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George "All" Sizemore


684. Martha Sizemore

(Research):1880 Clay Co., KY Census:
Nelson SISEMORE Self M Male W 40 KY Farmer KY KY
Arra SISEMORE Wife M Female W 36 KY Keeping House KY KY
Robbert SISEMORE Son S Male W 17 KY Working Fa
Martha J. SISEMORE Dau S Female W 9 KY KY KY *****

William Mills

Message Board Post:
Author: Joyce Collins Date: 10 Dec 2003 12:32 AM GMT

"Ora MILLS parents were William "Bill" MILLS b. May 1866 who married Dec. 22, 1909 to Mary SIZEMORE, b. abt. 1890.
William "Bill" MILLS parents were: Harrison MILLS and Rachel LEWIS and Mary SIZEMORE's parents I have as: Abijah "Bige" SIZEMORE and Charity JACKSON."

1866. Ellie Mills

1930 Clay Co., KY Census:
Flem Smith, 28 KY
Ellie, 39 KY
J.R., 6 KY
Bradley, 2 KY
Polina, ? months, KY
Lily Taylor, 18 KY
Axie, 16 KY (Stepdaughter)
Dortha, 14 KY (Stepdaughter)
George, 11 KY (Stepson)
Dewey, 9 KY (Stepson)

Flem Smith


1. Title: Lexington Herald-Leader Obituary of Flem Smith
Media: Newspaper
Name of Deceased: Flem Smith
Death Date: Oct/28/2004
Newspaper Title: Messenger, The
Newspaper Location: Madisonville, KY, US
Obituary Publication Date: Oct/30/2004
Locations Mentioned in Obituary: MANCHESTER

1920 Clay Co., KY Census:
Bant Smith, 53 KY
Mealie, 47 KY
Flem, 18 KY *****
Minnie, 15 KY
King, 13 KY

1930 Clay Co., KY Census:
Flem Smith, 28 KY
Ellie, 39 KY
J.R., 6 KY
Bradley, 2 KY
Polina, ? months, KY
Lily Taylor, 18 KY
Axie, 16 KY (Stepdaughter)
Dortha, 14 KY (Stepdaughter)
George, 11 KY (Stepson)
Dewey, 9 KY (Stepson)

685. Abijah "Bige" Sizemore

Note: From Kathy Hanlon Hubbard Family Tree Rootsweb

1860 Clay Co., KY Census:
Blenis Sizemore Not Stated, Clay, KY 23 1836 Kentucky Male
Rebecca Sizemore Not Stated, Clay, KY 20 1839 Kentucky Female
Abigah Sizemore Not Stated, Clay, KY 3 1856 Kentucky Male *****
William Sizemore Not Stated, Clay, KY 8.12 Kentucky Male
William Gambril Not Stated, Clay, KY 6 1853 Kentucky Male

1900 Leslie Co., KY Census:
Sizemore, Blevins, 64 b. Jun 1835 KY (Married 46 years)
Rebecca, 62 b. May 1838 KY (11 Births/11 Living Children)
Abijah, 42 b. Oct 1857 KY (Married 11 years) *****
Wilburn, 22 b. Sept 1877 KY (Married 2 years)
Nelson, 30 b. Jan 1870 KY (Married 2 years)
Taylor, 19 b. May 1881 KY
Martha, 18 b. Apr 1882 KY (Daughter in law) (Married 2 years) (0 Births)
Mary, 10 b. Feb 1890 KY (Granddaughter)
Nelson, 6 b. Mar 1894 KY (Grandson)
Message Board Post:
Author: Joyce Collins Date: 10 Dec 2003 12:32 AM GMT

"Ora MILLS parents were William "Bill" MILLS b. May 1866 who married Dec. 22, 1909 to Mary SIZEMORE, b. abt. 1890.
William "Bill" MILLS parents were: Harrison MILLS and Rachel LEWIS and Mary SIZEMORE's parents I have as: Abijah "Bige" SIZEMORE and Charity JACKSON."

Posted by: Barbara J Rolando (ID *****2745) Date: October 22, 2007 at 04:37:19
In Reply to: Bije Sizemore of Kentucky by jennifer king of 2798

Dear Jennifer: I saw a message posted by James Weston about Abijah (Bige) Sizemore several years ago. I had replied but received no further reply from him. I wasn't sure if he was referring to the same Bige I was seeking. In his message he said Bige was married to Amanda Sandlin and the same children were listed. He said they had lived in Leslie County Ky. My Abijah was son of Blevins & Rebecca Sizemore. He was my grgf. He was born Oct 1857 in Clay County Ky, which later became part of Leslie County. He was married twice that I knew of. First to a Lucy Thacker and then to my grgm Charity Jackson d of Isaac Jackson & ELizabeth Wilder from Clay County. Bige & Charity had 3 chldren Mary, Taylor & Nelson (my grf) all born in the early 1890s. By 1900 census Charity was living with her family in Clay Co & Bige living wih his family in leslie county. At that point I found nothing else on Abijah. I believe some of his family migrated to Ohio. My grf Nelson came North in the Army during WW1 period met and married my grm Mary Quinn. They lived in NYC had my father Nelson in 1918 and Stanly in 1922 (he died @ 4 yrs) Sometime in the 1920s Nelson Sr left the family never to be seen again. When I started my search the only info I had was that Nelson Sr, was born in Clay Co Ky and that my grgm was Charity Steward. (She had married a Samuel Steward after Nelso Sr) My daughter found Nelson Sr. on the SSDI. We sent for the application to SS and found he was born in Clay County Ky father was written in as Biodge Sizemore and mother was Charity Jackson. The application was made in 1936. The irony of this was he lived in Jersey City NJ, and my father lived in Staten Island, NY maybe 1/2 hr away from each other. Nelson Sr died in NJ in 1972 and my farther died in 1996. Long before we were able to find out all this info. Now the lingering question is your Bige & mine one in the same? Best wishes, Barbara J Rolando

Charity Jackson

d of Isaac Jackson & ELizabeth Wilder from Clay County

687. William Sizemore

BOD CRK PCT Page before father

689. Henry Sizemore

Otter Crk S:T624 R: 471 P: 120 Next to Father

698. Armina Sizemore

Kentucky>Breathitt>Jackson P O

Leslie Co., Kentucky

S: T623 R: 538 P: 10 HH# 168 with husband Mack Napier

Mack Napier

parents are Rene Napier and Martha "Patsy" Sizemore

1876. Mary E Napier


1877. Acel?? Napier


1878. Walter?? Napier


1879. Bradley? Napier


700. Louise Sizemore

Kentucky>Breathitt>Jackson P O

Leslie Co., Kentucky

Thacker Luise 49


Thank you for emailing back. I don't know how much you're into ancestry research. I thought I could tell you a story that could be interesting about how I became a native of Oklahoma.

Louise Sizemore (sister to your John Sizemore) married John Thacker. I assume a marriage in Bell County, Kentucky around 1886.

Children of this Marriage were
Tommy Thacker b. and d. 1887
Jane b. 1889 m. Sim Powers (my great grandparents)
Rev. R W "Wren" Thacker m. Pearl FLETCHER
William "Will" Thacker m. Nancy FLETCHER
James "Jim" Thacker
Ollie Thacker ( will tell more in a moment )
William Thacker
Mollie Thacker
Joe Thacker m. Wills Wife Nancy Fletcher
Sallie Ann Thacker
George and Gorden Thacker

Story #1
Louise Sizemore had lost her husband between 1909 and 1920, leaving children still at home.
Oldest Daughter Jane had married Sim Powers. Most of Sims uncles and aunts had moved to Oklahoma looking for free or cheap land. Even his mother and only sibling had when to Oklahoma, leaving Sim behind. He had a good job by age 12 working for the railroad.
Wren and Will had married daughters of James L Fletcher. Fletcher was a merchant owning three stores.
Ollie Thacker was a Mistress of James L. Fletcher ( father in law of her brothers) Ollie had three children by him and lived in a house built for her by Mr. Fletcher. Mr. Fletcher also had a wife.
The rest of Louise's children was at home.

With me so far????
part 2

William "Will" Thacker and wife Nancy were managers of one of Mr. Fletcher's stores. They started helping themselves to a little extra, enough to even build a home. Mr. Fletcher found out, and in 1920 rewrote his will, giving one dollar to daughter Nancy Thacker, pointing out she already acquired her share. Will became mad, found his father in law at a domino game, and became hostile. Leading to a fist fight outside, Will was totally trashed by his father in law. Not letting things drop, Will got a gun, grabbed his brother Joe, and hid beside the path Mr. Fletcher used to go to his mistress's home.
As Mr. Fletcher came along the path, Will jumped out, and shot not only Mr. Fletcher, but also his son. Mr. Fletcher died in his mistress's arms, and the assumed son was not, he was Will's brother Jim. Jim died about 2 days later.

Still with me!!!???!!
part 3

Not wanting to face justice, Will decided to leave Bell Co., Kentucky, but WHERE??? The only family that had family outside of Kentucky was ----SIM POWERS---husband of sister Jane. Leaving property and homes, Louise Sizemore Thacker and all children ( besides Wren) left for Oklahoma on the railroad. The whole bunch settled in Caddo County, OK. Louise Sizemore Thacker d. 24 Mar 1950 Buried Ft. Cobb, Caddo Co., Ok Ollie Thacker married ? Anthony. She pasted away and was buried Anadarko, Caddo Co., OK. Sim Powers with wife Jane Thacker stayed around Carnegie, Caddo Co., Ok and one of their children, Dicy, became my grandmother ( tell more about her later) Will and Nancy had a home in Carnegie, Ok, but there is more to tell about them and Will's brother Joe. I'll put that in part 4.

part 4
Will Thacker did not get away from trouble. He was jumped while on a train, but managed to jump off before capture. (He received a head wound that acquired a silver dollar to cover the hole.) He carried a gun, and had used it with deadly force different times. He could not stay in Carnegie, so he went off to Muleshoe, Texas working in the oil field. He would go back and forth to Carnegie. In 1926, Will shot and killed the sheriff and mayor over a land deal, but they killed him in the shootout. Will was buried next to his mom at the Ft. Cobb Cemetery, Caddo Co., OK. A double tombstone was erected for him and his wife Nancy Fletcher Thacker, but Nancy was never buried there.

part 5
Will and Nancy had children, and after Will died, Will's brother Joe became a big help to Nancy. He even helped her move back to Bell Co., Kentucky. Joe would go back and forth to Kentucky and Oklahoma until he was caught stealing chickens in Oklahoma, and spent a year in prison. While in prison, Joe found God, and after prison, became Rev. Joe Thacker. Joe stayed in Kentucky, passing away 11 feb 1986, and was buried next to his wife, Nancy Fletcher Thacker (YES, the wife of his brother Will ) Now you know why she is not with Will in Ft. Cobb, OK. Joe and Nancy are buried in George Partin Cem., Bell Co., Kentucky. Same Cemetery as Joe's brother Jim (shot by Will) and James Fletcher The 2 half brothers of Nancy's children became preachers, got to be millionaires as owners of coal mines and hotels.

Story #2
When Will was in Muleshoe, Texas, he met my future grandfather Luther Sanders.( In fact, Luther had seen the shootout between Will , the sheriff, and mayor. ) Luther had went to Oklahoma with Will to meet Dicy Powers, Daughter of Jane Thacker Powers. Luther's parents and siblings moved in with Nancy Thacker at Carnegie, Ok while looking for a place to live. They settled close by, and Luther married Dicy. Luther and Dicy are buried at Carnegie, Caddo Co., OK. Had three children, one dying young. Robert and Etta Fay was the other two, both are still alive and living in Carnegie. I am of Robert, living in Lawton, OK. I have two brothers in Carnegie, and a sister (deceased) which lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I have one son living in Anadarko, Caddo Co., OK

OK, Bessie, you can wake up now. I hope I have confused you. Please give info on your John Sizemore, I have none.

Thank You
Royce Sanders
25 Village Green Drive Apt 327
Lawton, Ok 73505

John Thacker

Harlin Co., Ky

Harlan Co., Ky

1887. Mollie Thacker

Bell Co., KY

1888. Joe Thacker

3 _NAME n/a
3 NOTE RT 190 to Pleasant Grove Church "Cemetery behind Church

Bell Co., KY

1890. George Thacker

Bell Co., Ky

1891. Gordon Thacker

Bell Co., Ky

701. Polly Sizemore

Leslie Co., Kentucky

William Lewis

father Delaney

702. Elijah Sizemore

Leslie Co., Kentucky

S: T623 R: 538 P: 4 LIGE

S: T624 R: 489 P: 213 HH 126/128 Elijah Sizemore

S: T625 R: 586 P: 19 Hell for certain road

S: T626 R: 765 P: 24 HH 148 Elige Sizemore

Sarah Margaret Gibson

parents are Issaac Gibson and Eliza J Collins

1893. Mitchell Sizemore

Leslie Co., KY

Leslie Co., Ky

Leslie Co., Ky

1896. Abijah Sizemore

Leslie Co., Ky

1897. Adna?? Sizemore

Leslie Co., Ky

Leslie Co., Ky

1898. Ella Sizemore

Leslie Co., Ky

Leslie Co., Ky

1899. James Sizemore

Leslie Co., Ky

Leslie Co., Ky

1900. Alpha Sizemore

Leslie Co., Ky

Leslie Co., Ky

1901. Martha Sizemore

Leslie Co., Ky

Leslie Co., Ky

1902. Willie Sizemore

Leslie Co., Ky

Leslie Co., Ky

703. John Sizemore

Leslie Co., Kentucky

Hyden S: T623 R: 538 P:1

708. Joseph G Mattingly

(Research):1930 Knox Co., KY Census:
Joe Mattingly, 75 KY
Rosa, 65 KY
Ellianah, 38 KY
Mollie, 30 KY
Robert, 23 KY

Mary "Polly" Sizemore

(Research):# Title: Website: Home Page of Mary of the McLachlans
Author: Mary Kathleen (MacFarland) McLachlan (mkm1951@charter.net)
Note: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/m/c/l/Mary-K-Mclachlan/index.html
Media: Electronic

710. Nancy C Mattingly

(Research):1880 Clay Co., KY Census:
Sisemore, E. Elhanon, 21 KY
Nancy, 18 KY
Mollie, 8 months KY
Nancy, 64 (Mother)

Joseph E Stewart

(Research):1896 Knox Co., KY School Census, Page 44, District 13:
Martin Steward (Parent/Guardian)
Dan Steward, 19
Annie Steward, 17
Joseph Steward, 15
Nancy Steward, 13
Henry Steward, 12
James Steward, 10
Susan Steward, 7

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