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William Cornett 1761 - 1836

William Cornett born 1761 in Henrico County, Va., died in Perry County, Ky. 26 Nov. 1836.  He was the son of John Cornett. While a resident of Buckingham County, Va., in 1779 he enlisted in the Revolutionary War and served six month (sic) in Capt. Anthony Winston's Company, Col. Scripps Va. Regiment. In 1780 he re enlisted as a private, and served six months in Capt. Saunders Co. Col. Patterson's Va. Regiment. “He was allowed a pension on his application executed Aug. 12, 1833. (W6723) He first married Rhoda Gilliam and to them were born four children:

1.  John Cornett married Rachel Smith and settled on Carrs Fork, and the following children were born to them:

Robert S. Cornett married Adaline Brashear. To Robert S. Cornett and his wife Adaline Brashear, were born the following children:

Manton Cornett married Julia Godsey

Thiophilis Cornett (aka Theophilis) died in infancy.

Newton married Nancyan Davidson

Jasper Cornett married Rebecca Hale

Elisabeth Cornett married Lee Kelly

Rachel Cornett married Samp Combs

Rhoda Cornett married Spencer Combs

Nancy Cornett married Alexander Young

William Riley Cornett married Elisabeth Campbell

J. Dixon Cornett married Surrilda Ritchie

Mary Cornett married Simon Stacey (aka Stacy)

Robert S. Cornett married Cornelia Amburgy.

John Cornett married Nancy Combs.

Arch Cornett

Russell Cornett married Milley Combs. To Rusel Cornett and his wife Milly Combs were born:

Jason Cornett married Malissa Combs

William Cornett married Milly Allen.

Rebecca Cornett married Thee Combs.

Martha Ellen Cornett married Marion Combs.

Rhoda Cornett married Madison Pigman

Mary Cornett married John Stacy.

Elisabeth Cornett married Bill Ashley.

Frankie Cornett (female) married Bill Owens.

Nancy Cornett married Wilburn Amburgey.

Harden Cornett died at about age 18.

2.  Arch Cornett  born Jan. 12, 1789, died 1873. Married Judy McDaniel and settled at the mouth of Clover Fork of Big Leatherwood Creek, Perry County, Ky.  The following children were born to them:

William Cornett married 1st Nancy Miniard; 2nd wife, Becky Morgan; 3rd wife, Lindy Garrison. To William Cornett and 1st Nancy Miniard were born;

Judy Cornett married James Singleton and to them were born William C. Singleton and Polly Jane Singleton. William C. married Vesta Hall and lived near Viper, Ky. Polly Jane married Budie Day.

Arch (Bud) Cornett

John Cornett

Louisa Cornett

William S Cornett

James Cornett

H Cornett

To William Cornett and his second wife, Becky Morgan, were born three children:

Nancy Jane Cornett

 Wilson Cornett

Fred Cornett

To William Cornett and his third wife were born two children:

Granville G. Cornett

Rachel Cornett.

John Cornett married Bettie Holebrooks and settled on Masons Creek. To them were born:

Ran Cornett married Sally Brashear

Ben Cornett married Lucy Pratt

Theopolis Cornett married Nan Sturgeon.

Nancy Cornett married Theopolis G. Campbell (aka Theopholis)

Mary Cornett married Nute Fields

Catherine Cornett never married.

Robert Cornett

Arch Cornett

Anderson Cornett

Hiram Cornett

Polly Cornett

Elisabeth Cornett

3.  Lucy Cornett married Woleary Eversole, son of Jacob Eversole. Jacob Eversole migrated to Ky. from N.C. He had six sons and Woleary was one of them. To Woleary Eversole and his wife Lucy Cornett were born three sons and one daughter. 

Joe Eversole 1818 married Sarah Bolin and lived at Chavies, Ky., near the mouth of Grapevine Creek. To them were born four sons:

Capt. William Eversole, b 1814. Military: 14 Ky. Cav. Civil War.

Abner Eversole, Lieut. in same regiment. He had five sons and one daughter: William, Ance, Bige, Charlet, Rosol and Mollie. William Eversole married Mary Johnson; Ance married Sarah Daniels Aloway Abijah married Littie Hall; Rosol married Minnie Robinson.

Anderson Eversole who was a Sgt. and Maj. John Eversole. Bill Eversole lived in Owsley County, Ky., was married twice and had large families.

John Eversole 18--,

Elisabeth Eversole 1820.

4.  Elisabeth Cornett.

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