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Robert Bolling Bowling


Henry Walker

Revolutionary War soldier, Mecklenburg Militia.

Robert Boyd

Revolutionary War Soldier, 1798 Militia.

62. John Wilkinson

Revolutionary War soldier.

Tabitha "Tabby" Davidson

1 NAME Tabitha /Davidson/

72. Bowling "Bolin" (Bolling) Baker , Jr

Born in North Carolina, moved to Kentucky then went to Missouri.

Reportedly fled from Kentucky after killing a Dezarn with a two shot pistol.

From: John J. Dickey Diary: "Sometime before he went to Florida and died, cousin Gilbert Baker came to my office in McKee and told me that Bowling Baker, Jr. was a brother to his one great, my two great grandfather, Rubin Baker. That Bowling, Jr. married and lived on the head of Bear Creek. His wife died and he buried her on that creek. The he went over on Beech Creek and got to courting a women (White) and got in a quarrel and killed Morgan Dezarns and then he got on his horse and rode to Missouri where he married and raised another family .
From other information I have come to the conclusion that this happened, the killing of Dezarns about 1845."

203. David W. Baker

Died Young.

William C. McCollum , Jr.

He migrated to Missouri from Kentucky in 1851.

73. Margaret Patricia "Pattie" Baker

1 NAME Martha "Patti" /Baker/

Justice Bolling Bowling

1 NAME Justice /Bowling/

224. Mary "Polly" Baker

1 NAME Polly /Baker/

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