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Andrew Brave Rivers Burke
and Margaret W Mullins

Andrew "Brave Rivers" Burke b about 1866 Pike Co KY d about 1900 Pike Co KY s/o Greenville "Green V" Burke and Louvenia Hall. Andrew "Brave Rivers" Burke m. 21 Jan 1895 Pike Co KY to Margaret W Mullins b 1869 d/o Nelson Mullins and Matilda Elswick. Children of Andrew Burke and Margaret Mullins;

1. Napolin "Poly" Burke (female) b 1888

2. Mary Ethel Burke b Jun 1893 Pike Co KY

3. Hibbard Burke b 14 Nov 1896 Pike Co KY d 17 Apr 1969 Pike Co KY, buried Burke / Elkins Cemetery, Brushy Fork, Beefhide, Pike Co., KY, m. Susie Brewer b 10 Jun 1901 Island Creek, Pike Co KY d 7 Feb 1983 Myra, Pike Co KY; buried 9 Feb 1983 Elkins Cemetery, Brushy Fork Cemetery, Beefhide, Letcher Co KY; d/o Benjamin Franklin Brewer and Dora Dye.

4. Minnie Dell Burke b 15/20 Oct 1890 Pike Co KY d 9 Dec 1975 Jenkins, Letcher Co KY m. John "Johnnie" Elkins Sr b about 1890. Minnie Dell Burke m. Joseph Jerome Greer b 27 Apr 1883 Myra, Pike Co KY d 4 Aug 1908 s/o Marcus De Lafayette Greer and Drucilla Mullins.

Margaret W Mullins and
James Melvin Addington

Margaret W Mullins b 1869 d/o Nelson Mullins and Matilda Elswick. Margaret Mullins m. James Melvin Addington. Children of Margaret W Mullins and James Melvin Addington;

1. Benton Addington m. Frances Osborne

2. Alice Addington m. Male Hall

3. Elsie Addington m. Male Greenway

4. Dixie Addington m. Male Reed

James Melvin Addington
and Nancy Osborne

James Melvin Addington m. Nancy Osborne

From The Burke Tribe of Pike Co KY by Wayne Burke, son of Polmer Burke:
My Dad, before he died, told me that Andrew Burks owned several miles of timberland along the "Big Sandy River" along what is now part of Route 23 in Floyd County, Kentucky. Like most loggers of the time, Andrew probably logged his land during the late fall for hardwood timber and skidded them out during the winter with mules. The sap is always down in the Fall and logs will just season better when cut this time of year. Anyhow, during the winter of 1898 or early spring of 1899, Andrew was rafting a band of river-logs down stream and slipped off a still frozen log and into the icy cold water of the "Big Sandy River". It was pouring down rain that day, but rather than quit and risk loosing his logs, Andrew climbed back on and continued riding his logs down river to Pikeville, Kentucky. After taking care of business, Andrew traveled through the night to get back to his family, but by that time he was already deathly ill. He never recovered and died that Spring of consumption. Andrew Burks was 33 years old when he died and my Pappaw, Hibbard H Burke, was only 3 yrs old at the time. I believe, Andrew Burks must have died in the Spring of 1900. Later that same year recently widowed Margaret "Mullins" Burks married James Melvin Addington and became known as "Granny Addington" to my Dad, Polmer, and the rest of the tribe. I would guess that Granny told my Dad this story and he told me.

Growing up as a child I (son of Polmer Burke) heard stories that my Dad's (Polmer Burke) granny (Margaret W Mullins) was a Cherokee Indian that lived in a Cherokee Camp somewhere in North Carolina, and first came to Eastern Kentucky when she was just old enough to remember. My Dad once told me that she kept an array of bottled remedies by her bedside and had concoctions for just about anything that ailed them. She was known by her Grandkids as "Granny Addington" and they would huddle in and around her while she told spooky tales, in the wee morning hours, that would raise the hair on the back of their necks. My Mom also remembered her and told me that she wore a red bandanna around her head and dressed in bright colored clothing. She was first married to my great Granddad, Andrew Burks, that died of consumption (probably in the Spring at age 33. Soon after Andrew's death, she sold their timberland along the Big Sandy River in Floyd Co., Kentucky and then married Melvin Addington. They lived near what is now known as Brushy Fork, Beefhide, Pike Co., Kentucky. Margaret "Mullins" Burks had 4 kids at the time of Andrew's death and Melvin had kids of his own. I do not have proof that Margaret Mullins was a Cherokee Indian or actually lived on a reservation.

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