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James Fugate


876. Howell Howard Fugate

1 NAME Howell H. /Fugate/

877. White Bales Fugate , (Delegate Nat. Conv.)


SOURCE: http://politicalgraveyard.com/bio/froth-fulke.html (The Political Graveyard Index To Politicians)
Fugate, White of Pineville, Ky. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Kentucky, 1936. Burial location unknown.

William Bryant Sr. Chandler , (Police Chief)

William Bryant Sr. Chandler was on the Mineral Wells, Texas - Police force for 23 years. He was Chief of Police for awhile.

884. Jim Riley

1 NAME James /Riley/

Horace Lee Russell

Horace Russell sp. Maggie Riley is the daughter of Thomas Riley & sp. Martha Jane FUGATE, the daughter of Henley JR. Fugate & Rebecca Parkey, the son of Henley SR. Fugate & sp. Rachel Croxdale, which was the BROTHER to my GGGG-Grandfather William SR. (Sheriff) Fugate & sp. Sarah Stevens. (Henley SR. Fugate & my GGGG-Grandfather William SR. Fugate are the SONS of my GGGGG-Grandfather MARTIN FUGATE sp. of Sarah.)

I am Peggy Leyva sp. of Richard Thomas "Rick" Conley both of Hollister, California the daughter of Felipe Ureta Leyva & sp. Jeanette Margaret Reed of Spring City, TN, Rhea Co., the daughter of Herman Reed & Sylvia M. FUGATE whose sp. was of Tazewell, TN, Claiborne Co., to Spring City, TN where he met and married his wife Sylvia. They then moved to Madisonville, TN, Monroe Co., and purchased land of his father Samuel Reed & sp. Laura Rowe then sold it and moved to Hanford, California, Kings Co., to Silverton Hills, Oregon to Turner, Oregon. Sylvia M. Fugate-Reed was the daughter of William K. Fugate Jr. (Justice of Peace) & sp. Laura Magdeline Hale of Spring City, TN, Rhea Co., son of William K. Fugate Sr. (Sheriff) & sp. Sarah Stevens.

Microfilm Roll: Claiborne Co., Progress Newspaper, Tazewell, TN, Claiborne County
Ordered & Transcribed by Peggy Leyva-Conley, Mormon Family History Center, Hollister, California, June 2004.
Volume 49, Number 46 - Yr. 1936.

Horace Lee "H.L." Russell and Son Laid to Rest Sunday
In Family Cemetery, Overlooking Beautiful Country Home
On Last Sunday afternoon, August the bodies of the Late H.L. Russell and Son, Albert Russell, were laid to Rest in the Family Cemetery overlooking the Beautiful Country Home of the Family. The Crowd Estimated at between THREE THOUSAND and THIRTY-FIVE HUNDRED people was the LARGEST to ever Assemble in Claiborne County for such an occasion. Automobiles were parked from the Highway to the Home which was more than a Quarter Mile Distance with Two Highway Patrolmen Directing the Traffic. People began to Assemble hours before the Services which were conducted by Revs. Leonard White and Arch Buchanan, both Baptists, began to Describe the Beautiful Floral Offerings would only result in a feeble effort. Each Design seemed to have been given that Particular Touch which makes such things perfect that Spread their Beauty and Fragrance to the Delightful Breezes which seemed to have come as a Special Tribute from Afar off to Add Perfections to the Make-Up. The Songs During the Services were Near My God to Thee, Sweet Bye and Bye, and Home Over There, The Revs. Buchanan and White Read the Scriptures and Expounded in Clear, Distinct, Voices that Soothed the Sorrowing ones as they Sat in a Special Prepared Place on the front porch of the home overlooking the beautiful valley in front. Horace Lee Russell was born October 6, 1883 and died August 6, 1936, age 53 years. In 1909 he was united in Marriage to Miss Maggie Riley and with this union three children were born, Lawrence, Mary and Albert. He professed faith in Christ in 1909. He was a loving husband and father and he loved his country and died in Defense of Honesty. His Memory will ever be cherished. His wife and two children, Lawrence and Mary. He will be missed by his many friends and loved ones. Albert Jason Russell was Born April 10, 1914, and died August 6, 1936, aged 22 Years, 4 Months and 26 Days. On May 19, 1935, he was United in Marriage to Harriett Monday. He professed Faith in Christ in early life and United with the Missionary Baptist Church at Haynes Flat and remained a Member until his death. He leaves his wife and other and one brother and sister and a host of friends to mourn his loss. Albert, like his father died in Defense of his Country and Honesty. His Memory will ever be cherished by all who knew him. After the services, while the people who had assembled to pay their last respects, passed in front of the casket. Continued on page 8.

Microfilm Roll: Claiborne Co., Progress Newspaper, Tazewell, TN, Claiborne County, dated Wednesday, August 19, 1936.
Ordered & Transcribed by Peggy Leyva-Conley, Hollister Family History Center, Hollister, California, June 2004.

Trail's are Deferred
Circuit Court Convened Here Monday
Three Murder Indictments were returned in Criminal Court here by the Claiborne County Grand Jury as the Result of Election Fights the Night of August 6, Election day, when three persons were slain. WILLIAM and CHARLES RUSSELL were indicted in two Cases each for the Fatal Shooting of HORACE and ALBERT RUSSELL near SPEEDWELL, Both WILLIAM and CHARLES, were wounded in the Same Fray, in which Officers were told the Quartette, stood up and shot at each other as long as they were able to stand. The two wounded men were released from Middlesboro hospital only a few days ago. They are at liberty on bond. SMITH BERNARD also was INDICTED for the SLAYING of J.S. SINGLETON in another shooting the SAME NIGHT at HOWARDS QUARTER, in another part of the county. All three trials were deferred to the December term of Court. Two other Murder Indictments were returned: Hugh Leach for the killing of Verlin Ray several months ago. His trial was set for Thursday. Tip Buchanan for the Slaying of Lon "Tucker" Whitaker, in front of the latter's tourist Camp at New Tazewell several weeks ago. Criminal Court Convened last Monday, with Judge Jesse L. Rogers on the bench and Attorney General Howard Baker.

890. William Kinard Fugate

1 NAME William Kinard /Fugate/, (Director)

William Kinard Fugate - He had been a member of the Board of Directors of the Peoples Bank of Ewing for several years, and had served on the loan committee of the Rose Hill branch. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Virginia-Tennessee Farm Bureau in Ewing. He was an active member of the Wolfanbarger Chapel Baptist Church, where he served as teacher of the adult class.

William is buried at Lower Rose Hill churchchard, Ewing, Tennessee.

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