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Harlan County Battalion
Companies - A - B - C - D - E - F - G -

Roll of the Field and Staff

Benjamin F Blankenship - Major
William Dixon - Quartermaster
Elijah B Hale - Assist Surg - Served 15 Nov 1862 - 13 Jan 1863
Abner Lewis - Sergeant Major Served 13 Oct 1862 - 9 Dec 1862

Some individuals appear more than once on the rosters particularly if they were promoted from private. Major Blankenship went on to serve in the 47th Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry as a Captain in Company H and many of the others went on to serve in Union outfits particularly Companies F & H of the 47th and in the 49th. The Harlan County Battalion was on active duty from 13 Oct 1862 to 13 Jan 1863 and detachments were on duty up to Feb 28th. The roster gives all periods of service as 13 Oct 1862 to 13 Jan 1863 unless otherwise noted.

Company A Roster
Officers and Staff
George W Morgan - Captain
Abner Lewis - 1st Lieutenant
Moses Isom - 2nd Lieutenant
Joshua B Hall - 3rd Lieutenant
Daniel T Hall - Sergent
Henry Polley - Sergent
Benj. F Adams - Sergent
Hiram M Cornett - - Sergent
James M Halcomb - Sergent
Squire Adams - Corporal
James B Franklin - Corporal
Larken Cornett - Corporal
James M Stallard - Corporal
John W Hall - Musician
Privates Company A
Stephen Adams
John S Adams
Spencer Adams
Frazier Adams
Solomon Adams
Samuel Blair
Hiram Blair
John Banks
Lansford Banks
John Breeding
Henry Banks
Shelby Combs
Henry Collins
Sanders Collins
Clark S Cornet
Silas Cornet
Samuel Cornet
John Combs
Jonathan Cox
Archibald Cornett
Joseph Doan
Daniel Frazier
James Frazier
Solomon Frazier
Elzey Franklin
John M Fields
Robert H Fields
Jos B Fields
Leroy W Fields
Adam Frazier
Alfred Hall
Joseph Halcomb
Jesse Halcomb
Wm Halcomb
Miller Halcomb
Ira D Hall
Phillip Hall
M Hall
Thomas Hall
Joshua B Hall
Jonah Isom
Doctor Isom
George Isom
John Isom
Gideon Isom
Moses Isom
Garret Ingram
Goodson Ingram
James C Jones
Jesse Lewis
Wm McDaniel
Hiram Mitchel
Randolph Polley
Claiborn Polley
Richard Polley
Jesse Roark
Enoch C. Stamper
Uriah Sexton
William Sexton
Ransom Turner
Oscar J. Wilson
Samuel Williams
Company B Roster
Officers and Staff
Ambrose Powell - Captain
Enoch Blair - 1st Lieutenant
Elisha Huff - 2nd Lieutenant
William M Jenkins - 3rd Lieutenant
Bennett Bailey - 1st Sergeant
Jonathan Cornett - Sergeant
Isaiah Creech - Sergeant
Lewis B Singleton - Sergeant
Samuel J Powell - Sergeant
Charles Blair - Corporal
Archibald C Jenkins - Corporal
Gilbert Creech - Corporal
Israel Jenkins - Corporal
John Creech - Corporal
Privates Company B
Anthony Blair
Joseph Blair
William Blair
Absalom Blair
John Blair
Hadley Bohannon
Jonathan Creech
Henry Clay
Martin D Collier
Henry Creech
Preston Creech
Henry B Creech
Wm G Dixon
John Eversole
John Estep
Moses Estep
Albert Gilliam
John Gilliam
Noble B Hall
Eli Hall
Preston Hall
Alfred Hall
Elisha Huff
Abner Jenkins
Wm M Jenkins
John Kilbourne
Jonathan Lewis
William McNite
James McNite
Charles McNite
Joseph McNite
John Morgan
Henry Polley
Clavin Powell
Hiram S Powell
James P Ross
Asa Riddle
Ira Stidham
Stephen Sergeant
David Sergeant
John W Stamper
Eli Sturgill
John Smith
Samuel Smith
Ira Stamper
John Sergeant
Andrew J Sergeant
Tho J Vann
Alfred White
Thomas Young
Timothy Young
John W Young
John Young
Company C Roster
Officers and Staff
Joshua C Perkins - Captain
Josiah B Spurlock - 1st Lieutenant
Wright Kelly - 1st Lieutenant
William Gilbert - 2nd Lieutenant
Chadwell F C Nolan - 3rd Lieutenant
John J Lewis - 1st Sergent
John Farley - Sergent
Calvin Creech - Sergent
Calvin Pace - Sergeant
Silas W Kelly - Sergeant
Allen Morris - Sergeant
Andrew Sergent - Corporal
Daniel B Creech - Corporal
Daniel Pace - Corporal
Matthew Brown - Corporal
James M Nolen - Corporal
Privates Company C
John Bailey
Letcher Bailey
Sampson Branson
Richard Branson
Hiram Branson
T Blevins
Minter Bailey
John Blevins
Wm R Bailey
Henry F Barker
Randolph Browning
Wilson Browning
John Blanton
James Blanton
Noble Burkheart
Isaac Creech
James Caudell
Wm Clarkston
Samuel Creech
John Creech
Thos H Clarkston
Thos Clarkston
Francis Clarkston
Wm H H Creech
Samuel Cornett
George Chappell
Jacob Day
Wm Day
Ira England
Obediah Fields
Henry Farley
Harvey Flanery
Alexander Fouch
Calvin Fields
Richard Fields
Alvy Farley
Isaac Fields
John Farley
Henry Farley Jr
Henry Gilbert
William Gilbert
James Griffy Sr
Jacob Griffy
John Hensley
Fielding Hensley
Carter Howard
Henry L Howard
Adron B Howard
Caleb Huff
Samuel M Howard
Israel Howard
Wm M Howard
Wm C L Huff
Eli Huff
Felix King
Enoch Kelley
Jefferson King
Wright Kelly
James J Lewis
Leander Ledford
Abner Lewis
William Lewis
Alexander Morris
Ambrose Metcalfe
James Metcalfe
Adrain Metcalfe
Allen Morris
Chadwell F C Nolin
Jeremiah Napier
Freelinghuysen Napier
Silas Nance
William Nolen
James H Napier
Green Napier
John R Pace
John M Parker
Benjamin Parsons
James Parsons
Samuel Parsons
Albert Stewart
Elias Smith
Allen Sergeant
Elias H S Smith
David Smith
Silas Stapleton
Elihu Smith
William Scott
George S Spurlock
Speed S Spurlock
William Sergeant
Samuel Scott
John Sergeant
James Turner
Archibald C Thompson
Henry C Turner
William Turner
James M Webster
Josiah D Wyn
Company D Roster
Officers and Staff
Josiah B Spurlock - Captain
John J Lewis - 1st Lieutenant
Eli Huff - 2nd Lieutenant
Sanders Spurlock - 3rd Lieutenant
Noble Burkheart - Sergeant
Carter Howard - Sergeant
Henry L Howard - Sergeant
Adrian B Howard - Sergeant
Sanders Ledford - Sergeant
Freelinghuysen Napier - Corporal
Henry F Barber - Corporal
Caleb Huff - Corporal
Abner Lewis - Corporal
Randolph Browning - Corporal
Privates Company D
George Blanton
Wilson Browning
John Blanton
James Blanton
George Chappell
Wm M D Coots
John Clements
John W Forester
Hiram Fanner
Green Farler
Ira Farler
James Griffy Sr
James Griffy Jr
Samuel M Howard
Israel Howard
William M Howard
William Q Howard
Abner Huff
Wm C L Huff
Benjamin F Hall
William Lewis
David Middleton
Israel Minyard
William Minyard
John Minyard
Benjamin F Nolen
Silas Nance
William Nolen
James H Napier
Green Napier
George Pullam
Nicholas Shell
William Sergeant
Samuel Scott
John Sergeant
Speed S Spurlock
Arch C Thompson
Henry C Turner
William Turner
Company E Roster
Officers and Staff
Augustus B Culton - Captain
Jesse Mattingly - 1st Lieutenant
Larkin Wells - 2nd Lieutenant
Jno Campbell - 3rd Lieutenant
Jno Mattingly - 1st Sergent
Larkin Baker - Sergeant
Judah Lewis - Sergeant
Levi Lewis - Sergeant
David Thomas - Sergeant
Robert G Caudill - Corporal
Sidcon Lewis - Corporal
William D Baker - Corporal
Jesse Pennington - Corporal
Abner C Turner - Corporal
Privates Company E
Blevin Asher
Calvin Brock
Robert Bailey
William Cress
Stephen Cancy
Anderson Y Culton
Wiley Collett
Jno Eldridge
Abraham Eldridge
Eli Eastbridge
Ambrose Garlin
James B Gross
Hiram Gray
Henry Hilliards
Joel Hendricks
Clay Jackson
Andrew Johnson
Amos Johnson
Nathan Lewis
David Lewis
Christopher Lewis
James Lewis
Joseph Minyard
Timothy Pennington
Felix Pennington
Isaac Pennington
James P Pennington
James S Pennington
Wm Pennington
Levi Pennington
William Pace
B Riley
Jackson Sizemore
Noah Smith
William Smith
Abraham Sergeant
Preston Thomas
James Thomas
John Williams
George Wilson
James Woolums
Wiley Wilburn
Company F Roster
Officers and Staff
Henry Day - Captain
Joseph Wells - 1st Lieutenant
Jesse Clay - 2nd Lieutenant
Joshua B Singleton - 3rd Lieutenant
William Clay - 1st Sergeant
Alexander Stamper - Sergeant
James H Coldiron - Sergeant
Riley Shepherd - Sergeant
David M Maggard - Sergeant
Stephen Field - Sergeant
John H Elkin - Sergeant
Levi Boggs - Sergeant
William Miles - Sergeant
Privates Company F
Jesse M Brown
William Brown
Elijah Boggs
Henry Boggs
Isaac Boggs
John Boggs
Willis Bagwell
Elijah Clay
Lyra Cornett
Jesse Clay
William Clay
James H Coldiron
David M Collier
John B Day
William L Day
Henry Day
Edward Gross
Phillip Joseph
John Lewis
Andrew J Lewis
Van Buren Lewis
James Lewis
William Lewis
Solomon Mullins
John P Maggard
John McNite
David M Maggard
William Raleigh
Riley Shepherd
William Shepherd
Joshua B Singleton
Alexander Stamper
Ezekiel Wells
John Wells
Joseph Wells
William Wells
Andrew B Wilson
Company G Roster
Officers and Staff
James Howard - Captain
James Helton - 1st Lieutenant
John Howard - 2nd Lieutenant
George Helton - 3rd Lieutenant
John H Brook - 1st Sergeant
Randolph N Lansdown - Sergeant
Hiram Howard - Sergeant
George Goss - Sergeant
Ephraim Simpson - Sergeant
Hughes Howard - Corporal
Martin Saylor - Corporal
Wm Brummett - Corporal
Lewis Blanton - Corporal
Privates Company G
Green Brook
John Bremmett
John Coldiron
Jesse B Coldiron
Isaiah B Daniel
Wm Farley
George W Hensley
Milton Hensley
Wilkerson Hensley
John Howard Jr
Lewis Howard
Claiborne W Howard
Ephraim Helton
John C Howard
Lewis Hensley
Lewis Harris
Jenning Hensley
Jesse Helton
Wilkerson M Howard
Elijah Helton
James Helton
John W Howard
Wm Irvine
Amos Johnson
Britton Johnson
James Johnson
Richard M Johnson
John Kezzer
James N Lansdown
Jos N Lansdown
Lewis Long
Daniel Lawson
Wm B Lawson
Littleton Morris
John H Napier
Franklin Napier
Aaron Napier
John M Noe
John R Noe
Benj F Noe
Levi Osborn
Hiram Osborn
Jesse Osborn
Henderson Phillips
Simon Pace
John Pace
Obediah Riddle
John Saylor
Samuel Saylor
Calloway Simpson
Henry Saylor
Carlo B Stepp
James A Saylor
John Simpson
Solomon Saylor
Wm H Taylor
Jesse L Taylor

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