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Otho Bentley
and Sadie Collier

Otho Bentley
Otho Bentley
Sadie Collier Bentley
Sadie Collier

Consolidated Coal Company Boarding House, Jenkins, Letcher Co KY; Managed by Otho Bentley and Sadie (Collier) Bentley - (Source of Photos and info)
L-R - Willie - Nettie - Laura Jane - Atha and Stella Bentley
L-R: Willie, Nettie, Laura Jane, Atha and Stella Bentley
L-R - Willie Taylor - Nettie Bentley - Otho Bentley Sr - Stella Bentley and Oscar Salyer
L-R: Willie Taylor, Nettie Bentley Taylor, Otho Bentley Sr, Stella Bentley Salyer and Oscar Salyer
Otho Bentley Family at His Funeral in 1965
Bentley Family at Otho Bentley Sr's Funeral 1965
L-R Back: Wilma, Cora, Lake, Sabrina, Lettie, Laura Jane, Atha, Nettie, Willie and Stella Bentley. L-R Front: Jerry, Fred, Can, Jimmy, Laura Belle (Bentley), Nancy Alice (Hall), Otho Jr, John Vint, Anna Sue, Daniel "D.V.", and Joe Bentley
Otho Bentley Family at the Funeral of Sabrina Bentley Blair - 1997
L-R Front: Cora, Anna Sue, Joe and Can Bentley. L-R Back: John Vint, Fred, DV and Jerry Bentley - 1997 Funeral of Sabrina Bentley Blair
Otho Bentley Family at a Reunion at the Home of Wilma Bentley in Indiana
L-R Back: Joe, John Vint and Can Bentley. L-R Front: Sabrina, Wilma, Anna Sue, Lake and Daniel "DV" Bentley at a Reunion at the Home of Wilma Bentley in Indiana
Opal Bentley
Opal Bentley
Alma and Joe Bentley
Alma & Joe Bentley
Joe - Kris and Alma Bentley
Joe, Kris & Alma Bentley
Otho Bentley b 23 Nov 1884 Jenkins, Letcher Co KY d 25 Oct 1965 Letcher Co KY; buried Millstone, Letcher Co KY; s/o John Martin Bentley and Malinda Addington. Otho Bentley m. 1903 Letcher Co KY to Sadie Collier b 10 Aug 1885 Baker, Letcher Co KY d 3 Feb 1915 Letcher Co KY at age 30 years; induced into labor after having been kicked by the cow she was milking; buried Millstone, Letcher Co KY; d/o Rev Willis K Collier and Mary Ellen Adams. Otho and Sadie lived in Jenkins, Letcher Co KY and managed the boarding house there for Consolidated Coal Company. Sadie did the cooking, cleaning and laundry. Otho had first one team of horses and later, a second team and carried in most of the lumber that was used to build many of the houses in the coal camps.

Otho Bentley m. (2) Nancy Alice Hall b 5 Mar 1899 d 1975 Letcher Co KY; d/o Joseph Leonard Hall and Leathia Lettie Craft. Otho Bentley, Sadie Collier and Nancy Alice Hall are buried Millstone, Letcher Co KY. Children of Otho Bentley and Sadie Collier;

1. Stella Elizabeth Bentley b 4 Jan 1904 Letcher Co KY; m. (1) Glenn Walter Greene. Children of Glenn Walter Greene and Stella Elizabeth Bentley;

i. Junior Green b 1923 KY

ii. James Green b 1925 KY

iii. Wayne Lee Green b 22 Sept 1935 d 8 May 2008 Sharonville, OH

Stella Elizabeth Bentley; m. (2) Oscar Salyers.

2. Willie D Bentley b 3 Mar 1906 Letcher Co KY d 1977 buried Green Acres Cemetery, Ermine, Letcher Co KY; m. Edna Mae Bentley b 1909 d 3 Mar 2008, age 99 years, buried Green Acres Cemetery, Ermine, Letcher Co KY; d/o Sherman Bentley and Ada Sergent. Submitted by Kara Doepker 10 Mar 2008. Our deepest condolences to this family for the loss of this loved one.

3. Nettie Bentley b 27 Dec 1907 Lewis Co KY d 22 May 1977 Highland Co OH; m. 15 Apr 1925 to (1) Hiram Wesley Holcomb Jr b 2 May 1905 d 8 Jul 1952 Letcher Co KY; s/o Prince Edward Holcomb (Halcomb) and Cora Phynetta Holbrook. Nettie Bentley m. (2) Willie Taylor.

4. Atha Dora Bentley b 23 Jan 1910 Letitia, KY d 8 Jul 2007 Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY; buried Sandlick Cemetery, Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY; m. Oct 1926 to James M. Caudill (Judge) b 9 Dec 1906 d Feb 1993; s/o Marion Caudill and Louanna Isaacs.

5. Laura Jane Bentley b 19 Jan 1912 Letcher Co KY d 10 Dec 1985 Florida; m. John Stallard.

6. Mae Bentley b 30 Jul 1914 Letcher Co KY d 30 Jul 1914 (stillborn).

7. Mary Bentley b 1915 Letcher Co KY d several months after her birth in 1915; buried Chunk Craft Cemetery, Letcher Co KY. Her mother, Sadie, died in childbirth with Mary after having labor induced when Sadie was kicked by a cow she was milking. Sadie died a few days after the accident and Mary followed her mother in death several months later.

Otho Bentley and
Nancy Alice Hall

Otho Bentley
Otho Bentley and Nancy Hall
Otho Bentley b 23 Nov 1884 in Jenkins, Letcher Co KY d 25 Oct 1965 in Letcher Co KY; s/o John Martin Bentley and Malinda Addington. Otho Bentley m. (2) Nancy Alice Hall b 5 Mar 1899 d 1975 Letcher Co KY; d/o Joseph Leonard Hall and Leathia Lettie Craft. Children of Otho Bentley and Nancy Alice Hall;

1. Lettie Bentley b 13 Jan 1916 Letcher Co KY; m. to (1) Woodrow Smith. Lettie Bentley m. to (2) Dr Can Bentley. Lettie Bentley m. (3) Male Totten.

2. Sabrina Bentley b 13 Feb 1918 Millstone, Letcher Co KY d 30 Apr 1997; buried Riverside Cemetery, Clinton MI; m. 31 Dec 1938 to Curwood Blair d 5 Sept 1998. Children of Curwood Blair and Sabrina Bentley; i. Charles E Blair ii. Virgil Jeanette Blair; m. Male Layne iii. Glenda Blair; m. Artt Cantrell iv. Kathy Blair; m. Male Warner. v. Danny Blair d 18 Apr 1997. (Source: familysearch.com 17 Mar 2020). Thanks also to Glenda Cantrell (or Catrell) for submitting family information.

3. Lake Erie Bentley b 21 Dec 1919 Letcher Co KY d 8 Jun 2008 Shady Lawn Nursing Center, Cadiz, Trigg Co KY; m. 21 Oct 1937 to Asbury Carl Berry Pass b 1918 d 1972.

4. Opal Bentley b 8 Dec 1921 Letcher Co KY d 9 Aug 1936 Fayette Co KY.

5. Cora Bentley b 12 Jan 1924 Millstone, Letcher Co KY d 20 May 2001 OH; m. James Denton Mullins Apr 1924; s/o James Mullins and Cora Emmazetta Wright.

6. Wilma Imogene Bentley b 12 June 1926 Letcher Co KY d 11 Feb 1991 Chrlestown, Clark Co IN; m. Aug 1943 to (1) James Blaine Jimmy Cole b 1922 d 1970; buried Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Jeffersonville, Clark Co IN, Plot: Sec. J; s/o Charles M Cole. Wilma Imogene Bentley m. (2) to Joseph Joe Benge. Children of James B Jimmy Cole and Wilma Bentley; i. Shirley Cole b 1944 Perry Co KY ii. Shirley Cole b 1950 Letcher Co KY. (Parents of Wilma Imogene Bentley are also listed on family search site as Martin Bentley b 1900 and Nancy Alice Nannie Hall b 1901. Martin Bentley is listed there as s/o Elbert Franklin Bentley and Sabrina Craft). Wilma Imogene Bentley Obituary.

7. James "Joe" Bentley b 22 Aug 1928 Letcher Co KY d 2016; m. Alma Eva Henrikson b 24 Feb 1924 Gardner, Massachusetts d Monday, 20 Feb 1995; age 70 years, 11 months and 26 days of age; d/o Walter E Henrikson and Flora M LeBlanc. Thanks to their son, Kris Bentley, for additions to this family. James Joe Bentley m. (2) to Doris Unknown.

8. Daniel Van DV Bentley b 10 Nov 1930 Letcher Co KY d 20 Nov 2014 Hazard, Perry Co KY; m. Mary Evelyn McElroy b 15 Apr 1935 Letcher Co KY d 3 Feb 2014 Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY. Child of Daniel Van DV Bentley and Mary Evelyn McElroy; i. Opal Yvonne Bentley b 10 Jun 1951 KY d 24 Sept 1965 Appalachian Regioinal Hospital, Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY; age 14; died of contaminated blood transfusion after tonsillectomy; buried Green Acres Cemetery, Ermine, KY.

9. Anna Sue Bentley b 17 Jan 1933 Letcher Co KY d 13 Apr 2014 Hazard KY; buried Sam Bentley Cemetery, Payne Gap, KY; m. (1) Roy "Karo" Bentley b 19 Nov 1929 Letcher Co KY d 9 Jul 2018 Whitesburg KY; s/o Samuel Sam Bentley and Maybelle Branham. Children of Roy Karo Bentley and Anna Sue Bentley; i. Allen Bentley (deceased). ii. Roy Bentley iii. Jerry Bentley iv. D.V. Bentley v. Jerry Wayne Bentley vi. Jimmy Vent Bentley vii. John Vent Bentley (See Obituary of Anna Sue Tucker Bentley)

Anna Sue Bentley m. (2) Ray Tucker.

10. John Vent Bentley b 15 Nov 1934 Letcher Co KY; m. Shirley Stallard.

11. Otho Bentley Jr b 25 May 1937 Letcher Co KY d 11 Apr 1969 Japan; m. Millie Bentley.

12. Can Monroe Bentley (twin) b 30 Jul 1939 Letcher Co KY d 13 Feb 2004; buried Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, KY; m. Ernestine Hall.

13. James Martin Jimmy Bentley (twin) b 30 Jul 1939 Letcher Co KY; m. Judith Smith.

14. Freddie Bentley b 12 Jul 1941 Letcher Co KY; m. Grace Burrows.

15. Jerry Bentley b 28 May 1943 Letcher Co KY; m. Rose Carole Baker.

1930 Letcher Co KY Census Millstone District 0025
322 328 Bentley Otho Head M W 45 M 18 KY KY VA Coal Miner Coal Tipple
322 328 Bentley Nannie Wife H F W 31 M 16 KY KY KY
322 328 Bentley Lettie Daughter F W 14 S KY KY KY
322 328 Bentley Sabrina Daughter F W 12 S KY KY KY
322 328 Bentley Lake Daughter F W 10 S KY KY KY
322 328 Bentley Opal Daughter F W 8 S KY KY KY
322 328 Bentley Cora Daughter F W 6 S KY KY KY
322 328 Bentley Milma Daughter F W 3 9/12 S KY KY KY
322 328 Bentley Joseph Son M W 1 5/12 S KY KY KY
322 328 Green Junior Grand son M W 7 S KY KY KY
322 328 Green James Grand son M W 5 S KY KY KY

1940 Letcher Co KY Census District 2
199 Bentley Otho Head M W 54 M KY Farmer
199 Bentley Nancy Wife F W 41 M KY
199 Bentley Cora Daughter F W 16 S KY
199 Bentley Wilma Daughter F W 13 S KY
199 Bentley Joe Son M W 11 S KY
199 Bentley Daniel Son M W 9 S KY
199 Bentley Anna Sue Daughter F W 8 S KY
199 Bentley John Son M W 5 S KY
199 Bentley Otho Jr Son M W 3 S KY
199 Bentley Can Son M W 9/12 S KY
199 Bentley James Son M W 9/12 S KY
199 Smith Nanetta Grand daughter F W 5 S KY

Obituary: Sabrina Bentley Blair
13 Feb 1918 - 30 Apr 1997
The Daily Telegram May 1, 1997

Sabrina Blair, Onsted. Sabrina Blair, 79, of Onsted, died at Bixby Medical Center in Adrian on Wednesday, April 30, 1997. She was born in Millstone, Ky., on Feb. 13, 1918, to the late Otto and Nancy (Hall) Bentley. On Dec. 31, 1938, she married Curwood Blair. He survives. Sabrina had lived in Onsted since 1981, moving here from Detroit. She spent her lifetime taking care of her home and raising her family, and her loving presence will be greatly missed by her family.

Besides her husband, Curwood of Onsted, she is survived by one son, Charles E. Blair of Detroit; three daughters, Virgil Jeanette Layne of Allenton, Mich., Glenda (Artt) Cantrell of Dearborn Heights, and Kathy Warner of Detroit; seven brothers, Joe of Millstone, Ky., John and Jimmy, both of Cleveland, Ohio; Can of North Ridgeville, Ohio, Freddie of Dayton, Ohio, and D.V. and Jedrry, both of Millstone, Ky; five sisters, Atha Caudill of Whitesburg, Ky., Lettie Totten of Freeburn, Ky., Lake Pass of Padach Kan., Cora Mullins of Dayton, Ohio, and Sue Bentley of Millstone, Ky.; eight grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by one son, Danny Blair, on April 18, 1997, and eight brothers and sisters.

Friends may call at the Couture=Ochalek Funeral Home in Tecumseh on Friday from 1-9 p.m. Funeral services will be held on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at the funeral home with the Rev. Ralph Caudill officiating. Burial will follow at Riverside Cemetery, in Clinton.

Obituary: Cora Bentley Mullins
January 12, 1924 - May 20, 2001

CORA B. MULLINS, age 77 of Dayton, Ohio died Sunday evening, May 20, 2001 at Kettering Hospital in Kettering, Ohio after an extended illness. Born on January 12, 1924 in Millstone, Ky. the daughter of the late Otho & Nancy A. (Hall) Bentley. Preceded in death by Daughter: Linda Kay King in 2000; Granddaughter: Diane Kay King in 1990 Brothers & Sisters: Mary Bentley; Opal Bentley; Nettie Halcomb; Stella Salyers; Otho Bentley, Jr. Willie Bentley; Laura Stallard; Wilma Benge and Sabrina Blair.

Survivors: Husband of 58 years: James D. Mullins; Daughters & Sons-in-law: Margaret A. & David Schenck, Arcanum, OH, Karen E. Mullins, Lewisburg, Ohio; Donna J. & Gary Dursch, Farmersville, OH; Sons & Daughters-in-law: Jesse J. & Debbie Mullins, Germantown, OH, David W. & Debora Mullins, Englewood, OH. Sisters: Atha Caudill, Whitesburg, KY.; Lettie Totton, Freeburn, KY.; Lake Pass, Cadiz, KY; Sue Tucker, Millstone, KY.; Brothers: DV, Joe and Jerry Bentley, Millstone, KY. John Vent, Can and Jimmy Bentley, Cleveland, OH. and Fred Bentley, Vandalia, OH. 11 Grandchildren and 11 Great Grandchildren.

Funeral service will be held on Thursday, May 24, 2001 - 11:00 A.M. at Barnes Funeral Home - 411 North Commerce St. - Lewisburg, Ohio with Glen Murphy, Jr. officiating. Interment will be held in Roselawn Cemetery in Lewisburg. Family will receive friends on Wednesday May 23, 2001 from 4 to 8 P.M. at the funeral home.

Thanks to Karen Mullins (karenchat@aol.com) for additional information and many of the wonderful photos on this page and others on this site. Visit Karen's Southeast Kentucky Family Blog. Thanks also to Donna Bentley Pitts, Kris Bentley, Kara Doepker and Glenda Catrell for additional information for this family.

Thanks to Donna Bentley Pitts

Thank you to Donna Bentley Pitts for adding Wilma Bentley Obituary in 2008. (I no longer have this one because yahoo deleted all files July 2015). NOTE: I did find the replacement obituary on 8 Mar 2020 in the Louisville Courier Journal Dated 12 Feb 1991.

Obituary: Wilma Bentley Cole Benge
12 Jun 1926 - 11 Feb 1991

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY 12 Feb 1991 Tue - Page 5 Charlestown -- Wilma Cole Benge, 64 of 1295 Market St., died Monday at Humana Hospital-University of Louisville. She was the former Wilma Bentley, a native of Millstone, Ky., a former head cashier for Gateway and Convenient stores, a former volunteer at North Clark Community Hospital and a member of Pine Mountain Order of Easter Star Chapter 147 and First Baptist Church.

Survivors: her husband, Joseph Benge; two daughters, Nancy Pearson and Shirley Dean, both of Murfreesboro, Tenn.; two stepsons, Jack and Richard Benge, both of Louisville; a stepdaughter, Valerie Shanks; seven brothers, Joe, D.V. and Jerry Bentley, all of Millstone, John V., James and Can Bentley, all of Cleveland, and Fred Bentley of Dayton, Ohio; seven sisters, Stella Salyers of Cincinnati, Lettie Totten of Freeburn, Ky., Sabrinia Blair of Amsted, Mich., Lake Pass of Jacksboro, Tenn., Cora Mullins of Dayton, Atha Caudill of Whitesburg, Ky., and Sue Bentley of Millstone; three grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Funeral: 1 p.m. Wednesday, Grayson Charlestown Funeral Home. Burial Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Jeffersonville. Visitation: 5-9 p.m. Tuesday and after 9 a.m. Wednesday. Expressions of sympathy: Leukemia Society of America, 733 Third Ave., New York, N.Y., 10017.

Mountain Eagle, Thursday, October 22, 1964 Page 5
Bentley Family is Large and Loyal Letcher Clan
By ? Kiser

This Photo Accompanied an Article on 22 Oct 1964 in the Mountain Eagle Newspaper With Photo Labeled Right to Left: Four generations of the Bentley family, Mrs. Otho Bentley (right) her daughter, Mrs. Lettie Bentley, Freeburn; Lettie's daughter, Mrs. Nannetta Smith, and Mrs. Smith's daughter, Billie Jo Penson.
A family bound together by family ties is an asset to Letcher county. Millstone is to have such a family in that of the Otho Bentleys. Otho, now head of a large family of Bentleys. Malinda Eddington ? Of this family only ? are still living.

Mrs. Jane Baker, Millstone, who is very ill in the Whitesburg hospital: Mrs. Laura Bentley, of South Shore Ky., and Mr Bentley. Otho's firs wife was Sadie Collier, daughter of the late Willis And Mary Adams Collier. Mary was a sister of the late B E Adams, father of the late G Bennett Adams. Otho and Sadie had six children, five still living. They are Mrs Stella Salyers of Cincinnati, Stella first married Glenn Green, who died several years ago.

Then she married Oscar Salyers. Willie W. D. Bentley, who married Edna Bentley, daughter of Sherman Bentley and granddaughter of the late Uncle Riley Bentley. They live on Millstone. Laura married John Stallard, grandson of the late Aunt Sillar Hall. The Stallards now live in Florida. Atha married James Caudill, the present county judge of Letcher County, Nettie first married Wesley Halcomb, who died many years ago, and then she married Willie Taylor.

The Taylors now live in Winchester, Ohio. After the death of his first wife, Otho married Nancy Alice Hall, daughter of Elder Joe and Lettie Craft Hall. Lettie was the daughter of Uncle Chunk and Polly Ann Caudill Craft. They had 15 children. Lettie married Dr Can Bentley, and lives at Freeburn, Ky.; Sabrina married Curwood Blair, and they live in Detroit; Lake married Elder C. B. Berry Pass, and they live at Millstone; Opal Bentley died in her early teens; Coral married J. D. Mullins, and they live in Dayton, Ohio; Wilma married Jimmy Cole, and they live in Charlestown, Indiana.

Joe Bentley married Alma from Massachusetts; D. V. married Mary Evelyn McElroy, and they live on Millstone; John Vent married Shirley Stallard and they live on Millstone; Anna Sue married Roy Karo Bentley, and they live at Neon; Otho Jr., married Millie Bentley. He is in the Navy and is stationed at Norfolk, Va.; Can and Jimmy Bentley are the twins. Can married Ernestine Hall and they live in Cleveland; Jimmy is unmarried, is in the army and is stationed in Germany; Freddy married Gracie Burrows and they live with and will care for his parents until Jimmy returns from Germany; Jerry, the youngest is in the Army at Fort Benning, Ga.

With the exception of a year or so the Bentleys have always lived on Millstone. For a short while they lived above Hemphill, and then moved back to Millstone. They owned the home above the Elizabeth Church now owned by Elder Lawson Hall. They moved into their present home some 20 years ago.

This large family, scattered in many places, still has strong ties with each other and with the parents on Millstone. The family consists of 19 living children, 142 grandchildren, a total of 171 living descendants. They are fine folk, those that I know, and I know most of them.

Mrs. Bentley is one of the finest cooks I know, and they almost never eat alone - there is always lots of company.

The Otho Bentleys are deacon and deaconess in the Regular Baptist Church, and they are faithful to attend church, even in the later years when their health is failing. And they have always fed hundreds of visitors to the church. Mr. Bentley is a diabetic and Mrs. Bentley is not as robust as one she was. But the latch is always on the outside, and everyone is welcome in this home and everyone enjoys visiting there.

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