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Charles Rowe
and Pricey Justice

Charles Rowe b 15 Jun 1808 Pike Co KY d 15 Oct 1891 Sims Creek, Pike Co KY; s/o Solomon Rowe and Elizabeth Drake. Charles Rowe m. 22 Sept 1828 Pike Co KY to Pricey Justice b about 1814 KY. (1850 Pike Co KY Census). Children of Charles Rowe and Pricey Justice;

I. Charles Rowe, Jr b about 1830 Pike Co KY

II. Wiley Rowe b about 1830 m. 13 Dec 1849 Pike Co KY to Synthia R Hilton (aka Hylton) b about 1831 Letcher Co KY.

III. Elendor Ellen Rowe b about 1831 Pike Co KY

IV. Nancy Rowe b about 1833 Pike Co KY

V. Sarah Millie 'Milla' Rowe b about 1835

VI. Henderson Rowe b about 1837

VII. Apperson Rowe b about 1839; military service, Co C, 14th KY Infantry Vols, Civil War; m. Levisa Griffith. Child of Apperson Rowe and Levisa Griffith;

1. William Epperson Rowe b 1862 KY

VIII. Jefferson Rowe b about 1842 m. Sarah Jane Miller; d/o Jackson Miller and Rachel Jones. Children of Jefferson Rowe and Sarah Jane Miller;

1. Ance Rowe

2. Horton Rowe

3. Toss Rowe

4. Pricy Rowe

5. Alex Rowe

IX. Jackson "Jack" Rowe b 25 MAY 1845 Pike Co KY d 21 Apr 1919 m. 26 Sept 1878 Pike Co KY to Sarah Ann Thacker b 30 Jan 1856 d 1 Jul 1935. Children of Jackson "Jack" Rowe and Sarah Ann Thacker;

1. John A "Buddie" Rowe m. Sarah Hunt

2. Lena Rowe m. John L Anderson

3. Grover C Rowe

4. Roland Rowe

5. Ersie Rowe

6. Bertha Rowe

7. Dock Rowe b 8 APR 1886 Pike Co, KY d 29 Aug 1914

X. Mary Jane Rowe b about 1847 Pike Co KY m. Frank Phillips s/o Bill Phillips and Mary King. Child;

1. Epperson Phillips b 10 Oct 1883 Pike Co KY

XI. Elizabeth Rowe b 25 MAR 1853

XII. Wilson Rowe b 16 NOV 1854 Pike Co KY d 15 May 1891 Pike Co KY; m. 27 Sept 1877 Pike Co KY to Mary A Williamson. Children of Wilson Rowe and Mary A Williamson;

1. Anna Rowe

2. Sanford Rowe

3. Fannie R Rowe b 18 JUN 1883 Pike Co, KY

4. Grover Cleveland Rowe b 21 MAY 1886 Pike Co, KY

5. Cosby Addie Rowe b 30 AUG 1888 Pike Co, KY

XIII. Albert Rowe b about 1860

XIV. Nelson Rowe b 10 JAN 1861 Pike Co KY d 4 Jun 1895 m. Bell Williams. Children of Nelson Rowe and Bell Williams;

1. Elbert 'Babe' Rowe

2. Ulysses Rowe

3. Estil Rowe

4. Bessie Rowe

5. Nora Rowe

6. Virgil Rowe

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