rose Caroline McKinney b 7 Dec 1854 Carter Co TN

12. David B. McKinney b about 1856 TN

V. Richolas Rickles N Adkins b about 1815 Burke Co NC d about 1905 NC; m. about 1836 NC to Debitha Bryant b about 1817 Burke Co NC d about 1883; d/o Alan Bryant and Sarah Unknown. Children of Richolas Rickles N Adkins and Debitha Bryant;

1. Wilson Adkins b about 1837 Yancey Co NC

2. David W. Adkins Rev. b 1 Sep 1839 Yancey Co NC

3. Sarah Adkins b 17 Mar 1843 Yancey Co NC

4. Nancy Adkins b about 1844 Yancey Co NC

5. Elmyra Adkins b about 1845 Yancey Co NC

6. Mary Lavada Adkins b about 1848 Yancey Co NC

7. Sidney C. Adkins b about 1851 Yancey Co NC

8. Esther Susannah Adkins b about 1851 Yancey Co NC

9. Delilah Adkins b about 1854 Yancey Co NC

10. Spencer Parley Adkins b 12 Sep 1858 Pensacola, Yancey Co NC

11. John H. Adkins b about 1860 Yancey Co NC

Richolas Adkins was the son of Henry Adkins. He was born in North Carolina; probably in Burke County. He married Debetha Bryant, daughter of Allen and Sara Bryant. As Dad and Hubert remembered him, he walked on two canes. He was also a teller of tales. He once told of being hunting one day and coming to a foot log across a creek. He started to cross when he heard something coming. He quickly stepped back into some bushes and crouched down out of sight. A bear came up to cross the foot log. On the other side, a panther also started to cross. They met in the middle of the log and began to fight. The panther raked the guts out of the bear and sat licking its paws. Rix promptly shot the panther; thus taking home a panther and a bear with only one shot! He also told Dad he had once killed a bear, hitting it in the head with a pine knot! Rix later married Safrona Justice, a woman of ill-repute. She evidently deserted him and George Woody found him sick, lying on a pile of hay left to die. He stayed several places, one of them being John and Nan Bailes' House. He was later taken by wagon to the Poor House on Big Creek. He died and was buried there. 1880 census lists Rickles age 65, fa. b Va., Mo. b NC Debitha age 64, children in houshold include: Spencer, John, and grandchildren Wilson, Elmira, Laura, Louisa, and George Ramseytown, Yancey, NC. (Source): Rebecca L. Tolley-Stokes, Johnson City, Tennessee, http://www.planetc.com/users/stotol/adkinsr.htm Comments, Questions, or ???

VI. Wilson Adkins b about 1817 Burke Co NC d about 1880 Wise Co VA of burns; m. about 1836 Yancey Co NC to Stacia Hill b about 1818 NC d 9 Oct 1880 Wise Co VA; d/o William Hill and Nancy Lyons. Children of Wilson Adkins and Stacia Hill;

1. Elizabeth Adkins b 1836 NC

2. Larkin F Adkins b 1838 NC

3. William Henry Harrison Adkins b 1841 NC

4. Olley Parthenia Adkins b 1844 VA

5. Nancy Adkins b 1846 VA

6. Polly E Adkins b 1849 VA

7. Alexander C Adkins b 1851 VA

8. Martha J Adkins b 1854 VA

9. John Adkins b 1857 Wise Co VA

VII. Alexander Adkins b about 1820 NC d about 1880 Wise Co VA; m. about 1839 to Lucinda Lucy Lyons b 1825 VA.

VIII. Spencer Adkins b about 1822 Burke Co NC; m. before 1848 to Sarah Unknown b about 1826 NC. Spencer Adkins m. 31 Jan 1858 Wise Co VA to Dicie Rose b about 1835 Russell Co VA; d/o Elias Rose and Nancy Hill. Spencer Adkins m. 11 Jan 1864 Wise Co VA to Matilda Johnson b 27 Nov 1847 Russell Co VA d 29 Jan 1909 Brocksburg, Keyapaha, NE; buried Jamison, Keya Paha NE.

IX. Olivia Adkins b about 1824 Burke Co NC; m. about 1844 Yancey Co NC to William Harrell Sr b about 1813 Burke Co NC. Children of William Harrell Sr and Olivia Adkins;

1. Thomas C Harrell b about 1845 Yancey Co NC

2. Henry C Harrell b about 1847 Yancey Co NC

3. Weighstil Harrell b about 1849 Yancey Co NC

4. P C Harrell b about 1851 Yancey Co NC

5. Spencer Harrell b about 1853 Yancey Co NC

6. Delilah Harrell b about 1855 Yancey Co NC

7. Phebey Harrell b about 1859 Yancey Co NC

Henry Adkins
and Sarah Bowman

Henry Adkins b about 1784 VA d 31 Jan 1866 Wise Co VA; s/o John Adkins and Unknown. Henry Adkins m. 6 Oct 1857 (or 1847) Wise Co VA to Sarah Sally Bowman b about 1808 Carter Co TN; d/o Barnabas Bowman and Catherine Unknown. (

I. Sarah Adkins b 1857 VA

Sarah Bowman
and Male Vance

Sarah Sally Bowman b about 1808 Carter Co TN; d/o Barnabas Bowman and Catherine Unknown. Sarah Sally Bowman m. (1) to Male Unknown Vance.

Sarah Bowman
and James Powers

Sarah Sally Bowman b about 1808 Carter Co TN; d/o Barnabas Bowman and Catherine Unknown. Sarah Sally Bowman m. 17 Apr 1867 Wise Co VA to James Powers b about 1799 Scott Co VA; s/o Jonas H Powers and Lucy Sperry.

1860 Wise Co VA Census
216 Adkins, Henry 76 M Farmer VA
216 Adkins, Sarah 52 F Housekeeper TN
216 Bowman, Barney 21 M Farm Hand TN
216 Bowman, William H 18 M Farm hand NC
216 Adkins, Sarah 3 F VA
216 Alfred, Matilda 24 F House Servant TN (Mulatto)
216 Alfred Landon 6 M VA (Mulatto)
216 Alfred Sidney 4 M VA (Mulatto)

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