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John Jeremiah Blair
Malinda McKnight

John Jeremiah Blair b 1813 Ovenfork, Harlan Co KY d 1880; s/o Joseph Blair and Celia Creech. John Jeremiah Blair m. 17 Sept 1843 Harlan Co KY to Malinda McKnight b 1813 OH; d/o James McKnight and Mary Neal. Children of John Jeremiah Blair and Malinda McKnight;

i. Anthony Blair b: JUL 1844 Harlan Co KY m. 3 May 1866 Harlan Co KY at the home of John Gillum by JP Smith, JP; witnessed by John Gillum and John Morris to Lucy Gilliam b about 1844; d/o John Gilliam. Children of Anthony Blair and Lucy Gilliam;

I. Sarah Blair b: 1869

II. Margaret Blair b: 26 MAY 1877 Harlan Co., KY m. 14 Apr 1896 Harlan Co KY to William Floyd Rice b 22 Jun 1877 Harlan Co KY d 11 May 1959 s/o Henry Setser Rice and Selah McKnight. Children of William Floyd Rice and Margaret Blair; 1. Corbin Rice b: 20 MAR 1897 2. Belvia Rice b: 24 FEB 1899 3. Victoria Rice b: 22 FEB 1902 4. Sylvan Rice b: 11 NOV 1904 5. Hazel Rice b: 11 DEC 1911 6. John Blair Rice b: 21 OCT 1913

III. Susan Blair b: 1877

ii. Henry Blair b: SEP 1845 Harlan Co KY d 22 Jan 1924 Douglas Co MO; military service, 1864 - 1864 3 Forks Battalion; buried Amo Cemetery, Douglas Co MO; m. 8 May 1871 Harlan Co KY by NB Hall JP; in the home of Sarah Huff; witnessed by Bennett Bailey and A Huff; to Mary Huff b 11 Dec 1849 Harlan Co KY d 24 Feb 1927 Douglas Co MO; buried Amo Cemetery, Douglas Co MO; d/o Elisha T Huff and Sarah Creech. Children of Henry Blair and Mary Huff;

I. Elisha H Blair b: 3 APR 1872 Harlan Co KY

II. Susan Blair b: 24 NOV 1873 Harlan Co KY

III. Sarah Blair b: MAR 1876 Harlan Co KY

IV. John Blair b: 9 FEB 1878 Harlan Co KY

V. Isaac Blair b: 31 JAN 1880 Harlan Co KY

VI. Steven M Blair b: 11 AUG 1882 Harlan Co KY

VII. Savanna Blair b: 18 MAR 1885 VIII. Robert W Blair b: AUG 1887 Harlan Co KY

iii. Thomas Blair b: 1847 m. 22 Apr 1875 Harlan Co KY by J P Smith JP; witnessed by Bennett Bailey and James Jackson; to Selah Huff b 17 Jun 1857 d/o Elisha T Huff and Sarah Creech. Children of Thomas Blair and Selah Huff;

I. Lucy Blair b: 1877

II. John Henry Blair b: MAY 1879 Harlan Co., KY

III. Catherine Blair b: about 1872

iv. Catherine Blair b: 1849

v. Easter Blair b: 23 FEB 1851 Harlan Co KY d 4 Jul 1919 Harlan Co KY; buried Woodway, Lee Co VA; m. 21 Jul 1876 Harlan Co KY by Bennett Bailey JP; in the home of John Blair; witnessed by Enoch Blair and Green Clay to Zion Bailey Brown b 7 Apr 1852 Cloverfork, Harlan Co KY d 7 Nov 1938 Cedar Brown IN; buried Woodway, Lee Co VA; s/o John Brown and Rebecca Bailey. Children of Zion Bailey Brown and Easter Blair;

I. Benjamin Franklin Brown b: AFT. 1876

II. Samuel Roscoe Brown b: 1880 in Harlan Co., KY

III. Elisha Columbus Brown b: 10 NOV 1884 in Harlan Co., KY

vi. Samuel Blair b: 15 JUN 1853 d 25 Feb 1911 buried Robbins Cemetery, Allentown, Cloverfork, KY; m. 5 Mar 1877 Harlan Co KY by William P Creech JP; witnessed by S N Creech and W J Bailey to Martha Jane Brown b 26 Oct 1855 d 19 Jan 1910 buried Robbins Cemetery, Allentown, Cloverfork, KY; d/o John Brown and Rebecca Bailey. Children of Samuel Blair and Martha Jane Brown;

I. Ann Blair b 1878

II. Malinda Blair b 1879

vii. Jane Blair b: 1855

viii. Joseph S Blair b: 1 OCT 1857 Harlan Co KY d 20 Feb 1931 Pennington Gap VA m. 1891 to Susannah Blair b 4 Apr 1867 Harlan Co KY; d/o Charles Blair and Elizabeth McKnight. Children of Joseph S Blair and Susannah Blair;

I. Gordon Blair b: AFT. 1891

II. Otis Blair b: AFT. 1891

III. Lawrence Blair b: JUN 1892

IV. Arley Blair b: FEB 1894

V. Robinson R Blair b: JAN 1896

VI. Stella Blair b: JAN 1898

ix. Jacob Blair b: FEB 1860 m. about 1885 to Lucinda Blair b Oct 1865. Child of Jacob Blair and Lucinda Blair; I. Bradley Blair b 11 Jul 1895 Harlan Co KY d 14 Jul 1969 Church Hill TN buried Elm Springs Cemetery, Church Hill TN m. Tessie Wallace b 20 Mar 1896 d 1 Sept 1962 Church Hill, TN buried Elm Springs Cemetery, Church Hill TN; d/o Marshall Chapman Wallace and Elizabeth Anderson.

x. Absolum Blair b: 1863

xi. Abner J Blair b: 4 NOV 1865 Harlan Co KY d 18 Dec Harlan Co KY m. Lucinda Jane Creech b 7 May 1880 d 1968 KY d/o William Abner Creech and Martha Blair.

Abner J Blair m. 31 May 1890 Harlan Co KY on top of Black Mountain by H C Lewis JP; witnessed by John Blair and Joseph Blair to Mary J Huff b 23 Nov 1867. Child of Abner J Blair and Mary J Huff;

I. Corbin F Blair b 1894 KY m. 7 Dec 1918 Dougals Co MO to Margaret Davis b 1900 MO

Lucinda Jane Creech m. 10 Nov 1899 KY to Isaac Huff b 26 Mar 1876 KY d 22 Jul 1908 Cumberland, Harlan Co KY; buried Huff Cemetery, Harlan Co KY; s/o Caleb Alec Huff and Nancy Lewis. Children of Abner J Blair and Lucinda Jane Creech;

I. James Leonard Huff b: 1901 KY d 27 Nov 1952 Harlan Co KY m. Wilma Nickell b 1906

II. Maggie Marie Huff b: 4 JAN 1905 d 29 Dec 1999 Madison Co KY

III. Daisy Huff b: 26 NOV 1907 Cumberland, Harlan Co., KY d 1 Nov 2003 Lexington, Fayette Co KY m. 20 Aug 1927 KY to Guy Alexander Myers b 30 Sept 1899 KY d 28 Dec 1972 Fayette Co KY.

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