Joseph Carter and Elizabeth Presley
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Joseph Carter and
Elizabeth Presley

Joseph Carter b 4 SEP 1736 Fauquier Co VA d 16 AUG 1808 Rye Cove, Russell Co VA; Burial: Rye Cove in the old Carter Cemetery, N. Clinchport, Scott Co VA s/o Peter B. Carter and Judith Norris. Joseph Carter m about 1767 Fauquier Co VA to Elizabeth Presley b 1739 Rye Cove, Scott VA d 1 Aug 1809 Rye Cove, Scott Co VA. Children of Joseph Carter and Elizabeth Presley;

I. Anna Carter b 1768 in Scott Co VA m. about 1790 to James Gibson b 1776 Russell Co VA d 13 Jan 1818 Russell (now Scott) Co VA. Children of James Gibson and Anna Carter;

1. Matilda Gibson b 10 MAR 1790 Russell (now Scott) Co VA

2. James Gibson II b 1791 Russell (now Scott) Co VA

3. Joseph Gibson b 1795 Russell (now Scott) Co VA

4. Robert Gibson b about 1798 Russell (now Scott) Co VA

5. George Gibson b about 1800 Russell (now Scott) Co VA

6. Mary Gibson b about 1806 Russell (now Scott) Co VA

7. William Gibson b about 1810 Russell (now Scott) Co VA

8. Elijah Gibson b about 1813 Russell (now Scott) Co VA

Anna Carter m. about 1820 to Male Carter b 1776. Children of Male Carter and Anna Carter;

1. Louisiana Carter b 1830

2. Didema E Carter b 1844

II. Elizabeth Mima Carter (is probably Jemima Carter) b 1772 Fauquier Co VA m. 1789 Russell (now Scott) Co VA to William Stewart b 1756 SC d 3 Sept 1851 Scott Co VA; s/o John J Stewart and Susannah Fulkerson. Children of William Stewart and Elizabeth Mima Carter;

1. Lucy Stewart b about 1790

2. Anna Stewart b about 1792

3. Polly Stewart b about 1794

4. Elijah Stewart b about 1796

6. Nancy Stewart b about 1798

William Stewart m. about 1799 to Jemima Carter b 1772 Fauquier Co VA d 11 Sept 1850 Russell Co VA d/o Joseph Carter and Elizabeth Presley. Children of William Stewart and Jemima Carter;

1. James Stewart b 28 FEB 1790 Russell Co VA m. about 1812 Russell Co VA to Mary Carter b 10 Jan 1793 Camp Spring Place, Copper Creek, Russell Co VA d 18 Jan 1882 Scott Co VA d/o Dale W Carter and Katherine Porter.

2. William H. Stewart b about 1792 Russell Co VA

3. Elizabeth Stewart b 1794 Russell Co VA

4. Jemima Stewart b 1799 Russell Co VA

5. Judith Stewart b 1799 Russell Co VA

6. David Stewart b 1804 Russell Co VA

7. Lucy Stewart b 15 MAY 1804 Russell Co VA

8. Ann Stewart b 1806 Russell Co VA

9. Mary Stewart b about 1808 Scott Co VA

10. Elijah Stewart b 1810 Russell Co VA

11. Nancy Stewart b 1814

12. Joseph "Jody" Stewart b 25 APR 1818 Russell Co VA d 1866 Union Co NC m. Kizzy Brewer b about 1815 Anson Co NC d/o John Brewer and Nancy Griffin. Children of Joseph "Jody" Stewart and Kizzy Brewer; i. William Stewart ii. Culpepper Stewart b 23 Apr 1838 Union Co NC d 8 Jan 1899 New Salem TWP, Union Co NC; m. Sarah Jane Nance b 28 Jul 1838  d 3 Sept 1914 New Salem TWP, Union Co NC d/o Herbert Nance and Frances "Frankey" Austin. iii. Nancy Stewart iv. Jemima Stewart v. Thomas Coleman Stewart

III. Jemima Carter b 1772 in Fauquier Co VA

IV. Elijah Carter b 1774 Rye Cove, Russell Co VA

V. Presley Carter b 24 MAR 1786 Russell (now Scott) Co VA

VI. Thomas Carter b 1789 Rye Cove, Scott Co VA

VII. Betsy Carter b about 1794

VIII. Judith Carter b 1796 in Fauquier, Co VA

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