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Samuel Calhoun
and Loraine Taylor

Samuel Calhoun b 24 Jan 1924 d 26 Oct 1979; s/o Robert Calhoun and Bonnie Baker. Samuel Calhoun m. Loraine Taylor. Children of Samuel Calhoun and Loraine Taylor;

1. Robert Calhoun m. Debbie Stamper; Child fo Robert Calhoun and Debbie Stamper; i. Jennie Calhoun.

Robert Calhoun m. (2) to Chris Mullins; Children of Robert Calhoun and Chris Mullins; i. Jeff Calhoun ii. Joey Calhoun iii. Joyce Calhoun.

2. Vincent Jean Calhoun

3. James Edward Calhoun m. Peggy Livinggood. Children of James Edward Calhoun and Peggy Livinggood; i. Daisy Mae Calhoun ii. Ricky Joe Calhoun

4. Johnny Calhoun m. Bobbi Calhoun.

5. Bonnie Lou Calhoun m. Donnie Slone. Children of Donnie Slone and Bonnie Lou Calhoun; i. Donnie Slone Jr ii. Mary Ann Slone iii. Ollis Slone.

6. Janice Calhoun m. Steve Hountz. Children of Steve Hountz and Janice Calhoun; i. Heather Hountz ii. Joseph Hountz.

7. David Calhoun m. Vickey Shocks.

8. Timmy Darrell Calhoun m. Suzie Goins. Children of Timmy Darrell Calhoun and Suzie Goins; i. Sarah Calhoun ii. Pamela Calhoun iii. Jessica Calhoun.

9. Renee Calhoun m. Larry Smith. Children of Renee Calhoun and Larry Smith; i. Jennifer Renee Smith ii. Kimberly Smith.

10. Alta Sue Calhoun m. Norman Anthony Obermeyer. Children of Norman Anthony Obermeyer and Alta Sue Calhoun; i. Loraine Obermeyer ii. Samuel Obermeyer iii. Norman Anthony Obermeyer Jr.

11. Homer Calhoun m. Joyce Burkehart. Children of Homer Calhoun and Joyce Burkehart; i. Nickey Calhoun (f) ii. Joyce Ann Calhoun.

12. Gene Tunney Calhoun m. Agnes Bradley. Children of Gene Tunney Calhoun and Agnes Bradley; i. Anthone Calhoun (m) ii. Ashley Calhoun (f).



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