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Robert Calhoun
and Bonnie Baker

Robert L Calhoun b 16 Nov 1889 d 12 Jul 1956; s/o John C Calhoun and Amanda Grazella Bates. Robert Calhoun m. Bonnie Baker b 25 Sept 1905 d 10 Aug 1984 Carr Creek, KY; d/o George Washington Baker and Martha Sexton. Children of Robert L Calhoun and Bonnie Baker;

1. Benjamin Calhoun

2. Amanda Calhoun m. Vince Roberts

3. Samuel Calhoun b 24 Jan 1924 d 26 Oct 1979; m. Loraine Taylor.

4. Lucy Calhoun m. Norman Asmus. Children of Norman Asmus and Lucy Calhoun;

i. Patricia Asmus m. 1st to Robert Beebe; m. 2nd to Phillip Weber. Children of Patricia Asmus and 2nd Phillip Weber; Brian and Jeremy Weber.

ii. Alan Asmus m. Caroline Asmus. Children of Alan Asmus and Caroline Asmus; I. Lucas Asmus II. Chris Asmus III. Kyle Asmus.

iii. Michelle Asmus m. Steve Delaney. Children of Steve Delaney and Michelle Asmus; I. Amy Delaney II. Ashley Delaney.

5. Robert Calhoun Jr m. Bertha Hall. Children of Robert Calhoun Jr and Bertha Hall;

i. Lena Lynn Calhoun m. Gary Fink. Children of Gary Fink and Lena Lynn Calhoun; I. Gary Fink Jr.

ii. Robert Calhoun III

iii. Edna Marie Calhoun

iv. Sharma Calhoun

v. Hattie Louise Calhoun m. Keith Patterson. Children of Keith Patterson and Hattie Louise Calhoun; I. Nicole Patterson.

6. Martha Calhoun b 17 Apr 1928 d 12 Oct 1988; m. Mitchell Wicker. Children of Martha Calhoun and Mitchell Wicker;

i. Connie Michelle Wicker m. Mike Brushinski. Children of Mike Brushinski and Connie Michelle Wicker; I. Shannon Brushinski (m) II. Mike Brusinski Jr

ii. Mitchell Wicker II m. Helen Williams. Children of Mitchell Wicker II and Helen Williams; I. Christopher Wicker II Beth Wicker.

Mitchell Wicker II m. (2) to Michelle Wicker. Children of Mitchell Wicker II and Michelle Wicker; I. Mitchell Wicker III III. Kevin Wicker.

Mitchell Wicker II m. (3) to Cathryn Wicker.

iii. Gary Neil Wicker.

7. Ethel Calhoun m. Boyd Ray Wherry Sr. Children of Boyd Ray and Ethel Calhoun;

i. Boyd Ray Wherry Jr m. Donna Neely.

ii. Robert Alan Wherry

iii. Louis Elbert Wherry m. Karen Keibert. Children of Louis Elbert Wherry and Karen Keibert; I. Melissa Wherry.

8. Eugene Calhoun m. Deloise Smith. Children of Eugene Calhoun and Deloise Smith;

i. Michael Calhoun m. Lisa Carrico. Children of Michael Calhoun and Lisa Carrico; I. Alicia Calhoun II. Brandon Anthony III. Michael Mike Calhoun Jr IV. Jamie Calhoun (m).

ii. Larry Vincent Calhoun m. Marion Wallace. Children of Larry Vincent Calhoun and Marion Wallace; I. David Calhoun II. Danny Calhoun.

iii. Mark Kevin Calhoun

iv. Troy Calhoun

9. Edna Calhoun m. Gordon Howard. Children of Gordon Howard and Edna Calhoun;

i. Pamela Ann Howard m. Kenneth Burnham. Children of Kenneth Burnham and Pamela Ann Howard; I. Kenneth Burnham Jr, II. Nichole Burnham III. David Burnham.

ii. Fedora Yetta Howard m. Richard Miller.

iii. Amanda Rose Howard m. Scott Maddock. Child of Scott Maddock and Amanda Rose Howard; I. Jennifer Maddock.

Amanda Rose Howard m. 2nd to John Cowan.

iv. Mary Ann Howard Children; I. Shasta Howard II. Gordon Nickey Williams.

10. Lawrence Calhoun b 5 Nov 1934 d 17 Nov 1934.

11. Millard Filmore Calhoun b 29 Mar 1938 d 22 Jun 1978 m. Karen Sue Salyers. Children of Millard Flilmore Calhoun and Karen Sue Salyers;

i. Cynthia Calhoun

ii. Sandra Calhoun.

12. Martin Van Buren Calhoun b 29 Mar 1938 d 9 Apr 1989; m. Clovia Tuttle.

13. Nannie Geraldine Calhoun m. Wesley Short. Children of Wesley Short and Nannie Geraldine Calhoun;

i. John Wesley Short m. Lisa Marie Triplett. Child of John Wesley Short and Lisa Marie Triplett; I. Victoria Devon Short.

ii. David Von Short m. June Breeding.

14. Carrie Lee Calhoun m. Leon Short. Children of Leon Short and Carrie Lee Calhoun;

i. Jeffrey Leon Short b Cook Co IL m. Rose Ann Ray. Children of Jeffrey Leon Short and Rose Ann Ray; I. Jennifer Lean Short.

Jeffrey Leon Short m. Tina Renee Allen b Hopkinsville, Christian Co KY. Children of Feffrey Leon Short and Tina Renee Allen; I. Andrew Blake Short m. Rose Ann Ray.

ii. Sarah Renee Short m. Issac France. Child of Isaac France and Sarah Renee Short; I. Zachary Issac France.

iii. Angela Short m. Kevin Randall King. Children of Kevin Randall King and Angela Short; I. Austin Blake II. Reagan Mckenzie King.

iv. Nanett Short m. David Banks. Children of David Banks and Nanett Short; I. Karahi Lindsey Noelle Banks.



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