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28 May 2016:

Francis Marion Blair 1836 and Regina Dorinda Dingus.
Francis Marion Blair 1876 and Susie Maggard
Isom Stamper and Sarah Creech
John Creech and Peggy Wells
Kelly Hogg and Mary Polly Ison
Miles Harvey Smallwood and Betheney Potter
Elijah Smallwood and Mary Polly Ratliff
William Harve Smallwood and Matilda Baker
Marshall Benton Taylor and Nancy A Booth
Elijah Willis Baker and Mary Polly Yonts
Melvin Burton Tolliver and Arminda Baker
Clel Birton Rodgers and Lucille Long
James Lewis Rodgers and Wanda Deane Rodgers
John Elkins Sr and Minnie Dell Burke
William Riley Hollyfield and Emma Cox

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