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David M Maggard
and Sarah Mullins

David M Preacher Dave Maggard
David M Preacher Dave Maggard b 18 Dec 1839 Letcher Co KY d 3 Sept 1934 Letcher Co KY; buried Maggard Cemetery, Partridge, Letcher Co KY; s/o James Franklin Panther Jim Maggard and Abigail Abby Boggs. David M Preacher Dave Maggard m. 5 Aug 1859 Letcher Co KY to Sarah Mullins b 9 Jan 1838 Letcher Co KY d 30 May 1926 Letcher Co KY; buried Maggard Cemetery, Partridge, Letcher Co KY; d/o James Booker Mullins and Agnes Little. Children of David M Preacher Dave Maggard and Sarah Mullins;

1. Nancy Jane Maggard b 12 Jun 1860 KY d 1899; m. 10 Nov 1879 Letcher Co KY to Evan Spencer Standifer b 9 Apr 1853 Wise Co VA d 9 Nov 1917 Letcher Co KY; s/o John Standifer and Mary Polly Boggs. Children of Evan Spencer Standifer and Nancy Jane Maggard;

i. Sarah Ellen Standifer b 8 Dec 1880 d 1897

ii. Hiram Sampson Standifer b 2 Sept 1882 Letcher Co KY d 4 Aug 1955 Sullivan Co TN; m. Laura Alice Stidham b 19 Aug 1888 Roaring Fork, Wise Co VA d 17 Aug 1934 Roaring Fork, Wise Co VA; d/o Emmett H Stidham and Sarah Sally Caudill.

iii. Mary Ann Standifer b 11 Jul 1884; m. Sam Poff b abt 1880

iv. David Hugh Standifer b 13 May 1886 d 29 Apr 1929 Letcher Co KY; m. Flora Ethel Blair b 26 Feb 1888 d 1 Jan 1973; d/o Elihu Larkin Blair and Henrietta Ritter Brown.

v. Calla Standifer b 1889; m. Lee Boggs b abt 1899

2. James Big Jim Maggard b 28 Sept 1862 d 29 Nov 1938 Partridge, Letcher Co KY; m. 24 Feb 1881 to Charlotte Creech b 16 Aug 1862 KY d 27 Mar 1960; d/o Gilbert Gib Creech and Elizabeth Betsy Maggard.

3. Abigail G Maggard b 4 Jul 1866 Letcher Co KY d 22 Jul 1957 Rockcastle Co KY; m. Joseph W Callahan b 2 May 1861 d 23 Feb 1944 Conway, Rockcastle Co KY; s/o William Callahan and Mary Polly Smith.

4. Andrew Jackson Maggard b 12 Feb 1869 Letcher Co KY; m. 1894 Letcher Co KY to Dora Jane Hart b 1878 Leslie Co KY; d/o Jonathon Hamilton Hart and Chloe Creech.

5. Martha A Maggard b 5 Feb 1871 Eolia, Letcher Co KY; m. (1) to Henry Case b abt 1870. Martha A Maggard m. (2) to Jim Caudill. Martha A Maggard m. 17 Nov 1887 Letcher Co KY to John R Sumpter b 1865 Letcher Co KY d 1894 Letcher Co KY. Martha A Maggard m. 6 Nov 1942 Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY to Stephen M Back b 6 Jul 1867 Jeremiah, Letcher Co KY d 5 Dec 1947; s/o David Back and Rachel Caudill. Stephen M Back m. 26 Sept 1889 to Margaret Peggy Sue Whitaker b 4 Jan 1869 d 12 Apr 1941 Letcher Co KY; d/o Moses E Whitaker and Anna Ison.

6. Lucinda Cinda Maggard b 22 Oct 1874 Letcher Co KY; m. 8 Jul 1902 to Tom R Triplett b abt 1873

7. Rebecca Maggard b 8 Apr 1876 KY; m. 24 Dec 1894 to George W Hart b 1875; s/o Jonathon Hamilton Hart and Chloe Creech.

8. Elijah Maggard b 4 Feb 1878 Letcher Co KY d 11 Feb 1971 Partridge, Letcher Co KY; m. Celia Fields b abt 1879. Elijah Maggard m. Jan 1896 to Martha Lewis b 1878 d 1944.

9. Charlile B Maggard b 12 May 1880 Letcher Co KY d Apr 1971 Partridge, Letcher Co KY; m. 27 Aug 1903 Wise Co VA to Annie Shepard b 25 May 1887 d 27 Jul 1971.

10. Susan Susie Maggard b 14 Jun 1882 Letcher Co KY d 26 Apr 1925; of internal injuries received from a fall while helping her father rob his bee hives. In later years, Susie returned to her father's home intending to take care of her parents. The accident occured when she started to the house with a pan of honey and slipped on a wet limestone rock. She fell on the pan which caused internal injuries. For days she kept saying she was going to die but no one believed her. She did die of these injuries very shortly after saying she was going to die. Susan Susie Maggard m. (1) to Henry Cornett b abt 1880. Susan Susie Maggard m. 15 Jun 1905 to (2) Francis Marion Blair b 19 Jan 1876 Letcher Co KY d 15 Nov 1911 Letcher Co KY; s/o Francis Marion Blair and Regina Dorinda Dingus.

Mountain Eagle, Thursday, June 3, 1926
Death of Aunt Sarah Maggard
by Joda P. Adams

Last Sunday afternoon the tired spirit of Aunt Sarah Maggard, life long companion of Eld. D.M. Maggard, was gently released from its prison-house of clay and wended its way with a convoy of angels to that peaceful shore where the wicked cease from trouble and the weary are at rest. Aunt Sarah was born January 9, 1839, and was past 88 years of age. She and Uncle Dave were married about seventy years ago and have shared each other's joys and sorrows thru all these years. They raised a large family, toiling cheerfully together early and late to make a living. Uncle Dave has gone most every Saturday and Sunday and often during the week to preach the gospel while Aunt Sarah stayed at home to look after the children and domestic affairs and pray for his success and safe return, always greeting him with the sweetest kindness.

Besides bing a mother in the home she was a mother in the neighborhood, and indeed a mother in Israel. There are no better women living than she. For the last few years she was afflicted with rheumatism, being helpless as a child, her hands drawn into useless knots, but she bore her sufferings with true Christian patience, never complaining, but only waiting for the summons. And one of the sweetest things in the world was to see the gentleness and love with Uncle Dave attended her all these years. He now has the deepest sympathy and tenderest love of the whole community.

The Mountain Eagle, July 15, 1926
Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky

To my kind Friends: My heart remains sad and lonely. There are so many things that remind me of her. I look at the things about the home, and remember that her dear hands have handled them. I look out over the farm and remember how she clambered over these rough hills to help me make a living. I look at my Bible and my hymn-books, and remember how kindly she always helped me off to my meetings, and how sweetly she always welcomed me home.

This separation from the precious wife of my youth is hard, indeed, to bear.

Almost sixty-seven years ago, on the fifth day of August, 1859, my happiness seemed almost complete when the wedding ceremony sealed her my very own. Through all these sixty-seven years of our wedded life, she never gave me cause for one moment to doubt the wisdom of my choice.

In the truest sense, she was the faithful wife in all things. As the devoted mother of our eleven children, she was all that the word, "Mother" could mean.

Oh, how hard this separation is to bear! But it can only be for a little while.

To the friends who so loyally attended us and ministered to us in her long and terrible affliction, and to those who have tried to lighten my heartache since her going away, I can only say that words fail me when I attempt to express to you the gratitude of a broken heart. May God grant you all meet us on the other shore where partings will be no more!

Partridge, Ky.

1880 Letcher Co KY Census Precinct 5
26 27 Maggard David M W M 40 Head M Blacksmith KY KY KY
26 27 Maggard Sarah W F 42 Wife M Keepin House Can't write KY KY KY
26 27 Maggard James W M 17 Son S Works on farm Can't write KY KY KY
26 27 Maggard Abagale W F 13 Daughter S attends school can't read or write KY KY KY
26 27 Maggard Andrew C W M 11 Son S " " " " " " KY KY KY
26 27 Maggard Martha A W F 10 Daughter S " " " " " " KY KY KY
26 27 Maggard Liuecinda W F 6 Daughter S KY KY KY
26 27 Maggard Rebecca W F 4 Daughter S KY KY KY
26 27 Maggard Elijah W M 2 Son S KY KY KY
26 27 Maggard Charley W M 21 days May Son S KY KY KY

27 28 Maggard Moses W M 61 Head M Farmer KY KY KY
27 28 Maggard Charlotte W F 55 Wife M Keeping House Can't read or write KY KY KY
27 28 Maggard Elizabeth W F 19 Daughter S Epelipsy Disabled Can't read or write KY KY KY
27 28 Maggard Moses W M 16 Son S Works on farm attends school Can't read or write KY KY KY
27 28 Maggard Charlotte W F 13 Daughter S Attends School Can't read or write KY KY KY

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