Elijah Bunt Fuller
and Martha Combs

Elijah Bunt Fuller 1845 - 1931
Elijah Bunt Fuller b 20 Jul 1845 d 31 Dec 1931 Perry Co KY; s/o Elijah Green Fuller 1790 NC Elizabeth Patton. Elijah Bunt Fuller m. Susannah Susan Combs b 1844; d/o John Lorenzo Combs and Polly Ann Combs. Elijah Bunt Fuller and Susannah Susan Combs had no children to my knowledge. Elijah Bunt Fuller and (2) Martha Combs had our Grandfather, Elijah Green Fuller. Our Great Grandfather, Elijah Bunt Fuller raised our Grandfather, Elijah Green Fuller. Martha Combs was born in 1858. We do not know who Martha's parents were, yet. Child of Elijah "Bunt" Fuller and (2) Martha Combs;

1. Elijah "Green" Fuller b Sept 1877 Smithsboro, Knott Co KY d about 1929 Knott Co KY; m. 18 Sept 1895 to Margaret Amburgey; d/o Alfred Amburgey and Elizabeth Amburgey. Elijah "Green" Fuller 1877 and Margaret Amburgey are found in the 1900 Knott County, KY Census in HH #5-5 in Magisterial District No. 2, Carr, Enumerated June 30, 1900. Elijah Green Fuller 1877 m. 29 Mar 1909 Smithsboro, Knott Co KY to (2) Leona Smith; d/o Hilliard Jackson Smith and Armelda "Melda" Combs.

Elijah Bunt Fuller
andElizabeth Amburgey

Elijah "Bunt" Fuller b 20 Jul 1845 d 31 Dec 1931 Perry Co., KY; s/o Elijah Green Fuller 1790 NC Elizabeth Patton. Elijah "Bunt" Fuller m. about 1893 KY to Elizabeth Amburgey. Children of Elijah "Bunt" and Elizabeth Amburgey;

1. Lurania "Rainey" Fuller (aka Raney) b 1894. (Raney is found in 1910 Knott Co., Ky Census in household #131-133 with her father, Elijah "Bunt" Fuller 1845). Lurania "Rainey" Fuller m. 18 Jan 1912 Knott Co KY to Elijah Young. (Marriage Notes: Handwritten consent note signed by John & Catharine Young. Married at the residence of Raney Fuller in the presence of Bunt Fuller & Nancy Kelley Marriage Certificate signed by Thos. Kelley Attest: R. H. Amburgey - County Court Clerk Book 6 pg 219). Children of Lurania "Rainey" Fuller 1894 and Elijah Young;

i. Troy Young

ii. Martin Young had a barber shop on Lotts Creek.

iii. Alma Young

2. Martha Fuller

3. Alverta Fuller b. 1896 died at age 4.

Great Grandpa Elijah "Bunt" Fuller married 3rd to Elizabeth Amburgey. Elijah Bunt Fuller and Elizabeth Amburgey are found in the 1900 Knott County, KY census. Elijah "Bunt" Fuller, was in the Civil War and served in the 13th KY Cav Co C and 13th KY Cav Co B. According to our Mom, Ida Fuller Potter, he also served on the Union side in the 3 Forks Battalion as a Corporal. Additionally, he was a substitute for another person in the Civil War perhaps on the Union side.

Mom (Ida Fuller Potter) also states that Grandpa Bunt Fuller was captured and made a bold, successful escape, running over four or five guards to escape. Other statements of importance; Mother reported that one of her Grandfather's was on the Union side and the other was on the Confederate side.

Our Mother (Ida Fuller Potter) made the following statement that is significant in that it explains the political positions of the two sides of those in the Civil War; She said, "Grandpa Bunt went in the service as a Democrat and came out a Republican." Grandpa Bunt served in the Confederate Army in the Civil War. Elijah "Bunt" Fuller was a considerable hero in the Civil War according to our mother. She said that everyone around them who knew her grandpa was very proud of him and his Civil War service. Mother also spoke often of how her grandfather, Elijah "Bunt" Fuller saved her from being trampled to death by a raring horse. He jumped up and got between her and the horse and with his arms outstretched and reaching back to keep her from getting near the horse, he somehow calmed that horse down. Mom has always talked about that incident because she was so close to getting killed by that horse that it left an indelible impression on her mind. She loved her grandfather very much. She said that her grandpa could jump up and click his heels together at the age of 88 years.

We believe Martha Combs may possibly have been living in North Carolina at the time of our Grandfather Fuller's birth.

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