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Company E

(Most men in this company appear to have been from Pike County)

NAME                   RANK
Lewis Sowards         Captain    Resigned November 17, 1864                
Alfred C. Hailey      Captain    Promoted to Captain, Feb. 17, 1865        
Dillard Parsons       1st Lt.    Resigned March 11, 1863                   
James M. Sowards      1st Lt.    Resigned Feb. 21, 1865                    
William T. Berry      1st Lt.                                              
Paris L. Reed         2d Lt.     Discharged Nov. 25, 1864 of disability    
Shadle R. Pauley      2d Lt.                                               
John D. Hickman       1st Sgt.                                             
Wade H. Powers        Sergeant   
Joseph B. Dempsey     Sergeant   
Thomas Pinson         Sergeant   
Johnson Hatfield      Sergeant   
Rufus Right           Sergeant   
Thomas Runyon         Corporal   
Moses Pinson          Corporal   
William W. Parker     Corporal   
Hiram B. Parsons      Corporal   
William H. Burriss    Corporal   
Riley Coleman         Corporal   
Simon Dotson          Corporal   
Cleveland Bone        Corporal   
John W. Right         Corporal   
George W. Dutton      Corporal   
James J. Lake         Wagoner    
Anderson, David       Private    
Baker, Henry, Jr      Private    
Blackburn, George     Private    
Blackburn, Thomas     Private    
Blackburn, Peyton     Private    
Blackburn, Barnabus   Private    
Blackburn, Gilbert    Private    
Burriss, James        Private    
Blevins, James P.     Private    
Bond, John M.         Private    
Brock, Aaron          Private    
Burk, Jarvey          Private    
Burns, James A.       Private    
Butler, Henry         Private    
Cassell, Joshua Z.    Private    
Coleman, Nathaniel    Private    
Charles, John         Private    
Charles, Thomas       Private    
Charles, Andrew J.    Private    
Chumbley, Elias B.    Private    
Conway, William       Private    
Cook, William A.      Private    
Caudle, Thomas        Private    
Daniels, Stephen      Private    
Dutton, Elias         Private    
Dotson, William H.    Private    
Fields, William W.    Private    
Francis, Andrew       Private    
Goff, Martin          Private    
Grady, William        Private    
Gross, James B.       Private    
Hainey, James I.      Private    
Hatfield, Anderson    Private    
Hill, David           Private    
Hill, Josiah          Private    
Harrison, William     Private    
Huger, Wesley R.      Private    
Henderman, Leo        Private    
Hodges, Thompson      Private    
Honeycutt, William B. Private    
Hunt, John            Private    
Hanman, John F.       Private    
Hopkins, George       Private    
Hargate, Henry        Private    
Johnson, John         Private    
King, John            Private    
King, Samuel M.       Private    
Lawson, William       Private    
Lowe, Arrison R.      Private    
Lowe, George W.       Private    
Long, Alfred          Private    
Maynard, Jonathan     Private    
Maynard, Isaac        Private    
McGuire, James        Private    
McGuire, Jacob J.     Private    
McQuery, William      Private    
McLain, Peter         Private    
Mayer, William        Private    
May, John H.          Private    
May, Harvey           Private    
May, Joseph           Private    
May, Daniel           Private    
Moyers, James D.      Private    
Mills, John F.        Private    
Magerley, Franklin    Private    
Nelson, Israel        Private    
Napper, Samuel        Private    
Nertch, James         Private    
Newsom, James         Private    
Newton, William S.    Private    
Oakes, William        Private    
Powers, Jonas         Private    
Pinson, William R.    Private    
Pauley, Joseph S.     Private    
Peart, William H.     Private    
Price, William        Private    
Porter, Samuel        Private    
Rose, Charles B.      Private    
Runyons, Calvery      Private    
Romans, William E.    Private    
Robinson, John W.     Private    
Rogers, James         Private    
Sowards, William H.   Private    
Scott, Henderson      Private    
Sowards, George W.    Private    
Taylor, Alvis         Private    
Taylor, William A.    Private    
Varney, Alexander     Private    
Vermillion, Wallace   Private    
Voclair, Henry F.     Private    
Whitt, William        Private    
Williamson, Elijah    Private    
Williamson, John E.   Private    
Ward, Nathaniel       Private    
Wallace, William      Private    
Wright, Charles V.    Private    


William M. Scott      1st Sgt    Oct. 31, 1864 on account of disability
Henry C. Sowards      1st Sgt                                              
Bevins, George M. D.  Private    June 10, 1865 on account of disability
Harkness, Joseph S.   Private    Sep. 7, 1864, comm. 5th Colored Cavalry
Salyers, Samuel B.    Private    Feb. 2, 1865, expiration of enlistment    


Bond, Henry M.        Private    July 1, 1863 to Company D                 
Weaver, Pleasant      Private    December 20, 1863 to Company H            


Benjamin Williamson   1st Sgt    Died April 18, 1863 at Lousia, Ky         
Adkins, Joseph        Private    Died April 8, 1863 at Louisa, Ky          
Blackburn, Peyton Sr. Private    Killed Sept. 16, 1864 by bushwhackers     
Bingham, Thomas J.    Private    Died date unknown at Richmond, Va         
Bevins, Keneas E.     Private    Died Dec. 15, 1862 at Pike County, Ky     
Charles, David        Private    Died Nov. 18, 1862 at Lexington, Ky       
Davis, William H.     Private    Died April 8, 1863 at Ashland, Ky         
Hatfield, George      Private    Died April 8, 1863 at Louisa, Ky          
Hatfield, Jeremiah    Private    Died May 10, 1863 at Louisa, Ky           
Johnson, Richard      Private    Died April 3, 1863 at Ashland, Ky         
May, Joseph           Private    Died May 17, 1863 at Ashland, Ky          
Maynard, Stephen      Private    Died April 23, 1863 at Ashland, Ky        
McCoy, Andrew J.      Private    Died Dec. 11, 1862 at Pike County, Ky     
Pinson, Henry         Private    Died March 8, 1863 at Louisa, Ky          
Porter, Andrew        Private    Died Dec. 29, 1863 at Ashland, Ky         
Powers, John W.       Private    Died May 28, 1863 at Ashland, Ky          
Ratcliff, Squire      Private    Died April 14, 1863 at Lousia, Ky         
Reed, Amos            Private    Died June 2, 1864 at Lousia, Ky           
Rose, Russell C.      Private    Died Nov. 18, 1864 at Lexington, Ky       
Spence, George W.     Private    Died March 6, 1865 at Annapolis, Md       
Tilbel, Nathaniel C.  Private    Died May 27, 1863 at Ashland, Ky          
Williamson, John B.   Private    Died June 7, 1863 at Ashland, Ky          
Webb, Jonathan        Private    Died July 16, 1863 of accidental wound 

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