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Harrison Banks
and Hettie Stamper

Harrison Banks b 6 Dec 1874 Letcher Co KY; s/o Elijah Banks and Elizabeth Burton Lucas. Harrison Banks m. 26 Apr 1894 Letcher Co KY to Hettie Stamper b Mar 1875; d/o Hiram W Stamper and Susannah Hogg. Children of Harrison Banks and Hettie Stamper;

1. Virgie Banks b Jan 1897 KY

2. Ora Banks (f) b Jul 1898 KY

3. Marion Banks b 29 Jul 1900 Letcher Co KY d 23 Nov 1951 Perry Co KY

4. George Banks b about 1902 Letcher Co KY d 16 Nov 1946 Floyd Co KY

5. Byrd Banks b about 1904 Letcher Co KY d 15 Mar 1914 Letcher Co KY

Mt Eagle, Whitesburg, KY
Thursday, Feb 18, 1909
Horrible Fratricide Spencer
Banks Killed by His Brother,
Harrison Banks, on Montgomery
Particulars In Full

For want of the fact being confirmed the Eagle last week failed to publish the details as it had them of the terrible fratricidal trouble which had just taken place on the head of Montgomery creek in this county.

Now it turns out to be more horrible than at first reported or believed. It seems that Harrison Banks and his brother, Spencer, lived near each other and within hailing distance. Spencer heard shooting and a woman screaming over at his brother's house and rushed over to see what was the matter. When he entered the house Mrs. Banks, with blood streaming from her face, clinging to her husband while he was flourishing a pistol in one hand.

Spencer wrenched the pistol from his infuriated brother and rushed from the house pursued by his brother and a big bulldog. When near the yard gate a rock thrown by Harrison brought Spencer flat upon the ground, his skull crushed in on one side of his head. The man flounced and rolled in agony while the vicious bulldog chewed and lascerated him. When at last the dog left his victim he was taken to his home where he suffered untold agony till early last Saturday morning (13 Feb 1909) when he died.

A warrant was obtained for Harrison Banks and Deputy Sheriff Ben Mclntire arrested him but owing to a wound received from an axe a few days after the trouble Banks could not be brought to town, so a guard was placed over him to await recovery sufficient so that he can travel.

Great regret is expressed in the county over the unfortunate affair. The brothers belong to an excellent family and married, each having a moderate sized family of children. Their father was the late Elijah Banks, who died something over a year ago. Harrison Banks married Lettie Stamper, a daughter of Aunt Susan Stamper, of Kings creek, whom many of our readers know.

Spencer Banks married a daughter of Hezekiah Branson, a good citizen of the Lower Rockhouse section. At the time of the trouble Harrison Banks was very much under the influence of whiskey which no doubt was the cause of the whole trouble.

No one seems to have been present except the brothers and Harrison Banks' wife and it is said that she was so badly hurt and excited that she knows but little about the affair. She is said to have been badly hurt about the head.

It is stated that Spencer Banks before his death refused to make a statement as to just how the affair came about.

Mt Eagle, Whitesburg,
KY, Sept. 15, 1910
Notice of Application for Pardon

The public will please take notice that Harrison Banks, who was convicted of manslaughter in the Circuit Court of Letcher County at the April term in 1909, will ask the Governor for pardon and all who object will notify the Governor and state in writing any objection. This Sept. 12, 1910.

Harrison Banks, Jr.

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