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John Whytt


4. William Guillaune witt

Williams Will was Probated June 13, 1754. Albermarle Co., Va.Will Book 1,April 25, 1774.

5. John II Witt

Brothers John and William Witt obtained 300 acres in HenricoCounty, Va.from Charles and Mary Hudson on Sep. 14, 1715.

15. Silvanus (Silas) Witt

Church Reader in Cumberland County, Va. Oat of Allegiance inHenry,County,Va.

6. Edward Whitt

1. From the Bristol Parish Register: 12-11-1730 Born Annedaughter ofEdward Whitt and Eliza his wife. 7-10-1734 Born Johnson of Edward andMary Whitt. 8-12-1742 Born William son ofEdward and Mary Wheats (sic)2. Patent Book 18 Prince GeorgeCounty, Va., 3-12-1739 Edward Whitt, 189acres on South Side onPicture Branch adjoining William Well's land.

25. Samuel WHITT

1. Granville Co., North Carolina Deed Book B: Robert Jones Jr.of SurryCo., Va. to Samuel Witt (sic) of Halifax Co., Va. for25 pds. 500 acres inOrange Co.. North Carolina on both sides ofHogans Creek. Wits:PhilHawkins, John Adcock.

Elizabeth LipTROT

Will of Edmund Liptrot dated 15 Nov 1734: Half of land to son Amos, theother half to daughter Ursula Fussell. To daughter Rachel Liptrot thebed "where on now I lodge". To daughter Elizabeth Whit and to Son JohnCash. To daughter Mary Strange a heifer. Residue of estate to son-in-lawJohn Fussell. he exor.

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