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Stephen Bailey


76. Elizabeth Anne "Betsey" Brittain

A note in "Harlan Connections" by Frances Y Dunham states: "(Elizabeth) h
asbeen described as the daughter of George Brittain but George's will neg
ates that; a deed in Amherst Co VA suggests that her father was John Barne

Samuel, Jr. Howard

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
18 April 1828, Harlan Co, KY, page 260/261: Wilkerson HOWARD to Samuel HO
WARD Jr for $600 - 50 acres, same land as _____________. Added: "N.B. T
he said Wilkerson HOWARD hath excepted a certain lot of a half acre of gro
und where George BRITTAIN boared for salt on the most Easterly side of Mar
tins fork and on the same side the said Samuel HOWARDis not to cross t
he road where it now stands."
19 Aug 1829, Harlan Co, KY, page 279/280: James FARMER to Samuel HOWA
RD Jr for $12.50 - 50 acres near what is called the three forks of the Cu
mberland adjoining the west line of a survey originally in thename of Sam
uel HOWARd Sr, corner to James FARMER's 150 acre survey of which th
is is a part
18 November 1828, Deed, Harlan Co, KY, page 252/253: Samuel HOWARD Jr [w
ife Elizabeth signed deed and relinquished her dower interest] to Thomas H
ENDRIXSON for$300 - 50 acres on Martins Fork including the junction wi
th Clover Fork and up Clover Fork "except a 1/2 acre lot on Martins Fo
rk to be known by where George BRITTAIN bored for salt water and a 1/2 ac
re lot deeded to John N HOWARDby Wilkerson HOWARD".
5 Dec 1829, Harlan Co, KT, page 292/293: Samuel HOWARD Jr to Thomas HENDR
ICKSONfor $100 - Land near the 3 forks of the Cumberland River adjoini
ng the westline of a survey originally in the name of Samuel HOWARD Sr
Feb. 1831, Harlan Co, KY, Court Session Feb. 1831: The Court to order th
at Samuel HOWARD Jr. age 9 years got his left ear bit off by a horse.

78. Carr Brittain

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
DEED, HARLAN CO., KY page 258
Carr BRITTAIN to William SHORT 20 April 1829 for $60 — 50 acres on Marti
ns Fork whereShort now lives Witnesses: Elish and Elijah GREEN.
page 273/274
Justices of the Harlan County Court to Samuel MARK 23 Mar 1829 for $10
00 — Town lots #26, 30, 27, 28, 29, 31, 32, 33, 22, 23, 24, 25 Signed by J
ohn NOE, Joseph BENJY, Samule HOWARD and Carr BRITTAIN

William III Turner

Lived close to the county seat, Mount Pleasant. His son, George B. Turn
er joined him there after having lived with his deceased mother, Elizabe
th Brittain Turner's, father, George Brittain. William became a prospero
us merchant and real estate speculator. In 1851, William would marry h
is first wife's double cousin, Minerva Brittain.

84. Nancy Turner

Nancy was said to be the first white child born, or at least the first whi
tegirl, born in what was to become Harlan County. Nancy and her husban
d, JohnCawood, settled near his family on lower Martins Fork

John Cawood

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]

142. Berry Cawood

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
DEEDS, HARLAN CO., KY page 221
Berry CAWOOD to George BRITTAIN 2 April 1827 for $50 — 1/4 acre town lot t
he numberof which is left blank.
page 221/222
Benjamin CAWOOD to Joseph CAWOOD 15 Aug 1827 for $115 — "a certain dark so
rrel mare and colt with a bald face and white legs the mare is about 7 yea
rs old estimated in value at sixty five dollars also all his the said Benj
amin CAWOOD's part of the crop of corn estimated at $50."

85. James Brittain I Turner

James and Sarah Turner had nine children, most of whom turned out well, ra
ising fine children who themselves raised fine families. In 1850, only th
eir daughter, Susanna, born about 1833, had left home. She had recent
ly married her first cousin, William Wynn, and they and their infant so
n, James, were living nearby.
Still at home were Lavina, Elizabeth, Louisa, Nancy and Joana. Their youn
gest child, Moses, was not born until 1853
Hezekiah Clem, his cousinFrancis Pace, Devil Jim and his brother Willi
am formed a loosely knit crowdof outlaws.
James Turner, Sr. died in 1860 from consumption [1860 Mortality Schedule
]. By the nature of the disease, he had probably been weak and ill for y
ears, unable to control his son, James Turner, Jr (Devil Jim). He was sa
id to be a devout man, a good Christian. They were Methodists.
James, Sr.left a considerable estate but, except for the land it was virt
ually wiped out by the war through losses of livestock commandeered by bo
th armies and because his cash money was primarily southern, its value w
as wiped out when the Confederacy lost. [Estate settlement by his administ
rator, William Turner, Jr., his son, dated 3 Feb. 1868 includes a stateme
nt about the "loss of funds inestate because of Southern Bank money" (Adm
Bk 1, pg. 54]
Harlan Dower Allotment & Land Division Book, page 1 and 2, dated 8 Mar 187
6: the undivided intrust land of James Turner dec'd is divided into 9 t

Elizabeth Clay

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
The Clay's moved to the mountains from Tennessee where Elizabeth was bo
rn about 1810
Date: Tuesday, August 06, 2002 05:59:44 PM
To: felinesmama@msn.com
Subject: Elizabeth Clay
Hello, I am still on the trackof my Clay ancestors. Your ancestry.com p
osting indicates that Elizabeth wasborn in Tennessee about 1810. Do y
ou have any idea where? Do you know if John and Elijah were related to he
r? Thank you. Caroline Short Redding

86. Sarah " Sally" Turner

Sarah and Walter Middleton settled near her parents on Clover Fork and es
tablished a prosperous far there, tended by several slaves. Here they rai
sed thirteen children.
Walter died in June of 1863 and therefore missed much of the sorrow that w
as to come, but Sarah, who lived until June of 1871, was to see sever
al of her children, and at least one, possibly two, of her sons-in-lawmur
dered by Devil Jim and his gang.
Sarah was born about 1800 on Cloverforkin what was then Knox Co but is n
ow Harlan Co., KY

Walter, Jr. Middleton

Walter Middleton was born about 1795 in Lee Co, VA, according to tradit
ion, "shortly after his father died of a heart attack on a buffalo hunt" [
father'swill proved 14 Jul 1795]( #1)
Walter never knew his father as he died a few months before his birt
h. Walter left Lee County, VA as a young man looking foradventure and mov
ed to the part of Knox County, KY, which later became HarlanCounty. Accor
ding to "The History of Harlan County" by Mabel Condon, Walterfoug
ht in an Indian battle in which he fired the shot that killed Tecumseh. Wa
lter married Sarah Turner in Harlan County. Walter and Sarah settled and r
aised their family near Cloverfork in Harlan County. Walter and Sarah h
ad five sons, three of them served their country in the Confederate Army d
uring theCivil War for southern independence. Walter and Sarah had one so
n-in-law whofought for the south and one son-in-law who fought for the No
rth. Walter died in 1863 at the age of 68 in Harlan County; Sarah died bet
ween 1870 and 1880.
Source of some information: "Harlan Connections" by Frances Y. Dunha
m. (Call no. 976.9154.x28d, SLC FHL), and "Early Settlers of Lee Co., VA
", p. 909.--born shortly after the death of his father, on July 1, 181
7, Walter Middleton and wife Sally of Knox Co., KY and Biles Shumate and w
ife Polly of Lee Co., VA, sold 150 acres of land lying on Indian Cre
ek in Lee Co., to Benjamin Cloud (Walter's stepfather), for $175. (DBK 5-1
21). Walter Middleton, Jr. fought in the War of 1812. He was an Office
r. He fought in the Battle of Thames onOctober 5, 1813, where Tecumseh (f
amous Shawnee Indian Chief) was killed. Story has it that Walter often bra
gged about firing the shot that killed the famous chief. {account giv
en by James Adams I & II copyright 1934 Big Laurel, VA "Harlan Co. Early H
istory, p. 13.} Thames, Battle of -- the engagement fought on the Thames R
iver near Chatham, Ont. (Oct. 5, 1813), in the War of 1812.Gen. Willi
am H. Harrison led an American force of about 3,000 against a British ar
my of approximately 400 regulars commanded by Gen. Henry A. Procter, reinf
orced by 1,000 Naive Americans under Tecumseh. After the British were driv
en from Detroit, Harrison followed their retreating army into Ontario a
nd up the Thames River until General Procter was forced to give battl
e. A cavalrycharge broke the British ranks, and the Native Americans offe
red the only real resistance. Tecumseh was slain in battle, thus complete
ly destroying the native confederacy he had raised against the United Stat
es by the battle of the Thames, U.S. control in the Northwest was restored
1880 census listing Carr & Rindy Middleton says that Carr's father w
as born in KY

88. William III Turner

Lived close to the county seat, Mount Pleasant. His son, George B. Turn
er joined him there after having lived with his deceased mother, Elizabe
th Brittain Turner's, father, George Brittain. William became a prospero
us merchant and real estate speculator. In 1851, William would marry h
is first wife's double cousin, Minerva Brittain.

93. John J. Bailey Capt.

Captain John Bailey, son of John & Nancy (Tunnell) Bailey, was born in Har
lanCo, KY near Abner's Branch on Greasy Creek. He first married Hannah S
mith,daughter of Henry Smith, Revolutionary War soldier and Betty Ledfor
d. Secondhe married Martha "Patsy" Clark, dau of Thomas & Nellie Feathe
rs Clark.

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