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Joab Slone
and Cynthia Slone

Joab Slone b abt 1815 Floyd Co KY; s/o Archibald Slone and Milly Sanford. Joab Slone m. Cynthia Slone b abt 1817 KY d bet 1843 and 1850 Pike Co KY; race black or mulatto (See Below. Children of Joab Slone and Cynthia Slone;

1. Eliza Mary Jane Slone b 1834 Pike Co KY d 4 Jun 1913 Grapevine, Pike Co KY of dropsy; m. 24 Feb 1853 Pike Co KY to Christopher Rains b abt 1832. Children of Christopher Rains and Eliza Mary Jane Slone; i. Nancy Jane Rains b 1857 Pike Co KY; m. 24 Dec 1879 Pike Co KY to Joab Watson Slone b 11 Feb 1859 Pike Co KY d 25 Nov 1926 Grapevine, Pike Co KY; s/o Mitchell Slone and Pricy Justice. ii. Polly Rains b abt 1854; m. 11 Aug 1883 Pike Co KY to Floyd Casebolt b 1863

Eliza Mary Jane Slone m. 22 Oct 1880 Pike Co KY to Abel chaney b abt 1784 Russell Co VA

2. John Slone b 1837 Pike Co KY; m. 23 Mar 1855 Pike Co KY to Elizabeth Rains b abt 1837 KY; d/o John Rains and Sarah Justice. Elizabeth Rains m. 28 Dec 1865 Pike Co KY to Aaron Smith b abt 1821 VA; s/o William Gilmore Smith and Agnes Slone.

3. Mary Polly Slone b 30 Nov 1843 Pike Co KY d 24 Aug 1928 Pikeville, Pike Co KY; buried York Cemetery, Pike Co KY; race: white, mulatto, black; m. Gilmore Justice b 18 Feb 1831 Logan, Pike Co KY d 14 Jul 1899 Pike Co KY; buried Lower Pompey, Pike Co KY; s/o Thomas Justcie and Elizabeth Blackburn. Gilmore Justice m. 7 Apr 1850 Pike Co KY to Mary Polly Payne b abt 1832 KY; d/o Simeon Justice and Agnes Slone. Gilmore Justice m. 3 Feb 1874 Pike Co KY to Pricey Justice Blackburn b abt 1831 WV; d/o Peyton Justice and Elizabeth Keen. Gilmore Justice m. abt 1886 Pike Co KY to Sarah Thacker b abt 1835; d/o Joseph Thacker and Martha Remines. Mary Polly Slone m. Jonathan H Chaney b 1842 Pike Co KY; s/o Abel Chaney and Agnes Slone. Jonathan H Chaney m. 30 Mar 1862 Pike Co KY to Isabelle J Ibby Raines b 1839 Pike Co KY. Mary Polly Slone m. 14 Aug 1885 in the home of John Dils, Pike Co KY to William Dills b 15 Nov 1852 Pike Co KY; occupation, domestic servant of John Dils Jr family; race: Mulatto, Black.

Joab Slone
and Martha Rains

Joab Slone b abt 1815 Floyd Co KY; s/o Archibald Slone and Milly Sanford. Joab Slone m. 3 May 1861 Pike Co KY to Martha Rains b abt 1843 Pike Co KY; d/o John Rains. Children of Joab Slone and Martha Rains;

1. Sarah Slone b abt 1862 Pike Co KY

2. John M Slone b abt 1864 Pike Co KY

3. Charlotte Slone b abt 1866 Pike Co KY

4. Milla Slone b abt 1868 Pike Co KY

5. Mary E Slone b abt 1870 Pike Co KY

6. William Sloan b abt 1873 Pike Co KY

7. Joab Watson Slone b abt 1877 KY

8. Ibbie E Slone b 1879 Pike Co KY; m. 12 Mar 1896 Pike Co KY to Ulysses Grant Coleman b 1880 Pike Co KY

Source of Above and of the Following
Frank Mitchell - Sloanguy@SloanConnection.com
The Sloan Connection

Not sure if she & Joab Slone were m. or not, no m. record has been found yet. Steven Williams had this to say researching Cynthia Slone. Steven says:

"Although the evidence is circumstantial, Cynthia appears to have been one of the slaves of James Slone Sr. Between 1840 - 1850, the Slone household appears to lose a female slave, born between 1807 and 1816. Mary Jane Slone was born in 1845, and the wills of James & Mary were made in 1847, and do not mention a Cynthia - perhaps (and this is just a guess), Cynthia died giving birth to Mary Jane in 1845. That would explain why Cynthia was not listed in the Slone wills, but it doesn't explain why Eliza, John, & Mary Jane were always free (unless there was a manumission not recorded, or now lost). By law, the mother's status determined that of the child, so Eliza & Mary should have been slaves, too, yet Eliza is already listed as a free white female in James Slone's 1840 household.

If Cynthia was in fact one of the Slone slaves, it is possible that she was the sister or cousin of Chloe, given to Mary Justice Slone in her father's will. She may also have been related to the male mulatto, b abt 1820, listed as a slave of Joab Slone in 1850. Mary Jane Slone, Cynthia's daughter, is shown living in 1860 among the former slaves of David Polly and James Slone, who were freed upon the death of his widow Mary.

Cynthia's daughter Mary Jane is listed variously as "mulatto," "black," and "white." Cynthia's daughter Eliza, however, is consistently listed as "white." Probably Cynthia was of a light complexion: several of the Slone & Polly family slaves are described in court records and wills as "yellow." A similarly confusing situation exists with James Slone (Joab's brother) & his wife Mary S. Havens, who is consistently listed as "white," yet her daughter Mahala changes from "white" as a girl to "mulatto" and then "black" as an adult in her own household. James's 3rd wife Polly Ann Chaney was, according to oral tradition, "black." Another of Joab's brothers, Amos, married a free woman of mixed-race ancestry (Goins descent).

Sources: 1) Pike County, Kentucky Court Order Book B1 610, 22 Feb 1853: "This day ^Mary M.^ Eliza Sloan...orphan of Cynthia Sloan deceased came into open court and made choice of Abel Chaney as her guardian and thereafter the same Abel Chaney together with Hammon W. Ratliff on his surety..." (note: "Mary M." inserted by clerk before "Eliza" in court order; this is the same Abel Chaney that Eliza later married)

2) Marriage record of Eliza Slone to Christopher Rains, February 24, 1853, Pike Co KY: daughter of "Cintha Slone"

3) Death Certificate of Eliza (Slone) Chaney, June 04, 1913, Pike Co, KY: daughter of "Joe Slone & Sintha Slone."

4) Death Certificate of Mary (Slone) Dills, August 24, 1928, Pike Co, KY: daughter of "Joe Ab Slone & Synthia Slone." (Mary is listed variously as "mulatto," "black," & "white" on different records - see notes for her)

5) The 1830 Census, Pike Co, KY pg369: Slone, James 0000000001000 1000100010000 & 19 slaves: Black Males: under 10=8, 10-23=2, 24-36=1 and Black Females: under 10=4, 10-23=3, 24-36=1 (Chloe) (note 3 white females: 1 <5, 1 20-30, 1 60-70 - the 20-30 year old woman could not be George Slone's 2nd wife Elizabeth, since he & she were still alive at that time, and living in their own household; researcher Viola Slone Wright thinks she was George's daughter Mary, who married William Campbell, however note that Mary needed her stepmother Elizabeth's consent in 1835 to marry William, meaning she was under age, & therefore too young to be this woman, if the age is here reported correctly. On the other hand, the fact that John Sloan Sr attested the marriage argues for this woman being Mary)

6) The 1840 Census, Pike Co, KY, pg 283: Slone, James White Males 1 70-80; White Females 1 5-10 (Eliza) & 1 70-80; also 19 Slaves (10 Male: 2 <10 (probably Sam & ?), 6 10-24 (probably Sampson, Weston, Hampton, Edmund, Shadrac, & 1 unknown), 2 24-35 (?); & 9 Female: 4 <10 (probably Minta, Polly, Sylvia & Arta), 2 10-24 (probably Betsy & Anna), 2 24-35 (1 is Chloe; the other Cynthia?), 1 36-55 (probably Phoebe, who d. 20 Oct 1853, aged 65). In 1850, there are still 9 female slaves owned by widow Mary Slone, but a different 9.

7) The 1850 Census, Pike Co, KY, pg 435b, #27: Mary, age 79, VA; also Eliza M. Slone, 16 (white), Mary J. Slone, 4 (mullato) and Spencer Polly, 21 (black). Next door, #28: Polly, John, 24 (black), Labourer, b KY. John & Spencer Polly, former slaves of David Polly, d 1848, both married Slone slaves (Arta & Elizabeth, respectively: see 1860 Census, Pike KY, HH #19 & #49). See Pike Co KY COB B1 287 Spencer Polly, Certificate of Freedom; 20 yrs, 5'9"-10", "...of rather a yellow complexion the paliate of his mouth deficient which causes an impediment in his speech..."

8) The 1850 Census (Slave), Pike Co, KY, taken 30 July 1850: Mary Slone, 23 slaves (55 FB; 43 FM; 28 MM; 27 MM; 24 FM; 22 FM; 30 FM; 18 FM; 16 FM; 15 FM; 13 FM; 12 MM; 11 MM; 9 FM; 9 FM; 6 MM; 5 MM; 4 MM; 2 FM; 3/12 FM; 2 FM; 3/12 MM; 2 MM (Note: 1st letter is M for male, F for female; 2nd letter is B for black, M for "mulatto" (black mixed with white, Indian, or both; or Indian mixed with white)

9) The 1860 Census, Pike Co, Piketon, District 1, households #19 (head: Spencer Polly, black, age 30, b KY), #20 (head: Chloey Slone, mulatto, 54, VA) & #49 (head: John Polly, black, 31, KY) 10) The 1850 Census (Slave), Pike Co, KY: Slone, Joab: 1 male mulatto slave.

11) The 1850 Census, Scott Co, VA: #762 SLOANE, Cynthia 30, white fem; William 3, white male - this appears to be a different Cynthia, this Cynthia is probably already dec'd.

12) 22 Feb 1853: Pike Co. Ky court record calls her daughter Eliza "orphan of Cynthia Sloan deceased."

13) Last Will and Testament of William Witcher of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, probated Pittyslvania Co., VA July 18th, 1808 (A SINDA, CEALA, and Anna, daughters of Sarah, & a PHEBE, Betsy, and Peyton, children of Tamer, and also a Sellar, appear among the slaves listed in the 1808 will of William Witcher of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Note that "Phoebe" was a name common among both African-Americans & American Indians in those days (Wright: 254). Daniel Witcher was a witness to the Pittsylvania County will of James's father John Sloan. The Witchers were neighbors and relatives by marriage of the Justices, Adkins, Thackers, Polleys and Slones of Pittsylvania County. It is possible therefore that this Sinda, Ceala & Phebe are Cynthia, Silvey & Feeby of the Slone records (or that Cynthia was the child of one of these women); Sellar may have been the same person as or related to the "black Siller" mentioned in William Justice's will (the Justices also had lived in Pittsylvania County prior to coming to Kentucky).

This may indicate that James Slone bought some of his slaves from the heirs of William Witcher of Pittsylvania County, and then imported them into Pike County. In 1767 in Pittsylvania County, William Witcher has only one slave, a male named Sawney. On that same list, however, a Richard Peari's tithes are a William Lowry, and negroes Jack, HARRY, JEANY, Hannah, and SILVIAH. Note that a Harry is listed as a 'negro boy' in William Justice's will, and in that same will are a "Yallor Jin" & a "Jin black." Again, Silvey was the name of one of James Slone's slaves. The Owens family of Pike County had slaves named Chloe & Cynthia who were sisters. The repetition of these names in the Witcher, Justice, and Slone wills (Chloe, Cynthia, Sylvia, Phoebe, Jenny, Harry) may indicate family connections.)

14) The 1900 Census, Pike Co, KY, E.D. 77, pg 17A, #293/296, household of Green Owen, Black, age 38, b Feb 1862: CLOA Owens (Black, age 65, b May 1835, Mother of Green) & CINDA Owens (Black, age 15, b March 1885, niece of Green); Eliza RAINES is not far away (on pg 16B, #285/288). Note the appearance of these 2 names together, perhaps suggesting that these could be relatives. The Owens family of Pike County had many slaves (see 1850 Census (Slave), and they too had migrated from Pittsylvania County).

15) Randall M. Miller, John David Smith, "Dictionary of Afro-American Slavery" (Greenwood Pub Grp, Dec 1988), "Kentucky" article (one of the features of slavery in the mountains of Kentucky was how closely the owners and their slaves interacted, acting as a sort of extended family, very different from the large plantations of places like South Carolina)

16) Ira Berlin, "Many Thousands Gone The First Two Centuries of Slavery in North America", Belknap Harvard University Press, 1998 (slaves in Pittsylvania Co, VA would have descended from Africans imported to work on the tobacco plantations of the Chesapeake)

17) Pike County genealogist Viola Slone Wright reports that she has heard of a tradition that Cynthia was "black," but has been unable to find anyone who can provide any specific info on Cynthia's identity; in a personal interview, 21 July 2003, she & I came to the conclusion that identifying Cynthia as a slave of James Slone Sr is a reasonable interpretation of the evidence. Mitochondrial DNA testing of living direct descendants through the female line might be able to shed light on this."

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