Manuel Fleming and Betty Mullins
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Manuel Fleming
and Betty Mullins

Emanuel "Manuel" Fleming b 12 MAY 1840 Holly Creek, Russell Co. (Now Clintwood, Dickenson Co.), VA d 1910 Dickenson Co., VA s/o John Jackson "Jack" Fleming Sr. and Mary Jane Mullins. Emanuel "Manuel" Fleming m. 13 Feb 1859 Wise Co VA to Margaret Elizabeth "Betty" Mullins b 18 Aug 1843 Russell (Now Dickenson) Co VA d 1915 Pike Co., KY, d/o  Isham "Isom" Mullins and Mary Ann "Polly" Sanders. (1860 Wise Co VA Census). Children of Emanuel "Manuel" Fleming and Margaret Elizabeth "Betty" Mullins;

 William Fleming b 23 Feb 1860 Wise Co VA d young.

 Wilburn "Wib" Fleming b 5 Sept 1861 Wise Co VA d 15 Mar 1924 Clintwood, Dickenson Co VA m. 3 Mar 1887 to Sarah S Fleming b 12 Oct 1871 Clintwood, Dickenson Co VA d 29 Sept 1945 Welch, WV; both buried Baker Ridge, Clintwood, Dickenson Co VA.

 Wilson Melvin "Big Melvin" Fleming Sr b 11 Jan 1863 Wise Co (now Dickenson Co) VA d 17 May 1945; buried Jerry's Branch, Clintwood, Dickenson Co VA; m. 15 Jan 1885 (in J.A. Phipps home) Dickenson Co VA to Eveline PHIPPS b 18 Jun 1866 Wise Co VA d 18 Dec 1905 Dickenson Co VA; buried Jerry's  Branch, Clintwood, Dickenson Co VA; d/o Andrew Jackson PHIPPS and Elizabeth "Betty" Vanover

 Sarah Elvena Fleming b Nov 1865 Wise Co VA d 24 Aug 1888. Never Married, Died and left Young Joseph Everett Fleming to be raised by the Emanuel Fleming family. Story told to me by Grandmother Lura Fleming, wife to Everett; Elvena loved to ride Horses, while Horse back riding she was hit by a tree branch, or fell and Injured her Breast. An Abscess formed and killed the young mother. Young Everett grew up with his Uncles who were not much older than him. She had a relationship with Alexander Phipps, their son was Joseph Everett Fleming. Alex Phipps had a relationship with Sarah Elvena Fleming about 1883. Alex Acknowledged he was the Father of Joseph Everett Fleming. Report of Marvin B. Whitt ( Son In Law of Everett ) states that Alex lived in the Elkhorn City Area of Pike County , Ky. Alex came to visit Everett and his family and stayed for a few days. Edith Fleming Whitt, Everett's youngest girl remembered the visits. Marvin's report to Charles Dahnmon Whitt Sr, was on Dec. 6, 2004. Marvin was 91, He has a very alert mind. Alex Phipps was a Lawyer in and around Pike County Kentucky. Married 3 times and one relationship. (Loved the women). Written by Dahnmon

 Mahulda "Huldy" Fleming b 15 Aug 1867 Wise Co VA m. 1 Oct 1885 Clintwood, Dickenson Co VA to Henry Harrison Moore b Jan 1861 Wise Co VA.

 Mary Fleming b 14 Feb 1869 d as a child.

 Martha Fleming b 14 Feb 1869 d as a child.

 John "Moccasin Foot" Fleming b 1871 Wise Co VA d 1920 Splashdam, Dickenson Co VA; m. 23 Apr 1896 Dickenson Co VA to Cynthia Mullins b 20 Mar 1876 Wise Co VA d 11 Apr 1918 Clintwood, Dickenson Co VA; d/o Marshall E "Mar" Mullins and Martha Parthenia Moore.

 Melvina Fleming b Apr 1874 Wise Co VA d after 1920 m. 3 Sept 1891 Dickenson Co VA to Marion Vanover b Jun 1873 Wise Co VA.

 Isom Fleming Sr b Feb 1875 Wise Co VA m. 1 Dec 1898 Dickenson Co VA to Mollie Frances Stone b Aug 1879 Wise Co VA; d/o William Riley "Will" Stone and Julia Ann Hayes.

 David Crocket "Red Dave" Fleming b Jun 1877 Wise Co VA d 10 Jun 1919 m. 8 Apr 1897 to Ida Branham b 1881 Wise Co VA d/o Clifton Branham and Nancy J Branham. (Also See Red Dave Fleming).

 Elizabeth "Lizzie" Fleming b 15 Aug 1878 Flemingtown, Dickenson Co VA d 20 Dec 1964 Dickenson Co VA; m. Kenos F Stone b 15 Mar 1878 Skeetrock, Dickenson Co VA d 23 Jul 1965 Dickenson Co VA; s/o William Riley "Will" Stone and Julia Ann Haynes.

 Robert "Rollie" Fleming b 20 Mar 1882 Dickenson Co VA d 1909 m. 23 Mar 1904 Dickenson Co VA to Dora M Swindall b 21 Jul 1889 Dickenson Co VA d 3 Mar 1970 Wise Co VA

 Ida C Fleming b 1884 Dickenson Co VA m. 5 Feb 1903 Dickenson Co VA to Andrew E Elkins; s/o Ode Elkins and Margaret Unknown. Ida C Fleming m. 13 Jul 1906 Pound, Wise Co VA to Thomas Benton Dotson.

 Daisy Fleming
b 25 May 1889 Dickenson Co VA to George Washington "Ticky" Fleming b 21 Apr 1872 d 3 Jan 1951 Dickenson Co VA; s/o Phillip Fleming and Sarah Mahulda "Hulda" Mullins. George Washington "Ticky" Fleming m. (2) Susannah "Susan" Mullins. George Washington "Ticky" Fleming m. (3) to Alva D Baker. George Washington "Ticky" Fleming m. (4) to Casander A "Cassie" Robinson b Jun 1879 Buchanan Co VA. George Washington "Ticky" Fleming m. Nancy Ellen Rose.

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