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John Jackson Baker Jr


1. John Jackson Baker , Jr.

1 NAME John /Baker/

One the night of March 8, 1843, While sleeping along side the river bank, two of his slaves chopped off his head with an axe. The two slaves were hanged at Cutshin.
John is burried in Leslie County.

It is from the offspring of John, Jr.'s children that many of the Bakers of Leslie and Perry Counties have sprung.

Sarah Alpha

Her ancestors came from Belgium. It will be noter later that the surname Alpha is the name of one of the families that migrated from North Carolina to Clay County, Kentucky, around 1807, along with some Bakers, Allens, and others.

(This line of Allens has been extensively researched. It goes back to the Allens of New Hampshire and includes some of this country's earliest patriots. Ethan Allen is of this family. The Allens that settled in North Carolina are historically linked to the Baker line and there were many marriages between the two families. There are also many instances of similarity among given names between the two families. The given name "Adoniram" appeared in the Allen family before it appeared in the Baker Family).

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