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James Atkinson

Second Generation

3. Isom (Isham) Adkins (James ) was born in 1775/1780 in Kentucky. He died on 4 Mar 1873 in Roane Co., WVA.

Isom married Jane M. Drake? about 1782 in Greenbriar Co., VA. Jane was born about 1783 in Virginia.

They had the following children:

  6 M i Davidson D. Adkins.
        Davidson married Delilah Looney.
  7 F ii Miriam Adkins.
        Miriam married John Breeding on 8 Aug 1841.
  8 F iii Huldah Adkins.
        Huldah married Braxton E. Williamson on 11 Apr 1830 in Pike Co., KY.
  9 M iv Wilburn Adkins.
  10 F v Arminta (America) Adkins was born in Mar 1827 in Kentucky or Virginia.
        Arminta married James Smith on 8 Aug 1841 in Pike Co., KY. James was born about 1826 in Virginia.
  11 M vi Miles A. Adkins was born about 1840 in Kentucky.

5. James W. Adkins (James ) was born in 1785 in Giles Co., VA. He died before 1870 in Pike Co., KY.

James married Nancy Agness Bishop. Nancy was born in 1795 in Giles Co., VA. She died before 1870 in Pike Co., KY.

They had the following children:

+ 12 M i Elias Adkins was born in 1804. He died after 1850.
  13 F ii Agness "Aggie" Adkins was born in 1805 in Kentucky. She died about 1830.
        Agness married Reese Ross on 11 Sep 1823 in Pike Co., KY.
  14 F iii Margaret Adkins was born in 1810.
        Margaret married Wyatt Adkins.
  15 M iv Andrew Adkins was born in 1814/1815 in Pike Co., Kentucky. He died after 1887.
        Andrew married Tabitha Ann Fields on 22 Jul 1869 in Pike Co., KY. Tabitha was born in 1829 in North Carolina.
+ 16 F v Nancy B. Adkins was born about 1815.
+ 17 F vi Celia Adkins was born about 1817. She died before 1880.
+ 18 M vii Squire Adkins was born in 1818.
+ 19 M viii James H. Adkins was born in 1825.
+ 20 F ix Westina Adkins was born on 27 Dec 1827. She died on 5 Apr 1870.
+ 21 M x Henry (Henley) Ross Adkins was born in 1830/1832. He died before 1870.

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