Noah Milburn Reynolds
and Maggie Jane Sergent

Noah Milburn Reynolds
Noah Milburn Reynolds Jr b 13 Feb 1866 Russell Co VA; s/o William Henry Reynolds and Matilda Frances Baker. Noah Milburn Reynolds m. 31 Dec 1885 to Mary Jane Maggie Sergent b 9 Nov 1865 d 28 Oct 1950; d/o Stephen Sergent and Elizabeth Bagwell. Children of Noah Milburn Reynolds and Mary Jane Maggie Sergent;

1. Henry Reynolds b 1 Nov 1886 Letcher Co KY d 24 Nov 1972 Bracken Co KY; m. Dolly Ann Hall b 31 Aug 1890 Knott Co KY d 2 Jan 1958 Perry Co KY; d/o Jefferson Cushing Hall and Clarinda Hall. Children of Henry Reynolds and Dolly Ann Hall;

i. Melvin Reynolds

ii. Maggie Reynolds

iii. James Reynolds

iv. Marjorie Reynolds

v. Ada Reynolds

vi. Frank Buffalo Reynolds

vii. Alvin Reynolds

viii. Calvin Reynolds

ix. Ollie Reynolds

x. Morris Reynolds

xi. Nellvina Reynolds b 18 Nov 1927 Knott Co KY; m. Amos Martin b 29 Apr 1919 Knott Co KY; s/o Cody Martin and Donna Hall.

2. Stephen Reynolds b 1888 KY

3. Martha Reynolds b 2 Aug 1889 Letcher Co KY d 19 Jun 1950 Knott Co KY; buried Francis Day Cemetery, Littcarr, Knott Co KY; m. 1908 to Joseph Hall b 5 Jan 1888 Knott Co KY d 27 Jun 1984 Knott Co KY; buried Francis Day Cemetery, Littcarr, Knott Co KY; s/o Jefferson Cushing Hall and Clarinda Hall.

4. Ida Reynolds b 22 May 1892 d 27 Aug 1947; m. 19 Jun 1915 Letcher Co KY to Buffalo W. M. Hall b 15 Nov 1884 Knott Co KY d 21 Apr 1957 Perry Co KY; s/o Jefferson Cushing Hall and Clarinda Hall. Buffalo W. M. Hall m. 28 Apr 1903 Knott Co KY to Patanna Vance b abt 1889 Knott Co KY.

5. Winton Reynolds b 1893 KY

6. Morgan Reynolds b 1895 KY d 30 Dec 1964 Knott Co KY

7. John H Reynolds b 1896 KY

8. Price Reynolds b 1899 KY

9. Bertha Reynolds b 1902 KY d 1928 by gunshot wound to heart; m. Lorenzo Cow Hall b 18 Oct 1895 Knott Co KY d 11 Apr 1995 Summit OH; s/o Floyd H Hall and Malinda Huff.

Noah's book Mountain Feuds gives a detailed history of the feud between the Wright / Lunce family and Noah and his brother, John Reynolds and Creed Potter 1882.

Ben Luntz, a descendant of W S Wright / Luntz has written a book that is full of lies. His claims that the Luntz's were fighting against the kkk are ridiculous since they were klan members themselves. This man is obsessed with the book that Noah Reynolds wrote and is angry and trying to get even. He has done unscrupulous things to compile a book which he accuses the Reynolds and their supporters of hideous crimes that he has absolutely no proof of. He has destroyed public records and has gone to great lengths to produce inaccurate newspaper clippings from far away places and other states as his "proof" of his unfounded allegations regarding this Reynolds family.

I can tell you this .. my Mother knew this Wright/Luntz family and she told me that they were the KKK. This man has put together a mess of a book that has several different incidents combined and it is the biggest mess I've ever read.

I have not wanted to bring out these details because there were many of the people in that part of the country who were klan members, but because this Ben Luntz character has written a book claiming their feud was because of klan activity I will address this issue in depth. These people bring this on themselves by trying to re-write history.

Devil John Wright and all his cohorts were kkk members themselves. This man, Ben Luntz has opened up a can of worms by making these claims. He has brought all this to light and I plan to add much more regarding these liars in the future. This family tormented Noah and John Reynolds relentlessly and in my opinion to try to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear is useless. You can't make heroes out of these Wright / Luntz's because they were not heroes. They were trouble makers and fought with many of the people that area because they really did work to steal their lands for the coal companies.

If you don't think their tactics worked, just look who ended up with the property that belonged to the Reynolds in Seco. It was the Wrights / Luntz's. This tactic worked for them for years and it was very successful. Devil John Wright was a Pinkerton Agent because the Pinkertons were strike breakers. They fought for the coal companies to put down the strikes. He was not a nice man. Who could ever think he was. He had 5 or six women who all had children by him simultaneously. He was not respected, he was feared because he would do anything to get his way and get people's land for his own personal enrichment and for the large coal companies he worked for. He was unscrupulous and dangerous, but he was no hero.

John Fox Jr who supposedly worked to make Devil John Wright into a legend but who actually did not use him as a model as they claim was also involved making money for and with the coal companies. His cohorts and associates were among the wealthy attornies and judges who represented the coal companies against the individual landowners and miners. His main objective was to create a false public version of himself, his wealthy associates and anyone else representing those who came to the area to exploit and rape that land and the people who lived there.

These people came to the area in the late 1800's and early 1900's looking to profit from the vast coal deposits and timber growth they knew to be abundant in the area, so they set out to acquire the land for little or nothing from the unsuspecting, innocent mountain people who owned the land. They even set up a local militia organization called "The Guard" to quell any dissent from anyone who might object to their exploits. Then they bragged about how they had made such a crime free area.

"The Guard" as they called the vigilante police force created by John Fox Jr. and his wealthy cohorts took care of the coal companies which they represented and were themselves heavily envolved in the coal and timber businesses. Their first venture was the Jellico Mining Company. Fox told a reporter in 1900 that "I have known members of the force to protect a Negro from a mob while he was on territory in which they were sworn to preserve the peace," and join the mob in lynching him after he was taken beyond our jurisdiction where the oath had no binding effect." As you can see by this statement Fox made, he was quite proud of the fact that they took part in lynchings.

If you are wondering how these people like Devil John and others were allowed to pillage and plunder as they did, this militia was behind him and the others who were supported by them.

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