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Ratliff Family Genealogy

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RACHEL RATLIFF (132-1) Married MUNCY DESKINS. Muncy was born about 1819, in Virginia. Old Muncy was the first of the Deskins family in Buchanan County, Virginia. Muncy was a farmer. Muncy and Rachel were living in Grundy Township, Buchanan County, Virginia in 1870.

164-1.Louisa (born in Tazewell County, Virginia) (Married Shadrach B. Ratliff, son of Louisa Matney and Abednego Ratliff)

164-2.John (Married Leah Fletcher) (his home was a little way below his brother Jeff's home) (from time to time, John operated a store also) (kids George, Bev, Walter, Florence, Mrs. Harve Ratliff, Caroline, and Mrs. Rich Matney)

164-3.Jefferson "Jeff" (born about 1844, Virginia) (he was a pioneer merchant of Buchanan County, Virginia, living and operating a store at Shack's Mills, about a mile above the mouth of Contrary Creek) (he was a farmer) (Milton Ratliff late bought him out, and Jeff moved to Honaker, where he spent the remainder of his days) (living in Grundy Township, Buchanan County, Virginia in 1870) (Married Lidda Brown) (Lidda was born about 1843, in Virginia) (had son John Deskins who married Vicy McGlothlin)

164-4.Richard (born about 1849, Virginia) (he was a farmer) (Married Evaline D. Brown) (Evaline was born about 1851, in Virginia) (kids Gus, Cloyd, Perry, Rachel, Ella, and Cora Deskins) (living in Grundy Township, Buchanan County, Virginia in 1870)

164-5.Paris (born about 1853, Virginia) (Married Miss Short) (kids Tom, Harve, and Mrs. Rufus Wade)

164-6.Lydda M. (born about 1855, Virginia)

164-7.Mary Jane (July 7, 1860, Buchanan County, Virginia-Nov. 29, 1935, in West Virginia, age 75) (buried in Ratliff Cemetery, Knobs Road, West Virginia) (Married Alexander Rufus Ratliff) (resident of Knobs Road, West Virginia)

SARAH "SALLY" LOONEY Married SILAS RATLIFF (136-1) on Oct. 23, 1845. Sally was born on May 1, 1829, on Looney's Creek, Buchanan County, Virginia, daughter of Cynthia Stiltner and John Looney.

166-1.Elizabeth "Betty" (Sept. 3, 1846, Buchanan County, Virginia-died in 1922, about age 76) (Married Fredrick Ratliff, son of Frances McGlothlin and William M. Ratliff)

166-2.William (born in 1848-died on May 21, 1855, drowned in the Levisa River, Virginia along with sister Charlotty, age 7) (twin to Charlotty)

166-3.Charlotty (born in 1848-died on May 21, 1855, in the Levisa River, Virginia along with brother William, age 7) (twin to William)

166-4.Louisa (born in 1851, Tazewell County, Virginia) (Married Louis B. Hackney of Pike County, Kentucky)

166-5.Eliza Jane (April 10, 1852, Buchanan County, Virginia-Sept. 30, 1915, age 63) (Married William Matney on Jan. 5, 1870) (William was born on Aug. 14, 1848)



166-8.Cosby (March 3, 1861, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Crockett McGlothlin)

166-9.Adam Poe (March 3, 1864-April 1, 1921, age 57) (Married Louisa Ratliff, then Julia Adkins, then Eva Harman)

166-10.Margaret M. (born in 1869, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married John W. Justice)

ABIGAIL RATLIFF (136-2) Married ALEXANDER "ALEX" McCLANAHAN. Alex was from Tazewell County, Virginia.

168-1.Henry Dorse

168-2.Abednego "Ben"

168-3.George W.




ABIGAIL RATLIFF McCLANAHAN (136-2) Married JOSEPH A. LOONEY. Abigail's second marriage. Abigail married Joseph after her first husband Alex McClanahan died. Joseph was the son of Cynthia and John Looney.

170-1.John Adam (Feb. 1867) (kids Theodore, Carl, and Warren Looney)

MALINDA LOONEY Married JULIUS RATLIFF (136-4) on May 7, 1857, at the mouth of Big Prater, Buchanan County, Virginia. Malinda was born on Dec. 20, 1834, died in 1874, about age 40, daughter of Polly and Joseph Looney.

174-1.Mary Jane (May 1858, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Abednego "Ben" McGlothlin) (Abednego was born on Sept. 3, 1858, in Buchanan County, Virginia, son of Nellie P. Ratliff and David McGlothlin)

174-2.Eliza (born in 1864, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Daniel Matney) (kids William, Charles, and Linda Matney)

174-3.Margaret (born in 1869, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Joseph Ratliff, son of Elizabeth and Fredrick Ratliff) (kids Thomas D., Julius C., Clevlin F., Ellis F., Matilda Linda, Myrtle, May, and Florence Ratliff)

174-4.John W. (Feb. 28, 1870, Buchanan County, Virginia-Nov. 28, 1949, age 79) (Married Nancy E. Wood)

174-5.Vicey (July 11, 1872, Buchanan County, Virginia-June 10, 1952, in Benton County, Arkansas, age 79) (Married John Webb on June 19, 1890) (John was born on June 16, 1869, in Carroll County, Virginia, died on April 23, 1944, in Benton County, Arkansas, age 74, son of Irena Martin Webb and David C. Rakes) (kids Joseph David, Hobert, Stuart, Mary Ellen, Louisa Irene, and Trula Webb)

SARAH OSBORNE Married JULIUS RATLIFF (136-4). Julius’ second marriage.

174-6.Louisa E. (born in 1877, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married George Keene on Nov. 5, 1903) (George was the son of Nancy and William Keene)

174-7.Cosby T. (born in 1879, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Joseph McClannahan) (Joseph was the son of Dorse McClannahan) (had daughter Louisa McClannahan)

174-8.Glen Taft (May 10, 1881, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Callie Charles)

174-9.Arthur (July 1883, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Victoria of Pound, Virginia)


LETITIA PERKINS Married JULIUS RATLIFF (136-4). Julius' third marriage. They were married for seventeen months. Letitia was born in May 1862, in Russell County, Virginia. No issue.

NELLIE P. RATLIFF (136-6) Married DAVID McGLOTHLIN. David was born in 1818, in Russell County, Virginia. David was previously married to Elenor and had children Lewis, Benjamin A., and Sarah McGlothlin.


178-2.Henry M.

178-3.William Palestine

178-4.George W.

178-5.Vicey E.

178-6.Mary Ann

LOUISA DESKINS Married SHADRACH B. RATLIFF (136-7). Louisa was born in Tazewell County, Virginia, daughter of Rachel Ratliff and Muncy Deskins.

180-1.Mary Jane (May 5, 1864, Vansant, Virginia) (Married Simon Matney) (Simon was born on Aug. 5, 18??) (kids George, John, Elbert, Shade, Henderson, McKinley, Ross, Laura, and Anna Matney)

180-2.Abednego "Ben" (Feb. 24, 1866, Buchanan County, Virginia-July 19, 1945, in Deskins, Virginia, age 79) (buried at the old homeplace on the mountain in Ratliff Cemetery, Virginia) (Married Lydia Margaret VanDyke on Jan. 20, 1886)

180-3.James Harvey (April 1869, Buchanan County, Virginia-died in 1963, about age 94) (Married Rachel C. Deskins)

180-4.Muncy W. (born in 1872, Buchanan County, Virginia-died in 1961, about age 89) (Married Sarah Yates, then Gertrude Davis)

180-5.George W. (born in 1875, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Mary Looney, then Frances Shortridge)

180-6.Virginia "Jenny" (born in 1876, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Miles Shortridge, son of Elijah Shortridge) (kids John M., Muncie, Lee, Ollie, Clarence, and Pinkie Shortridge)

180-7.Henry M. (born in 18??, Buchanan County, Virginia-died in an accident involving a gunshot, age 7) (buried on May 16, 18?? on the old Ratliff homeplace in the Ratliff Cemetery, Deel, Virginia)

RACHEL VANDYKE CHRISTIAN Married SHADRACH B. RATLIFF (136-7). Shadrach’s second marriage. Rachel was the widow of Mr. Christian.

180-8.John W. (Feb. 1885, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Orpha VanDyke in 1886) (Orpha was the widow of Mr. Baldwin)

180-9.Louisa "Lou" (Jan.. 25, 1887, Buchanan County, Virginia-May 20, 1928, in Buchanan County, Virginia, age 41) (Married William Douglas VanDyke)

180-10.Bessie (Aug. 23, 1892, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married Thomas W. Nickles)

LOTTIE RATLIFF (136-9) Married JOHN W. CHILDRESS on Aug. 9, 1883. John was born in 1842, son of Jesse Childress.



184-3.John W. Jr.








PATSY RATLIFF (142-1) Married WILLIAM RATLIFF (136-3) in Tazewell County, Virginia.

190-1.Thomas C.



190-4.Mary Jane



ELENOR WARD Married JOHN MILTON RATLIFF (142-2). Elenor was the daughter of Milton Ward.

192-1.Milton B

192-2.George E.

192-3.Mary Jane


192-5.Matty F.

192-6.Nancy J.

192-7.Lydia A.

REBECCA CORDELIA COMPTON Married JACOB M. RATLIFF (142-3) on Jan. 1, 1862, in Buchanan County, Virginia. Cordelia was born on Dec. 6, 1844, in Tazewell County, Virginia, died on Nov. 30, 1921, in Monroe County, West Virginia, age 76, buried in Ratliff Cemetery, Knobs Road, West Virginia, daughter of Margaret A. Cecil and Benjamin William Compton.

194-1.Louisa Margaret (May 8, 1864, Contrary, Buchanan County, Virginia) (Married James R. Ward, then Abednego Benjamin McGlothlin)

194-2.Mary F. (Oct. 22, 1865, Contrary, Buchanan County, Virginia-Feb. 6, 1882, in Buchanan County, Virginia, age 17) (never married)

194-3.Patricia Surrilda "Patsy" (April 16, 1868, Contrary, Buchanan County, Virginia-March 3, 1893, age 24) (Married Squire Washington Horn)

194-4.William Benjamin "Bill" (Aug. 27, 1871, Pikeville, Kentucky-Oct. 24, 1946, age 75) (buried in Ratliff Cemetery, Knobs Road, West Virginia) (Married Cosby Jane Compton, then Emma Cooper Morgan, then Nancy Lucretia Nash Compton) (he sold his farm near Sinks Grove, West Virginia and planned to move to Asbury, West Virginia in 1941)

194-5.Laura Rosetta (Oct. 7, 1873, Contrary, Buchanan County, Virginia-June 28, 1943, in Richlands, Tazewell County, Virginia, age 69) (Married Reece T. Smith on July 19, 1888)

194-6.John Franklin (Feb. 21, 1880, Contrary, Buchanan County, Virginia-Oct. 12, 1946, age 66) (buried in Ratliff Cemetery, Knobs Road, West Virginia)

194-7.Rebecca Evelyn (April 16, 1884, Buchanan County, Virginia-Sept. 3, 1884, five months old)

194-8.Archibald Perry "Arch" (July 25, 1885, Buchanan County, Virginia-Oct. 3, 1965, age 80) (buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Union, West Virginia) (resident of Knobs Road, West Virginia)

194-9.Elizabeth C. (Aug. 8, 1886, Buchanan County, Virginia-died before 1900) (she was not in the 1900 census)



196-2.Joseph (Married Margaret Ratliff, daughter of Malinda Looney and Julius Ratliff) (kids Thomas D., Julius C., Clevlin F., Ellis F., Matilda Linda, Myrtle, May, and Florence Ratliff)

196-3.Dorcey C.

196-4.William K.


196-6.John K.




BETTY "POLLY" MATNEY Married WILLIAM ANDERSON RATLIFF (142-9). Polly was born in 1850.


198-2.Alexander "Alex"

198-3.Archibald T.

198-4.Milton B.


198-6.Caroline Elizabeth

EMELY DAVIS Married WILLIAM ANDERSON RATLIFF (142-9). Bill's second marriage. Emely was born in Nov. 1871.

198-7.Ishmal Wirth


198-9.Miles S.

198-10.O. Quillie


NANCY JANE NASH Married JAMES M. RATLIFF (142-10). Nancy was born in Nov. 1853.

200-1.Thomas W.




200-5.George "Hog"

200-6.William A. "Sog"

200-7.Alexander "Duck"

200-8.Jennie (died at the age of one from tuberculosis)

200-9.Caroline Elizabeth




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