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James Fugate


2750. Kyle Brogan

Kyle Brogan got killed flying his private airplane back from seeing
the Daytona 500 in Florida.

2055. Nancy Lee

Spring 2002
This photo is of the cemetery located on the property in which the Manning Ferry once operated. This cemetery is in "need" of being cleared off. The cemetery is on the list to be cleaned up, however donations are needed. There is only one Manning burried here (with a headstone), Nancy Lee wife of Wiley Manning 4-9-1891/10-8-1924. This land is still owned by a Manning. It is Private Property back here so be sure to get permission. This is a beautiful place, the Clinch River curves around the property.

Place Taken: Lee Bent, Grissom Island off Upper Caney Valley, Tazewell Tennessee

Wyley "Wiley" Sr. Manning

Wiley Manning's 1st spouse was Rhea, Nola Ray, 2nd spouse was Nancy Lee born April 9, 1891, Death Oct 8, 1924, Clairborne Co, Tenn, and 3rd spouse was Laura B. Brogan, Birth June 14, 1893, Death April 15, 1969, Claiborne Co, Tennessee.

Fieldman. Mr. Roger Smith
Date: Sept 18, '34
County: Claiborne, District: 4
Number: 2664 (Family)
Map: N4-83 2
Name: Willie Manning
Address: Lone Mountain, Tennessee
Married: Yes
Birthplace: Claiborne County - Date: 1907
Now living Girls: 1
Distance of Home from Schoo: Elem: 1/2 , High 12, Church 1/2, Store 1/2, Doctor 12, Dentist 12
Hospital 30 Names of Schools: Elementary: Johnson's
High: Tazewell
Church: Grisom Island Baptist
No of Rooms in Home: 2
Wireed for Electricity: No
Bathroom: Outside
Bath: Wash Tub
Spring: Yes - Water WSupply from House 500 yards
How is House Heated: Stove
Church Preference; Baptist
Community: 27
Farm 13 months
Age of Children at Home: Girls: 5
Grade reached in School by Father: 5, Mother: 7
Book: Bible and Others

2761. Noah R. Manning , (WWII)

Dick Gault - Nov 4, 20
He was the son of Wiley Manning (Born 1882), Wiley (Born 1882) son of William Manning
(born 1857) and Mary Cook, William (born 1857) was the son of Elizabeth Manning (born
ca1835). William, Wiley, and other family members are buried in the Sutton-Manning

Nancy Singleton - Nov 4, 20
Noah and Velva lived across the river from PawPaw Church for
many years. Noah was one of my great uncles. He was my grandma's brother. Velva was a Cook
before marring Noah, Velva is still living near her daughter Lucille Smith here in Upper
Caney Valley. We children thought alot of Noah, my sister would call him "the good ma
because he would give her money when she was very young. Noah died of Cancer.

2785. Jimmy Charles Clark , Jr.

1 NAME Jimmy /Clark/


Name and marriage: Pers. know. of mother, Martha Rector Newby

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