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George Washington Gilley and Nancy Saylor

George Washington Gilley
and Nancy Saylor

George Washington Gilley b 1808 VA d 1865; s/o John Gilley and Mary Barger. m. Nancy Saylor b 1818 TN. (1860 Wise Co VA Census). Children of George Washington Gilley and Nancy Saylor;

I. John Buford Gilley b 1838 TN d 1888 Wise Co VA; m. Elizabeth Emarantha Jones b 1840 VA.

II. Louisa Gilley b 1840 VA d 1902; m. James M Shepherd b 1836 VA; s/o Andrew Shepherd and Sarah "Sally" Riggs. (1860 Wise Co VA Census).

III. Elizabeth Gilley b 1842 TN d 1934; m. 8 Nov 1864 Wise Co VA to Alfred Franklin Wampler b 1846 VA. Children of Alfred Franklin Wampler and Elizabeth Gilley;

1. Etta A. Wampler b 1869 Wise Co VA

2. Milton Sanford Wampler b 1873 Wise Co VA

3. Letta Wampler b 1874 Wise Co VA

4. William Ernest Wampler b 1878 Wise Co VA

IV. Jesse Gilley b JUL 1844 VA d 19334; m. 29 Nov 1864 Wise Co VA to Nancy M Riggs b 1846 VA; d/o Hiram Riggs and Lovina Unknown. Children of Jesse Gilley and Nancy M Riggs;

1. Reuben Dean Gilley b 1865 Wise Co VA

2. Hiram Jackson Gilley b 1867 Wise Co VA

3. Ardelia Gilley b APR 1870 Wise Co VA

4. Louisa Gilley b 1872 Wise Co VA

5. Lavina Gilley b 1875 Wise Co VA

6. George Monroe Gilley b SEP 1879 Wise Co VA

7. Nannie Kate Gilley b DEC 1881 Wise Co VA

8. Harry Moses Gilley b 1884 Wise Co VA

9. Dorathula Gilley

Jesse Gilley m. 24 Apr 1911 Wise Co VA to Matilda Ann Still

V. George Washington Gilley b 1847 VA; m. Dora Miles. Child of George Washington Gilley and Dora Miles;

1. Bunes A Gilley (female) b 1877

George Washington Gilley m. Mary F Spence

VI. Mary Jane Gilley b 1848 VA; m. 24 Feb 1873 Wise Co VA to Thomas Benton Collier; s/o A J Collier and Elizabeth Unknown.

VII. Sarah Cephina Gilley b NOV 1851 VA d 1935; m. 29 Sept 1873 Wise Co VA to Jonathan Elbert Lipps b 1851 VA; s/o Morgan T Lipps and Elizabeth Davenport. Children of Jonathan Elbert Lipps and Sarah Cephina Gilley;

1. Ida Victoria Lipps b 1875 Wise Co VA

2. Wade Hampton Lipps b AUG 1876 Wise Co VA

3. Twin Lipps b 1877 Wise Co VA

4. Twin Lipps b 1877 Wise Co VA

5. Patrick Pridemore Lipps b 1878 Wise Co VA

6. Morgan Ewing Lipps b SEP 1880 Wise Co VA

8. Henry Harrison Lipps b 7 MAR 1882 Wise Co VA

9. Nellie Maude Lipps b JUN 1883 in Wise Co, Virginia

10. George Rhea Lipps b APR 1885 Wise Co VA

11. Elbert Bullitt Lipps b MAR 1891 Wise Co VA

VIII. Latitia D. Gilley b 1853 VA d 1938; m. 8 May 1878 Wise Co VA to James Monroe Robinson (aka Roberson) b 1856 VA; s/o Adam Gus Robinson and Eliza Branham. Children of James Monroe Robinson and Latitia D Gilley;

1. Cleveland Robinson

2. Alice Robinson

3. Nora Robinson

4. Mona Robinson

IX. Nancy A. Gilley b 1862 Wise Co VA d 1948; m. 1 Dec 1886 Wise Co VA to Thomas J Sword; s/o F M Sword and Mary Unknown.

X. Unknown Gilley b 1858 Wise Co VA

XI. William Henry Harrison Gilley b 1860 Wise Co VA d 1861 Wise Co VA

XII. Catherine "Kate" Gilley b 1866 Wise Co VA; m. J Brack Lewis

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