James Sergent
and Judith Farley

James Sergent b 1803 Ireland; s/o Abraham Sergent and Elizabeth Hodge. James Sergent m. (1) Judith Farley b before 1800 VA. Children of James Sergent and Judith Farley;

1. Andrew Sergent b 1824; m. 6 Nov 1849 Harlan Co KY to Elizabeth Nolan b 1834

2. Frank Sergent b 1825

3. Henry Sergent (Hell Buck) b 1826 KY; m. Margaret Wells b 1828 VA; d/o William Thomas Wells and Rebecca Shepherd.

4. Abraham Sergent b 1827

5. Ephraim A Sergent b 1829 KY d 13 Sept 1881 Nicholas Co WV; m. 2 Nov 1854 Nicholas Co WV to Nancy Jane Smith b 1841. Children of Ephraim A Sergent and Nancy Jane Smith; i. Elizabeth Sergent b 1855 Nicholas Co VA ii. Margaret Sergent b 1857 Nicholas Co VA iii. Abraham Sergent b 1858 iv. James R Sergent b 1860 Nicholas Co VA v. Judy Sergent b 1863 Nicholas Co VA vi. Henry Sergent b 1867 VA vii. Martha Sergent b 1869 Nicholas Co VA

6. Alice Sergent b 1834 KY

7. Patsy Sergent b 1840 KY

8. Forrest Sergent b 1845 KY

James Sergent
and Rebecca Green

James Sergent b 1803 Ireland; s/o Abraham Sergent and Elizabeth Hodge. James Sergent m. 21 Aug 1837 Harlan Co KY to Rebecca Green b 1822 VA. Children of James Sergent and Rebecca Green;

1. Mary Ann Sergent b 25 Oct 1838 KY d 10 Jun 1911; m. 26 apr 1853 Harlan Co KY to James Mitchell b 1833 KY. Children of James Mitchell and Mary Ann Sergent; i. Nathan Henry Mitchell b 1853 KY ii. Rebecca Jane Mitchell b 1857 iii. Nancy Mitchell b 1858 iv. William Marion Mitchell b 1862 v. Elizabeth Mitchell b 1864 vi. Calvin S Mitchell b 1867 Harlan Co KY vii. Letha Mitchell b 1873 viii. Daniel Mitchell b 1874.

2. Stephen Sergent b 1840 KY d 24 Mar 1908 Harlan Co KY; m. 1861 (divorced 6 Jun 1879) Elizabeth Powell. Children of Stephen Sergent and Elizabeth Powell; i. Sarah Sergent b 1862 ii. James Sergent b 1865 iii. Rebecca Sergent b 1868 iv. Martha sergent b 1871 v. William Lincoln Sergent b 1876 Harlan Co KY vi. Floyd Sergent b 1877

Stephen Sergent m. 13 Nov 1879 Lee Co VA to Cynthia Grubbs; d/o Michael Grubbs and Jennie Unknown. Children of Stephen Sergent and Cynthia Grubbs; i. David Sergent b 1879 ii. Mollie Sergent b 1880 iii. Susan Sergent b 1886 iv. Eliza Sergent b 1887 v. Benjamin Sergent b 1891.

3. Sarah Sergent b 1842 KY

4. Andrew Jackson Sergent b abt 1844 KY; m. 1863 Nancy Browning b 1840 KY; d/o Jacob Browning and Sarah Clemmons. Children of Andrew Jackson Sergent and Nancy Browning; i. Wilson Sergent b 1861; m. 1 Nov 1888 Lee Co VA to Millie Thompson ii. Vina Sergent b 1865; m. 1892 Lee Co VA to James Johnson iii. Ingabo Sergent (f) b 1871; m. 1886 Lee Co VA to Floyd Thompson

5. William Sergent b abt 1846 KY

6. Lucy Sergent b 1850 KY

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