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Descendants of Abraham Mullins

First Generation

1. Abraham Mullins was born in 1665 in France. He died in 1743 in Albermarle Co VA. Please Note: Any DNA relationship to this individual has been disproven through testing.

Abraham married Rachel Broret on 24 Dec 1699 in London, England. Rachel was born in 1676 in Paris, France. She died in NC.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i William Grancer Mullins was born in 1704. He died on 2 Sep 1734.

Gary P. Mullins to Mullins-Slone-Potter-Lacy Kinfolk

October 22 at 10:17 AM

My purpose with this post is an attempt to set the record straight regarding the number of Genealogies which state one Abraham des Molines, a French Huganaut, who arrived on these shores in 1700 as a passenger of the ship Mary Ann in Jamestown, Va. as the progenator of William Grancer Mullins b.1700-05 and died in 1734 in the County of Hanover, Va.

It is not my intent to ruffle anyone's feathers, yet I am sure it will. My apologies.

My initial plan was to prove any relationship what-so-ever between one Abraham des Molines and of William Grancer Mullins, aka William Grandsire, aka William Mullins of Hanover County. He is cited under any of the above. With that goal in mind, I must conclude and offer for your evaluation the following:


2. No descendant by the name of William is mentioned in any land transaction, known wills, tax lists or marriage records associated with Abraham Des Molines or his descendants for 3 generations. A time span of 50 years.

3. Over the course of 50 years the DES Molines name was Anglicized to Mullen. Still no relationship.

The facts as known.

Abraham des Molines arrived with his wife (et Femme) on these shores at Jamestown in 1700. He proceeded to a French Huganaut Settlement in Permankins County North Carolina where he remained until his passing in 1743.

Abraham has 3 known sons stated in land sales and wills registered in Perminkin County, NC. Their names Issac, Jacob and Abraham Jr. Secondly, he has 2 daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth. All use the name Mullen at this point. No William Mullen, William Mullins or William Des Molines, son or otherwise, is to be found within the county.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, one Mathew Mullins, an Irish Immigrant, receives 268 acres, by Grant of the King of England, for the passage of himself and 5 others to these shores, under the Headwright System.

The Headwright System was a program of England to intice folks to occupy America by offering 50 acres of land/per person whom passage was paid by an individual. The Property Granted Mathew was previously part of the Pumakey Indian Reservation, in present day King William County, Va.

It has been suggested that Mathew Mullins was married to a Elizabeth Butters, and a relative to Robert Butters, one of the passengers Mathew paid passage for.

Enter William Mullins

William Mullins, aka William Grancer, aka William Grandsire Mullins was born abt. 1695 and died in 1734 at St. Martins Parish, Hanover County, Va. William likely had no middle name. The term Grandsire, and its dirivitive Grancer, was a term of endearment.

At William's death, a will was filed in Hanover County naming his wife Katheryn and children as benefactors. It reads as follows:

"To my son, Joshua Mullins, 1 shilling; to my son, William Mullins, 1 shilling; to my son, James Mullins, 1 shilling; to my daughter, Agness Mullins, 1 shilling; to my daughter, Mary Mullins, 1 shilling; to my son, John Mullins, 1 shilling; and to my wife Katherine Mullins, I give the rest of my estate. I appoint my wife to be Executrix of my Last Will and Testament and charge her with maintaining my six children until the boys reach the age of 20 and the girls, age 18." Witnesses were: James Howard, James Houson, and A.G. Smith. The will was proved and admitted to record on 2 Jan. 1734. Catherine Mullins with her security, Benjamin Brown, were bound unto Nicholas Meriwether to serve as the Executrix of the Estate of William Mullins. Bond acknowledged and ordered recorded 2 Jan. 1734.

Again, no mention of any Des Molines within the will. That would not be unusual, but the fact remains.

Additionally wife Katheryn relinguished her rights to the Estate. Catherine Mullins, of Saint Martin's Parish, for 5 pounds current money paid by John Blalock, of Saint Martin's Parish, "for the affection and love I bear said John Blalock and for his care to maintain me during my natural life...do make over to him...all my goods and chattels" 28 June 1735. Witnesses: Samuel Saxon, William Weatherford, Harper Ratliff. Deed proved and admitted to record 3 July 1735 Hanover County, Virginia. Why this was done in not known.

HERE IS THE MISSING LINK THAT TIES WILLIAM GRANCER MULLINS TO MATHEW MULLINS. William (Grancer)appears in King William County, Virginia Record Book 2, page 4. 16 day of 1721? William and Catherine Mullins acknowledge deed to Jno. Almont, 150 acres, being the plantation whereon Robert Butters now lives. You will remember Robert Butters as one of the passengers Mathew Mullins paid passage for to come to America. It is more than coincidence that young William Grancer Mullins acquired this land (presumed to be part of Mathew Mullins parcel) and is likely related to an inheritance from his Father, Mathew Mullins.

Lastly, many of the descendants of the children named in the above will have been genetically tested through the Family Tree DNA Mullins Project, not only providing scientific evidence of their relationship to one another but also debunking any relation to the des Molines line. Testing revealed a predominately Irish connection and NO French components.

In the words of the Head Kahuna. "40 + years of research on the origins of Des Moulins has proven there is no genetic connection between Matthew Mullins of King William Co., Virginia and the Des Moulins on the paternal line.....the connection was disproved in multiple ways-via the existing records, via DNA test results, via family traditions, etc.

Abraham Des Moulins arrived in Virginia at least 10 years after Matthew Mullins arrived, and way before the Huguenot migration to America;

The Des Moulins left Virginia and had migrated into North Carolina by 1707 or thereabouts;

Descendants of Des Moulins have been identified (see below) and descendants of Matthew Mullins have also been identified (The two are distinctly different);

DNA testing of ALL direct male descendants of Matthew Mullins prove: 1. They match each other, and 2. They ALL have a genetic mutation (M222) that (to my knowledge) has not shown up in any Huguenot descendant, 3. Has a definite Irish preponderance (not French). Descendants of Matthew Mullins have been identified via the existing records and by DNA and are easily proved to be related; they are NOT the same family as Des Moulins; Existing records prove that William Mullins (died 1735) was a son of Matthew (the immigrant), and a brother to Richard, Patrick, and others--and NOT related to any of the descendants of Des Moulins.

Warning! Beware of sites and links that contain false information about the Mullins and Des Moulins Sites and links on the Intranet can and do contain erroneous, false and misinformation tying Matthew Mullins, immigrant to Virginia to Abraham Moulin (Huguenot immigrant to VA who removed to NC by 1707); many also containing false erroneous and misinformation on the descendants of Matthew Mullins."

Source: Gary M. Mullins, Mullins Y-DNA Project Administrator, mtDNA of Middle Appalachians Administrator www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/mullins

Sources: https://www.geni.com/pe.../William-Mullins/6000000003982790726

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