Bob May Potter
and Ellen Rose

Bob May Potter b 21 Oct 1888 Letcher Co KY d 8 Dec 1960 Dayton, Montgomery Co OH; buried Potter Cemetery, Payne Gap, Letcher Co KY; s/o William Henry Potter and Didema Hall. Bob May Potter m. 12 Apr 1907 Letcher Co KY to Ellen Rose b 20 May 1889 Wise Co VA d 18 Jan 1955 Letcher Co KY; buried Potter Cemetery, Payne Gap, Letcher Co KY; d/o Samuel Rose and Jalia Powers. Children of Bob May Potter and Ellen Rose;

1. Henry H Potter b 10 Mar 1909 Millstone, Letcher Co KY d 14 Dec 1969 Dayton, Campbell Co KY; buried Potter Cemetery, Payne Gap, Letcher Co KY; m. Eva Dale Jones; d/o William Robert Jones and Mayme Unknown. Children of Henry Potter and Eva Dale Jones; i. Gale Patrick Potter ii. Bobby Potter iii. Buddy Potter

Henry H Potter m. Irene Prater b 13 Oct 1920 d 7 Feb 1995 Ocala, Marion Co FL; buried Potter Cemetery, Payne Gap, Letcher Co KY; d/o Richard D Prater and Lucille C Prater.

2. Lexie Hillis Potter b 21 Apr 1911 Letcher Co KY d 15 Sept 1979 Lexington, Fayette Co KY; buried Potter Cemetery, Payne Gap, Letcher Co KY; m. Iva Lou Unknown. Child of Lexie Potter and Iva Lou Unknown; i. Ellarue Ella Potter (f); m. 11 Jul 1965 First Baptist Church, Whitesburg KY to Terry D Barrickman; s/o Robert H Barrickman. ii. Donna Potter

3. Samuel Sam Potter b 17 Mar 1914 Letcher Co KY d 28 Jun 1995; m. Peggy Simpson. Children of Samuel Sam Potter and Peggy Simpson; i. Sammy Potter ii. Robert Potter iii. Robin Anne Potter iv. Dub Potter (either Sam Jr or Robert?).

4. Gaynell Potter; m. Jimmy Ables. Child of Jimmy Ables and Gaynell Potter; i. Beverly Ann Ables.

5. Don Potter

Obituary of Ellen Rose Potter
Mt Eagle Newspaper 20 Jan 1955

Mrs. Robert Potter succumbs Tuesday. Mrs. Robert Potter, of Kona, passed away at the Fleming Hospital on Tuesday following an illness of one week. Her death was a distinct shock to her many relatives and friends as she was only seriously ill a few hours preceding her death. She is survived by her husband, the following sons, Lexie Potter, Prestonsburg; Henry Potter, Ohio; Sam Potter, Lynch; Don Potter, at home at Kona; one daughter, Gaynelle Potter Ables of Ohio, and the sister, Mrs. Tommy Collier and one brother, Alonzo Rose of Jenkins. Funeral services will be held at Kona at the Regular Baptist Church on Friday at 10:00 o'clock a.m. Rev. Tommie Collier, Rev. Wardie Craft, Rev. Willis Tolliver, officiating. Interment in Potter cemetery, Kona with Johnson Funeral Home in charge.

Mt Eagle, Whitesburg, KY, Thursday, November 16, 1922 and Nov 30, 1922

Reward: The undersigned lost a good sized tan colored Bill-Book near mouth of Millstone on last Monday containing three hundred dollars in cash, two checks, one for $38.75 on W. H. Potter and one on E. F. Bentley for $11.35 besides a number of other valuable papers. Finder will please return to me and get good reward. B. M. Potter, (Bob May Potter), Millstone, KY

Mt Eagle, Whitesburg, KY, Thursday, May 6, 1948

Mrs. Lexie Potter entertained with a birthday dinner in honor of her husband at the home of Mr. and Mr. B. M. Potter (Ellen Rose and Bob May Potter) at Kona, (Letcher Co) Kentucky, Sunday, May 25, (1948). The following guests enjoyed a feast: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Potter and family, Mrs. Jimmy Ables, Mr. Elcaney Potter and Elizabeth Lee Potter, Don Potter, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McAuley and Connie McAuley, Mr. and Mrs. Sol Potter, Harrodsburg, (KY) and Mrs. Dale Bonta, Versailles. Mt. Eagle, Whitesburg, KY, Thursday, Jun 17, 1948

Mrs. B. M. Potter (Ellen Rose Potter, Wife of Bob May Potter) celebrated her 59th birthday on Sunday, June 6 (1948), with a picnic on the lawn of her home at Kona, (Letcher Co KY). Her guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Sam Potter and sons, Sammie and Robert William (Potter), Mr and Mrs Henry Potter and children, Gale Patrick, Bobby and Buddy (Potter), Mr. and Mrs. Lexie Potter and daughter Ellarue (Potter), Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Ables and daughter, Beverly Ann (Ables), and Mr. Don Potter and her husband, Mr. B. M. Potter (Bob May Potter).

Mt Eagle, Whitesburg, KY, Thursday, June 13, 1963

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Holbrook, Millstone: Mr. B. C. Potter, Neon, (Letcher Co KY), and Miss Martha Jane Potter, Kona, (Letcher Co KY), all met with Mrs. Jim Boyd and son Paul and a friend, Mrs. Charles Grote, all from Lawrenceburg, at the home of the Curtis Wellers, Pineville, (KY) and they all attended the Laurel Festival. They all returned home Saturday, accompanied by the Wellers, who spent the week end with them.

Mt Eagle Newspaper, Whitesburg, KY
December 16, 1948
Special Commissioner's Sale

Pursuant to a Judgment and Order of Sale in the case of Diadema Potter, et al., Plaintiffs, VS. B. M. Potter, et al.. Defendants, Equity Action No. 8712. pending in the Letcher Circuit Court, as directed by judgment and order of sale entered in said court on the 4th day of November, 1948, I, or a reliable Land Sales Agency, will sell the following described property at public auction on the premises of said property on the first day of the Letcher Circuit Court which convenes on the 3rd day of January. 1949, at the hour of one o'clock P. M. Said Sale to be made on a credit of six months and the purchaser or purchasers will be required to execute bond with good surety for the purchase price, with interest from the day of sale until paid with a lien retained on the property sold until paid for in full, butt purchasers if they so desire, may pay cash on day of sale and the sale bonds, if not paid when due, will have the force and effect of a judgment upon which execution may issue.

After first offering for sale said lots or parcels seperately, or divided, then I, or a land sales agency, will offer for sale as a whole said tracts and will accept the best and highest bid that said tracts bring seperately, divided, or a whole.

The tracts and parcels of land ordered and directed to be sold are bounded and described as follows:

All of said property is situated in the vicinity of the town of Kona, in Letcher County, Kentucky, and bounded and described as follows: to-wit:

TRACT NO. 1. BEGINNING at the first left hand branch on line of the main Bent Branch and bounded on the North by the line of the deeds from W. H. Potter to Nathan Potter and running to the top of the ridge following the water shed between Bottom Fork and Bent Branch; thence around the ridge to the line of the deed to Lula and Jesse Holbrook from W. H. Potter; thence with their line on the west and south bank down to Bent Branch to the BEGINNING, which is supposed to contain about twenty (20) acres, more or less.

TRACT NO. 2. A certain tract in Letcher County Kentucky, on rural highway going up Kentucky River beginning on the South, West and East by the Elkhorn Coal Company's line and the W. H. Potter lease to the Elkhorn Coal Company's line and the W. H. Potter lease to the Elkhorn Coal Corporation on the North, which was recently conveyed by W. H. Potter's heirs to the Elkhorn coal Company, and containing ten (10) acres, more or less.

There is excepted from the last above described property the lot leased to B. M. Potter by W. H Potter, on which the store building now stands, and also so much thereof as is occupied by the State Highway and Louisville ana Nashville Railroad Company's spur track, leading up Kentucky River, and also the County Road on Boone Fork and the Church Building and lot.

TRACT NO 3. Certain lots and improvements thereon near what is known as "New Kona Mining Camp," in Letcher County, Kentucky and bounded and described as follows to-wit:

Lots Nos. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 in Block A as shown on Map of Addington and Holbrook Addition to New Kona, Kentucky, which map is of record in Deed Book No. ......, page......., records of the Letcher County Court Clerk's Office. Being the same land conveyed by Deed dated September 16, 1930, from Isaac Rose and c., of to Orbin Stallard and c., of record in Deed Book No. 80, page 13, records of the Letcher County Court Clerk's Office, all of which lots are more particularly described in map or blue print of the said Addington and Holbrook Additions above referred to, and the same property described in deed from Orbin Stallard and wife to B. M. Potter & c., by deed dated March 1st., 1946, and recorded in Deed Book No. 115 (110 or 119) page 589, records of the Letcher County Court Clerk's 0ffice to which reference is herein made.

Special Commissioner
Letcher Circuit Court,

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