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William Harvey Johnson
and Clarissa Rucker

William Harvey Johnson b 20 Aug 1832 Etty, Pike Co KY d 21 Aug 1882 Etty, Pike Co KY; s/o William Varner Johnson and Matilda Tillie Mullins. William Harvey Johnson m. 13 May 1860 to Clarissa Rucker b 1840 Pike Co KY d 1910 Long Fork, Etty, Pike Co KY; d/o Frenchy Rucker and Elizabeth Betsy Adams. Children of William Harvey Johnson and Clarissa Rucker;

1. Alexander Johnson b 26 Jan 1861 Pike Co KY d 30 Sept 1912 Hartley, Pike Co KY; m. 31 Mar 1883 (at the home of William Hall) to Thursey Ann Sis Burke b 1 Jan 1858 Pike Co KY; d/o William Burke and Lucy Hall. (More About Alexander).

2. Mary Jane Johnson b 20 Feb 1862 Pike Co KY d 3 Mar 1921 Etty, Pike Co KY; age 59 years of pneumonia; buried W B Johnson Cemetery, Etty, Pike Co KY; (tombstone inscription reads: She was the sunshine of her home); m. 1882 to William Burnside Johnson b 20 Dec 1864 d 26 Feb 1914; buried William Burnside (W B) Johnson Cemetery, Etty, Pike Co KY; s/o Pleasant Johnson and Anna Amy Burke. Children of William Burnside Johnson and Mary Jane Johnson; i. Anna Johnson ii. John M Johnson iii. Shelly B Johnson iv. Monta Johnson v. Carrie Johnson vi. Rebecca Johnson vii. Hassel Johnson viii. Theodocia Johnson ix. Russell Johnson. (More about William Burnside).

3. Samuel L Johnson b 1864 KY d 17 Sept 1884; age 19 years; (shot by William Bill Burke).

4. William Harvey Will Johnson b 7 Jul 1866 d 12 Oct 1938; m. Charity Chat Charlotta Bentley b abt 1862 Taylor Co KY d 17 Aug 1948 Jack's Creek, Floyd Co KY; d/o Moses Bentley and Martha Patsy Blankenship. William Will Johnson had to spend a couple of years in prison for killing a man. In 1910 he is found in the Kentucky Penitentiary at Frankfort, Kentucky and is back home by 1920.

5. Solomon Johnson b 7 Mar 1867 d 20 Oct 1948 Letcher Co KY; m. 22 Apr 1888 Letcher Co JY to Mry Ann Meade, d/o James Madison Meade and Leticia Wright. In 1910 he is in the Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum and in 1920 he is in the Eastern State hospital for the insane in Lexington, Kentucky. I can't find Solomon Johnson in 1830 but by 1940 he is living with his nephew Benjamin Bennie Johnson, son of his brohter, William Will Johnson.

6. Tandy Johnson b 1870 KY d 19 Jan 1941; m. 23 Feb 1888 Letcher Co KY to Mary E Quillen b ? d abt 1911; d/o Andrew Quillen and Mary Louvina Vina Fouts. Tandy Johnson m. 1914 Perry Co KY to Malvery Williams.

7. Nathaniel Johnson b 1872 KY d 31 Aug 1893 CO; buried CO; died of Yellow Fever as a member of the US Army. He joined the Army because there was no work to be found and because of all the feuds and the remarriage of his mother, Clarissa Rucker.

8. Benjamin F Johnson b 17 Nov 1872 KY d 21 Feb 1874.

9. Nancy Belle Johnson b 20 Jul 1877 KY d 27 Aug 1946 Pike Co KY; m. 21 Aug 1890; at the home of William Will Johnson to James Monroe Mullins; s/o Spencer Mullins and Elizabeth Johnson.

10. Lucretia Johnson b 1882 KY; m. 1899 to Doc Turner Dorton. By 1910 she is living in the household of Robbie Lewis.

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More About Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson b 1861 was a squire and it was he who bound Henry Hall over for trial in Pikeville to be hung for killing his brother. Everyone was afraid of Hall.

More About William Burnside Johson

William Burnside Johnson was named after the Civil War General, Ambrose Burnside. William Burnside Johnson was a lawyer and always in a law suit involving property with his brother Silas Johnson or brother-in-law Alexander Johnson. He was killed Feb 26, 1914 at Jonancy by a B & O Special coming from Jenkins. He and his son, Shelby Johnson, and Winfield Johnson were on the way to catch a train at the Elwood Station to go to Pikeville, Kentucky where William Burnside Johson was in a court suit against Alexander Johnson. They had crossed over the hill from Blackburn’s Branch into the Burke Branch at Myra, Kentucky past the Josh Osborne Gap at Jonancy, Kentucky. Despite the warnings from his companions and the train whistle he stepped onto the railroad bridge into the path of the oncoming train. It was said that William Burnside Johnson was also partly responsible for one of Longfork’s worst crimes which led to the death of one Hall brother and the hanging of the other, Henry Hall. It was the last hanging in Pike County, Kentucky. Some say William Burnside Johnson knew what he was doing and committed suicide, while others said he had too much on his mind and he never heard the train. The crime involving Henry Hall and his brother, took place on Boone Mt. Henry Hall operated a saloon where anything unlawful took place. He and his brother were drinking and fighting over a card game. Henry Hall left to get a gun and everywhere he went people closed their doors except William Burnside Johnson. He sold him the gun knowing he was going to kill his brother. Henry Hall was only 33 years old when he died (by hanging) but he was one of Pike Co and Letcher Cos most hated and feared outlaws.

More About Samuel L Johson

Samuel L Johnson was only 19 years old when he died. Nathaniel Burke, father of William Bill Burke, was accusing him of some kind of trouble with his relatives over some property. As usual, the sheriff, Sid Childers, was afraid to go after Nathaniel Burke himself, so he deputized Samuel L Johnson to bring Nathaniel Burke in. Nathaniel Burke resisted, so he and Samuel L Johnson fought. Samuel L Johnson had Nathaniel Burke down almost beaten to death, according to some of the old folks, when William Bill Burke, Nathaniel Burke's son, tried to separate them. In the scuffle, the gun went off accidentally and shot Samuel L Johnson in the stomach. Samuel L Johnson lived three days in this painful condition. William Bill Burke went to prison for killing Samuel L Johnson. William Bill Burke said this killing of Samuel L Johnson was the one thing in his life that he regretted the most above everything else.

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