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Ratliff Family Genealogy

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MARY CATERNE Married RICHARD RATCLIFFE (52-1) on March 13, 1691. Richard was born on July 29, 1661, in Lancashire, England, died in June 1721, in Talbot County, Maryland, age 59.




54-4.William (Sept. 15, 1696, Talbot County, Maryland-died in 1775, in Talbot County, Maryland, about age 79) (Married Mary Fellows)





LADY MARY TUDOR Married EDWARD RADCLYFFE (50-2) on Aug. 18, 1687. Lady Mary was age 14, and Edward was age 32. Lady Mary was born about 1673, died on Nov. 5, 1726, in Paris, France, about age 53, natural daughter of King Charles II and Mary Davis, who was the natural daughter of Colonel Thomas Howard, Earl of Berkshire.

Mary Davis was a noted beauty and actress, her stage name was Moll Davis. After Edward died, Lady Mary remarried to Henry Graham at Knightsbridge Chapel. Henry Graham was from Levens, son and heir to Colonel James Graham, sometime Privy Purse to James II. Henry died a few months after their marriage and Lady Mary remarried to her third husband James Rooke on Aug. 26, 1707, in Twickenham. James Rooke survived Lady Mary.

56-1.James (June 28, 1689, Arlington Street, London, England-died about 1717, he was executioned, age 28) (buried in Dilston) (Third Earl of Derwentwater) (heir of his father) (Married Anna Maria)

56-2.Francis (Feb. 2, 1691-May 5, 1715, age 24) (unmarried)

56-3.Charles (Sept. 3, 1693, Little Parndon, Essex-Dec. 8, 1746, he was beheaded, age 53) (buried in St. Guiles-in-the-Fields and his heart was carried to Dilston by two loyal servants where it was placed in a leaden box beside the coffin of his brother James) (Fifth Earl of Derwentwater)

56-4.Mary Tudor (Oct. 6, 1697-March 16, 1756, age 58) (buried in the chancel of Stanford Rivers Church, Essex, England) (Married William Petre of Bellhouse, Essex, England)

MARY FELLOWS Married WILLIAM RATCLIFFE (54-4) on Sept. 26, 1719. Mary was the daughter of Sarah and Robert Fellows.


58-2.William Jr. (born in 1727, Queen Ann County, Maryland-died around 1777, in Anson County, North Carolina) (Married Susannah Thomas)

MARGARET "MEG" SNOWDEN Married CHARLES RADCLYFFE (56-3). Margaret was born in 1694, died in 1723, daughter of Jane and John Snowden, who was a common laborer. Jane Snowden died on Jan. 14, 1709. Charles was married to his cousin Lady Betty Lee Linchfield when he found out that his previous girlfriend Margaret Snowden was with child. Charles then was forced to marry her by her father and brother having a shotgun wedding for them. Charles stayed with Meg long enough to give the baby a Radclyffe name. Charles went back to his wife Lady Betty but stayed in touch with them until his death.

60-1.Lady Jane "Jenny" (born in 1710, England-died in America) (Married Robert "Rob" Wilson on May 6, 1726, at the Church of Westover, Virginia) (she came to America on April 20, 1726)

LADY CHARLOTTE MARIA LIVINGSTONE Married CHARLES RADCLYFFE (56-3) on June 24, 1724, in Brussels. Lady Charlotte Maria was the Countess of Newburgh, daughter of the second Earl of Newburgh.

60-2.James Bartholomew (Aug. 23, 1725, Vincennes, near Paris, France) (Third Earl of Newburgh) (Married Barbara Kempe)

60-3.James Clement (twin to Barbara)

60-4.Barbara (twin to James Clement)




60-8.Mary (Married Francis Eyre)

SUSANNAH THOMAS Married WILLIAM RATCLIFFE JR. (58-2). Susannah was the daughter of Susannah Clother and Thomas Thomas.



62-3.Thomas (born in Queen County, Maryland-died in Anson County, North Carolina) (he served in the Revolutionary War) (probably married Sarah Diggs)



62-6.Robert Clothen

LADY JANE RADCLYFFE (60-1) Married ROBERT "ROB" WILSON on May 6, 1726, on Saturday, at the Church of Westover, Virginia. Rob was born in 1699, in England, died in America. Rob was an ex-convict who came to America. Jenny was staying with her father Charles Radclyffe when a man broke into the house and attacked her. Rob, a servant of Charles, saw the attack and fought with the man until Rob had killed him. Rob was convicted of murder and was sold to a Ben Harrison, owner of the Berkley Plantation in Virginia, and sent to America in Virginia on June 30, 1725. Jenny wanted follow him to Virginia. She knew a girl friend, Evelyn Byrd, in Virginia, and on March 1, 1726, she left England to go visit Evelyn and look for Rob. Jenny arrived there on April 20, 1726 with the William Byrd family aboard the ship "Randolph" and sailed up James River in Virginia. Jenny found Rob but he had years still to serve, so Jenny had to buy his freedom. She paid 50 golden English guineas for him and he was freed on Monday, May 1, 1726, and married him. They moved to Albemarle County, Virginia, settled on Slate River, where Rob built their first home and called the homeplace Snowden. The town still goes by the name Snowden. Rob and Jenny had four sons and two of their sons, William and James, took their mother's surname and spelled it Ratclyffe. Because of the Ratcliffe history they wanted pass the name on to future generations.

64-1.son (born in Virginia-died from the fever while an infant)

64-2.William (born in 1736, Virginia) (he was a Captain in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War and was killed at Cloud Creek, Tennessee) (he kept his mother's maiden name Ratclyffe)

64-3.James Charles (he kept his mother's maiden name Ratclyffe)


BARBARA KEMPE Married JAMES BARTHOLOMEW RADCLYFFE (60-2) on Nov. 26, 1749, in the private chapel at Slindon House, Sussex, England. Barbara was the eldest daughter of Anthony Kempe, Esquire, of Slindon.

66-1.Anthony James (June 20, 1757, Slindon-Nov. 28, 1814, age 57) (Fourth Earl of Newburgh) (Married Anne Webb, only daughter of Joseph Webb, Esquire of Welford) (no issue)


SARAH DIGGS Married THOMAS RATCLIFFE (62-3). Sarah was probably the wife of Thomas Ratcliffe.

68-1.Elijah (died in 1863 or 1864, in North Carolina) (buried in Wadesboro, North Carolina) (made will on Oct. 17, 1861, in Anson County, North Carolina) (lived in Anson County, North Carolina)

WILLIAM RATCLIFFE (70-1). Wife's name unknown. Married about 1760, probably in Virginia. William was born about 1730, in Henry, Augusta, or Botetourt County, Virginia, died between 1821 and 1825, in Kentucky, possibly the son of Richard Ratliff, who had a farm close to one that William owned. William was a farmer. In March 1783, William was in Trigg's Company of Montgomery County, Virginia Militia that included William Ratliff, Nathan Ratliff, and Richard Ratliff. William owned property in Augusta, Botetourt, and Montgomery Counties in Virginia, all of these were first Augusta County, then were cut into Botetourt and finally Montgomery. William could have lived in one place all the time and the names changed around him. William received a grant of 180 acres on Cedar Run of Elliott's Creek adjoining Martin's land on April 15, 1796, in that portion of Botetourt County which was annexed to Montgomery County, Virginia in 1789. In the meantime William and his family plus part of Nathan's family, had moved to Russell County, Virginia in 1787. In about 1797 they moved to Kentucky. William possibly may have had other children Jake, born about 1750; John, born about 1752; Shadrack, born about 1754; Reuben, born about 1759 and married Frances; William Jr., born about 1767; and Peggy, born about 1771 and married William Harrel.

74-1.Nathan (born in 1762, Montgomery County, Virginia-died in 1835, in Montgomery County, Virginia, about age 73) (made will on July 23, 1834, probated on Jan. 5, 1835) (he was a farmer) (he was a private in the Revolutionary War) (he entered the service on June 1, 1778, at age 16, serving one month against the Indians under Captain Joshua Wilson and Lieutenant William Hungate) (he went out under Captain Abraham Trigg on July 1, 1780) (they marched to Yadkin River in North Carolina and defeated the Tories in a skirmish) (he served eight months in all) (received a Pension in 1834 for his services) (appointed overseer of the road leading from the mouth of Indian Creek in Montgomery County, Virginia to where the same joins the main road leading from New River on Feb. 7, 1797)

74-2.Richard (born about 1766, Botetourt County, Virginia-died in 1843, in Dearing, Ohio)

74-3.James (born about 1769, Botetourt County, Virginia-died before 1845, in Pike County, Kentucky) (he was a farmer) (he was the ancestor of the Ratliffs of Big Sandy Valley, Kentucky) (he migrated from Henry County, Virginia and settled in what is now Pike County, Kentucky in 1787)

74-4.Silas (March 1777, Botetourt County, Virginia-died after Aug. 11, 1860) (he was a farmer) (Married Anne Pinson on March 12, 1798)

74-5.Stephen (born about 1780, Floyd County, Kentucky-died in 1844, in Pike County, Kentucky) (he was a farmer) (Married Susanna)

74-6.Martha "Peggy" (born about 1781, Botetourt County, Virginia-died probably before 1825, in Floyd County, Kentucky) (Married Ezekiel Drooley on Feb. 12, 1798, in Mason County, Kentucky)  


76-1.John (born in 1782-died in 1835, in Jackson County, Mississippi, age 53) (came to Russell County, Virginia and settled in 1795) (he was a gunsmith and was trained probably in Lancaster County, Virginia) (he opened the Salt Works in 1801) (John was a Captain in the 112th Virginia Regiment of the Militia in Tazewell County, Virginia in 1801) (he was also a blacksmith) (Married Charlotte "Lottie" White)




76-5.Mary Jane

NANCY JERNIGAN Married ELIJAH RATLIFF (68-1). Nancy was buried in Wadesboro, North Carolina. They lived in Anson County, North Carolina.

78-1.Pleasant (he was in the Civil War) (Married Martha) (lived in Anson County, North Carolina)

78-2.Sarah (Married Mr. Terry)

78-3.Rachel (Married Benjamin Smith, who died before 1861)


78-5.Winifred (Married Thomas Smith)


78-7.Frances (Married James B. Clark)


78-9.Elizabeth (Married Eli Diggs)




78-13.Susan (Married John T. Ratliff)

MARTHA "POLLY" FARMER Married NATHAN RATLIFF (74-1) in 1781, in Montgomery County, Virginia. Polly was born about 1764, in Montgomery County, Virginia, died prior to 1803, daughter of Jeremiah Farmer.

82-1.William "Bigger" (born about 1782, Virginia-died on Nov. 24, 1857, in Pike County, Kentucky) (buried in Venters, Kentucky) (he was a farmer) (Married Martha "Patsy" Thornsbury about 1808, in Kentucky or Virginia) (remarried to Francis Moore in 1847)

82-2.Jeremiah (born in 1784, Montgomery County, Virginia) (he was a farmer) (Married Sarah "Sally" Nestor on Sept. 6, 1803, in Montgomery County, Virginia) (had daughter Martha Ratliff)

82-3.Rebecca (born about 1789, Montgomery County, Virginia-died after 1850) (Married John Akers in 1806, in Montgomery County, Virginia)

82-4.John (born about 1790, Montgomery County, Virginia-died before July 20, 1857, in Pike County, Kentucky) (Married Nancy Maston probably about 1810)

82-5.Sally (born in 1792, Montgomery County, Virginia-died in 1851, in Montgomery County, Virginia) (Married Jonas Altizer in 1819)

82-6.Thompson (born in 1802, Montgomery County, Virginia-died on Jan. 13, 1879, in Wayne County, Virginia, age 76) (he was a farmer) (Married Nancy Bromley about 1822, in Kentucky) (had son William Ratliff, born about 1829, in Pike County, Kentucky)

PATTY FARMER Married NATHAN RATLIFF (74-1) in 1803. Nathan's second marriage.



RICHARD RATLIFF (74-2). Wife's name unknown.

84-1.William (born about 1794, Virginia) (Married Susanna Hatcher)

84-2.Squire (born about 1796, Virginia) (Married Polly Gannon)

84-3.Lizzie (born about 1798, Pike County, Kentucky) (Married Mr. Frazier)

84-4.Lydia (March 31, 1800, Pike County, Kentucky) (Married James Owens on May 9, 1816, in Oldtown, Kentucky) (had daughter Lydia Ratliff who married James Deering and lived in Deering, Ohio, near her mother and grandfather)

84-5.Richard Jr. (born about 1803, Pike County, Kentucky) (Married Patsy Hardin) (kids William, Mary, John, Nancy Daniel, and Amos Ratliff)

84-6.Polly (born about 1805, Pike County, Kentucky)

84-7.Nancy (born probably about 1807)

84-8.Rachel (born about 1809, Pike County,. Kentucky) (Married Pleasant "Plez" Hackworth on Sept. 25, 1827, in Pike County, Kentucky)

MARYBEE FOWLER Married JAMES RATLIFF (74-3) about 1796, in Floyd County, Kentucky. Marybee was born 1774, in Botetourt County, Virginia.

86-1.Catherine (born about 1792, Virginia-died after 1850) (Married Bradley Elswick probably about 1808)

86-2.William "General William" (born about 1793, near present Shelby Junction, Mason County, now Pike County, Kentucky-died after 1860, at Shelby Gap, Pike County, Kentucky) (he was sheriff of Pike County for twenty years and held other positions of honor and trust) (he had service in the War of 1812 and also in the Confederate Army in the Civil War) (Married Elizabeth "Betsy" Ford on June 27, 1813, in Floyd County, Kentucky) (William and his wife Betsy were members of the Christian Church) (all his long life William was strong supporter of the principles and candidates of the Democratic Party) (twelve children)

86-3.Nancy (born about 1795, Virginia-died after 1860) (Married Thomas Price on May 14, 1828, in Pike County, Kentucky)

86-4.Lydia (born about 1797, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married Thomas Blevins on July 23, 1835, in Pike County, Kentucky)

86-5.Mary (born about 1799, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married Richard P. Roberson on May 7, 1821, in Floyd County, Kentucky)

86-6.Elizabeth (born about 1804, Kentucky-died after 1850, in Lawrence County, Ohio) (Married Elias Baswell on May 10, 1827, in Pike County, Kentucky)

86-7.Lovina (born about 1806, Kentucky-died after 1850)

86-8.James Jr. (born about 1809-died after 1850) (he was a farmer) (Married Frances Eastman Strother on April 2, 1835, in Pike County, Kentucky) (Frances was the daughter of Phillip Strother)

86-9 Lucinda (born about 1811, Kentucky-died after 1850)

86-10.Caroline M. (born in 1816, Floyd County, now Pike County, Kentucky-died after 1850) (Married John N. Richardson on April 20, 1840, in Pike County, Kentucky) (they moved to Catlettsburg, Kentucky)

ANNE PINSON Married SILAS RATLIFF (74-4) on March 12, 1798, in Floyd County, Kentucky. Anne was born in Oct. 1779, in Botetourt County, Virginia, died in 1870, in Pike County, Kentucky.

88-1.Sarah (April 25, 1799, Floyd County, Kentucky-Jan. 1863, in Wayne County, West Virginia, age 63) (Married Samuel Damron)

88-2.Thomas (Oct. 30, 1800, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married Deborah Meade Owens on Dec. 16, 1827, in Pike County, Kentucky) (ten children)

88-3.John "Moody John" (Nov. 15, 1800, Kentucky-died after 1860)

88-4.Mary "Polly" (March 15, 1805, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married Jacob Syck)

88-5.William (March 18, 1807, Kentucky-Oct. 5, 1852, in Kentucky, age 45) (Married Susanna Hatcher on Jan. 9, 1833)

88-6.Elizabeth (Oct. 30, 1810, Kentucky-died after 1849) (Married William Cecil on May 28, 1828, in Pike County, Kentucky, divorced on Oct. 6, 1849)

88-7.Richard (Dec. 30, 1812, Kentucky-died after 1860) (he was a farmer) (Married Polly Sycke on Aug. 7, 1841, in Pike County, Kentucky)

88-8.Cynthia (April 8, 1815, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married John Reynolds)

88-9.Washington (May 5, 1817, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married Anna Damron on July 23, 1842, in Lawrence County, Kentucky) (Anna was the daughter of Polly Preston and Moses Damron)

88-10.Susannah (Oct. 1819, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married William Dawson)

88-11.Martha (born about 1821, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married Evan Scott)

88-12.Permila (born about 1823, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married Samuel Branham)

88-13.Thursday Jane (born about 1827-died after 1860) (Married William Ferguson on May 2, 1852, in Pike County, Kentucky)

SUSANNAH Married STEPHEN RATLIFF (74-5). Susanna was born about 1785, in Tennessee, died after 1860.

90-1.Margaret (born about 1800, Floyd County, Kentucky-died after 1844) (Married Moses Collingsworth about 1829, in Pike County, Kentucky)

90-2.Mary (born about 1805, Floyd County, Kentucky-died after 1844) (Married Jesse Hackworth on Oct. 7, 1830, Pike County, Kentucky)

90-3.William (born about 1810, Floyd County, Kentucky-died after 1857) (Married Rachel James on Sept. 6, 1840, in Pike County, Kentucky)

90-4.Silas (born about 1815, Pike County, Kentucky-died on Aug. 21, 1858, in Pike County, Kentucky, about age 43) (Married Margaret Dawson on Jan. 30, 1840, in Floyd County, Kentucky)

90-5.Rebecca (born about 1821, Pike County, Kentucky-died after 1880) (Married Lazarus Damron on Dec. 31, 1856, in Pike County, Kentucky)

90-6.Susanna (born about 1824, Pike County, Kentucky-died after 1860)

90-7.Lydia (born about 1826, Pike County, Kentucky-died after 1850) (Married Vincent Dawson on Feb. 20, 1848, in Pike County, Kentucky)

90-8.John (born about 1827, Pike County, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married Easter about 1854)

90-9.Anna (born about 1829, Pike County, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married Harvey G. Reynolds on July 24, 1851, in Pike County, Kentucky)

90-10.Lucinda (born about 1832, Pike County, Kentucky-died after 1860) (Married Matthias Coleman)

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