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Ray Cash and
Carrie Cloveree Rivers

L-R Back: Roy, Carrie, Louise, Ray, Reba and Johnny Cash. L-R Front: Tommy and Joanne Cash
L-R Back: Roy, Johnny, Tommy, Reba, Joanne and Louise Cash. Front: Ray Cash and Carrie Rivers
Ray Cash
Ray Cash b 23 May 1897 Arkansas d 23 Dec 1985 Hendersonville TN; s/o William Henry Cash and Sarah Rebecca J Overton. Ray Cash m. 18 Aug 1920 to Carrie Cloveree Rivers b 13 Mar 1904 d 11 Mar 1991 Henderson TN; d/o John Lewis Rivers and Rosanna Lee Hurst. Children of Ray Cash and Carrie Cloveree Rivers;

1. Jack D Cash b 1930 d 1944 in a table saw accident and was cut almost in two. In 1944, Jack was pulled into a whirling table saw in the mill where he worked, and cut almost in two. He suffered for over a week before he died. His brother, John JR "Johnny" Cash often spoke of the horrible guilt he felt over this incident. According to Cash: The Autobiography, his father was away that morning, but he and his mother, and Jack himself, all had premonitions or a sense of foreboding about that day, causing his mother to urge Jack to skip work and go fishing with his brother. Jack insisted on working, as the family needed the money. On his deathbed, Jack said he had visions of heaven and angels. Decades later, his brother, John JR "Johnny" Cash spoke of looking forward to meeting his brother in heaven. He wrote that he had seen his brother many times in his dreams, and that Jack always looked two years older than whatever age Cash himself was at that moment.

2. John J R "Johnny" Cash (born J R Cash) b 26 Feb 1932 Kingsland Arkansas d 12 Sept 2003 Nashville, TN, age 71; military service, 1952 US Air Force where he adopted the name John in place of his initials when they would not accept initials as a name); m. 7 Aug 1954 (divorced 1968) to Vivian Dorraine Liberto b 23 Apr 1934 d 24 May 2005. See Johnny Cash Photos. John R "Johnny" Cash m. 1 Mar 1968 to Valerie June Carter b 23 Jun 1929 Scott Co VA d 15 May 2003 Nashville, TN of complications following heart valve replacement surgery, age 73, occupation, musician, songwriter, comedian; d/o Ezra Carter and Maybelle "Mother Maybelle" Addington. Vivian Dorraine Liberto m. 1968 to Dick Distin. June Carter m. 1952 to 1st Carl Smith. June Carter m. 1957 to 2nd Edwin Rip Nix. John JR "Johnny" Cash enlisted in the United States Air Force. After basic training at Lackland Air Force Base and technical training at Brooks Air Force Base, both in San Antonio, Texas, Cash was assigned to a U.S. Air Force Security Service unit, assigned as a morse code decoder on Russian Army transmissions, at Landsberg, Germany. On July 3, 1954, he was honorably discharged as a staff sergeant.

3. Tommy Cash b 5 Apr 1940; m. Barbara Wisenbarker. Children of Tommy Cash and Barbara Wisenbarker;

i. Mark Alan Cash m. ?? Children of Mark Alan Cash;

I. Cara Cash

II. Courtney Cash

ii. Paula Jean Cash

Tommy Cash m. Pamela Yvonne Dyer

4. Roy Cash b 2 Sept 1921 d 8 Jul 1993; m. Claire Wandene Pickens b 21 Dec 1921 d Bassett AR d 23 Aug 1985.

5. Rebecca Ann Cash m. Donzil Burlison. Children of Donzil Burlison and Rebecca Ann Cash;

i. Donny Wayne Burlison m. ??? Children of Donny Wayne Burlison;

I. Daniel Burlison

II. Benny Burlison

III. Aaron Ray Burlison

ii. Ricky Lynn Burlison m. ??? Children of Ricky Lynn Burlison;

I. Ashley Burlison m. Male McClellan. Child of Male McClellan and Ashley Burlison; 1.a. Shelby McClelland

II. Carson Ray Burlison

Rebecca Ann Cash m. Donald Gene Hancock. Children of Donald Gene Hancock and Rebecca Ann Cash;

i. Timothy Paul Hancock

ii. Kelly Leigh Hancock

6. Margaret Louise Cash m. Louis Fiedler. Child of Louis Fiedler and Margaret Louise Cash;

i. Damon Fiedler m. ?? Children of Damon Fiedler;

I. Mark Damon Fiedler

II. Dawn Michelle Fiedler

III. Justin Fiedler

IV. Jennifer Fiedler

Margaret Louise Cash m. Jordan Garrett. Children of Jordan Garrett and Margaret Louise Cash;

i. Margaret Jo Garrett m. Male Klenk. Child of Male Klenk and Margaret Jo Garrett;

I. Carolyn Kenk m. Male Newhouse. Children of Male Newhouse and Carolyn Kenk; 1.a. Vicotoria Newhouse 2.a. Kyle Newhouse.

ii. Mike Scott Garrett

iii. Paul Brent Garrett

7. Joanne Cash m. Billie Ingle. Children of Billie Ingle and Joanne Cash;

i. Charlotte Joanne Ingle m. Male Oakes. Child of Male Oakes and Charlotte Joanne Ingle;

I. Jennifer Oakes

ii. Jeffery Howard Ingle m. ??? Child of Jeffery Howard Ingle;

I. Lee Ingle

iii. Rhonda Lee Ingle m. Male Ponessa. Child of Male Ponessa and Rhonda Lee Ingle

I. Fallon Ponessa

Joanne Cash m. 27 Dec 1971 to Dr Harry Yates.



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