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Michael Askew
and Permelia Weddle

Michael Askew b abt 1810 Franklin Co VA; m. Permelia Weddle b 1805 Montgomery Co VA. Children of Michael Askew and Permelia Weddle;

1. Arminta Minty Askew b abt 1832 Patrick Co VA d 7 May 1875 Russell Co VA; m. 27 Apr 1854 Russell Co VA to John Price Browning b 20 Feb 1832 Russell Co VA d 26 Jun 1912; buried Sinking Spring Cemetery, Pen Addition, Abingdon, Scott Co VA. John Price Browning m. 12 Jan 1882 Russell Co VA to Sareptha Salley Puckett b 5 Sept 1855 d 29 Jan 1912; buried Sinking Spring Cemetery, Penn Addition, Abingdon, Scott Co VA; d/o George Washington Puckett and Margaret Jessee.

2. Abraham Askew b abt 1834 Patrick Co VA

3. Henry Askew b abt 1836 Patrick Co VA; m. 27 Dec 1880 Russell Co VA to Mary C Redwine b 1844 Russell Co VA; d/o Roland R Rolling Redwine and Priscilla Leah Alderson. Mary C Redwine m. 7 Dec 1875 Russell Co VA to Harvey Taylor b abt 1829 Russell Co VA

4. Elizabeth Askew b abt 1838 Russell Co VA

5. Susan Askew b abt 1840 Russell Co VA

1850 Russell Co VA Census
25 82 82 Askew Michael 40 M Farmer Franklin Co. VA
26 82 82 Askew Permelia 45 F Montgomery Co. VA
27 82 82 Askew Minty 18 F Patrick Co. VA
28 82 82 Askew Abraham 16 M Laborer Patrick Co. VA
29 82 82 Askew Henry 14 M Laborer Patrick Co. VA
30 82 82 Askew Elisabeth 12 F Russell Co. VA
31 82 82 Askew Susan 10 F Russell Co. VA

1850 Census, Russell Co., Virginia, household of James Browning
27 773 773 Browning James S. 49 M Farmer 3,500 Russell Co. VA
28 773 773 Browning Sarah 48 F Russell Co. VA
29 773 773 Browning Jessee 24 M Farmer Russell Co. VA
30 773 773 Browning James H. 20 M Farmer Russell Co. VA
31 773 773 Browning John 18 M Farmer Russell Co. VA
32 773 773 Browning Alford P. 7 M Russell Co. VA
33 773 773 Ball Rebecca 24 F Russell Co. VA
34 773 773 Webb Joseph 7 M Russell Co. VA

1850 Russell County, Virginia Census household of Rolling R. Redwine
20 783 783 Redwine Rolling R. 46 M Farmer Russell Co. VA
21 783 783 Redwine Leah 34 F Monroe Co. VA
22 783 783 Redwine Joseph 12 M Russell Co. VA
23 783 783 Redwine Bramwell 10 M Russell Co. VA
24 783 783 Redwine Louisa 8 F Russell Co. VA
25 783 783 Redwine Mary C. 6 F Russell Co. VA
26 783 783 Redwine Caroline S. 3 F Russell Co. VA
27 783 783 Redwine An infant not named 4/12 F Russell Co. VA

1860 Census, Lebanon, Russell Co., Virginia, household of John P. Browning
10 374 374 Browning John P. 28 M W Farmer Va
11 374 374 Browning Arminta 29 F W Va
12 374 374 Browning Taylor S. 6 M W Va
13 374 374 Browning Sarah E. 2 F W Va
14 374 374 Casey Hannah 11 F W Va

7 325 325 Puckett George W. 38 M W Farmer 1,500 50 Va
8 325 325 Puckett Margaret 37 F W Va
9 325 325 Puckett Elizabeth C. 12 F W Va
10 325 325 Puckett Nancy Jane 11 F W Va
11 325 325 Puckett Cyntah. 9 F W Va
12 325 325 Puckett Neoma F. 8 F W Va
13 325 325 Puckett Suripta 6 F W Va
14 325 325 Puckett Mary Ann 4 F W Va
15 325 325 Puckett Charles J. 3 M W Va
16 325 325 Puckett Ellen 1 F W Va
17 326 326 Puckett An infant not named 1/12 F W Va

1870 Elk Garden District Russell Co., Virginia Census household of John Browning,
Browning, John 38 Farmer born in VA
Browning, Aramanuta 40 born in VA
Browning, Taylor 15 born in VA
Browning, Sarah 12 born in VA
Browning, Jessee 10 born in VA
Browning, John 8 born in VA
Browning, Mary 6 born in VA
Browning, Michael 1 born in VA

1870 Census, Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia household of George W. Puckett
Puckett, George W., 48, W M, Farmer, VA
Puckett, Margaret, 47, F W, VA
Puckett, Elizabeth, 21, F W, VA
Puckett, Nancy, 20, F W, VA
Puckett, Cynthia, 18, F W, VA
Puckett, Naomi, 16, F W, VA
Puckett, Sanpta, 15, F W, VA
Puckett, Mary, 14, F W, VA
Puckett, Charles, 13, M W, VA
Puckett, Eleanor, 12, F W, VA
Puckett, Martha, 10, F W, VA
Puckett, John, 9, M W, VA
Puckett, Braxton, 7, M W, VA
Puckett, Thomas, 5, M W, VA
Puckett, Virginia, 4, F W, VA

Browning, John P Family Bible
John P Browning and Sarepta Puckett were married Jan 11, 1882
John P. Browning was born Feb 20th 1832
Sarepta Browning was born Sept 7th 1855
James E. Browning was born Nov 21th 1882
George W. Browning was born April 3rd 1884
Ethel Browning was born Aug 25th 1885
Margaret A. Browning was born Dec 24, 1887
Ollie H. Browning was born Aug 31st 1889
Sarepta Browning died Jan 29, 1912
John Browning died June 26, 1912

Recollections of George William Settle

These papers are found in the Russell County Library in Lebanon, Virginia attributed to George William Settle and as copied by Robert Franklin Jackson. They are also found in the Buchanan County Public Library in Grundy, Virginia attributed to O. W. Settle. George William Settle is the correct author. In the document he identifies his daughter, Garnette Settle. He later identifies his parents Robert Langley Settle and Julia Ann Taylor as well as his wife Florence Perkins and again identifies his daughter Garnette Settle. Neither library has a title page, and neither appears to have an original copy. This document is meant as a research aid and should not be considered factual without other documentation. A few errors have been found so it is best to verify the data through other research.

In the early generations of this section there were but few people of a certain name. A great many of these names came from foreign countries while others acquired them from the trade and vocation which they followed. Our dominating nationality is Scotch-Irish, a people who love liberty and independence, so you can't wonder at it being politically described as "The Fighting Ninth".

On the Tazewell line the descendants of the ASCUE family, Henry and Abram, their father was Michael. Their land possessions lay in both counties. They were great workers and started from "scratch" as a great many did. I heard Henry say once that his father sent him to take his grandmother back to Kentucky and gave him six dollars for expense money. On his return he still had three dollars left and offered it back to his father, but he said, "No, Henry, that is your money. You saved it, so it is yours to do as you like with." He studied quite a while what to do, finally buying a calf. Calves were cheap then. That fall when he had worked all day at home, he hired to a man near their home to pull blade fodder for him so he could get a part of it to winter his calf. He had good luck, sold his calf next year and bought three more. That started him in the stock business. He said he often thought if that calf had died he would never have been a stock man. But this encouraged him to continue and while he was able to be active, he bought three thousand acres of land or more. He was then able to handle two or three hundred cattle and four or five hundred sheep. He got the name of being the "sheep king" of Tazewell County.

Henry ASCUE was married twice. His first wife was a LESTER and their children were: Charles, John, Clint, Allafair, Lou and Martha. Charles married Carrie BRADSHAW, John married May STEELE. Clint married May's sister and Allafair married Emely JONES, Lou married Bill GOSE and Martha went to Kentucky. Henry's second wife was Katherine REDWINE, who married B. TAYLOR. Their children were Wilmer, Russell and Nell. Wilmer married Georgia FERRELL (or Ferrell), Russell married a BROWN and Nell married James BEAVERS.

My father spent the night with Harry ASCUE on one occasion and they talked and they talked. Neither one payed any attention to what time it was until some of the women opened the door and said, "Come to breakfast." Evidently they must have been enjoying themselves as they forgot to retire. Another one similar to this: Peter HANKINS came out of the lane from his home to the main road early one morning. There he met Drayton STINSON, both going the same way to Belfast Mill. They stood there and talked until sundown and had to go back home. I don't know what they got out of their long talk, but it was evident that the miller did not get any toll that day from them.

Source: Lena Watts - lenarhea@bellsouth.net

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