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James Stamper
and Tamar Tolson

James B Stamper b 13 Dec 1797 Letcher Co KY d 29 Jan 1864 Morgan Co KY; m. 25 Oct 1817 Floyd Co KY to Tamar Tolson b abt 1785 d abt 1824; d/o Thomas Tolson. Children of James B Stamper and Tamar Tolson;

1. Sarah H Sallie Stamper b 16 Dec 1819 Letcher Co KY d 1886 Wolfe Co KY; buried Tutt Faulkner Cemetery, Wolfe Co KY; m. William A Tuff b abt 1814 d 8 Nov 1883 Wolfe Co KY; buried Tutt Faulkner Family Cem., Wolfe Co KY.

2. William Dixon Stamper b 1821 Letcher Co KY; m. Jane Jennie Adams b 1824 KY; d/o Jesse Adams and Margaret Maggard.

James Stamper
and Polly Robinson

James B Stamper b 13 Dec 1797 Letcher Co KY d 29 Jan 1864 Morgan Co KY; m. Polly Robinson b 2 Aug 1812. Children of James B Stamper and Polly Robinson;

1. George H Robinson Stamper b 9 Jun 1831 Letcher Co KY

2. Hiram H Robinson Stamper b 1 Feb 1833 Morgan Co KY

3. John Whitt Stamper b 18 Jun 1836 Letcher Co KY d 1905 Ozark, Lawrence Co MO; m. 1855 KY to Nancy J Hogg b 1839 Owsley Co KY d 1905 MO; d/o Hiram Hogg and Lavina Polly.

4. Matilda Stamper b 16 Jan 1839

5. Dorothy Crockett Stamper b 28 Feb 1842

James B Stamper in the Civil War

It was during the Civil War that James B. Stamper was killed by Federal troops on January 30, 1864. His allegiance was with the South. His grandson, William H. Tutt, was a member of Co. E, 2nd Battalion, Kentucky Mounted Rifles, CSA. When James Stamper was killed, his grandson was a prisoner of war and confined at Camp Morton, Indiana. Also, James' nephew was Captain Hiram H. Stamper of the 13th Kentucky Cavalry. Hiram had been taker prisoner at Gladeville, Virginia in 1863. James B. Stamper's pro-southern support led to his death. In a letter written by Daniel D. Hurst to William L. Hurst on February 10, 1864, an eyewitness account of the shooting is detailed. Daniel Hurst was one of one hundred Federal troops who were scouring the mountain region of eastern Kentucky for Confederate soldiers. His letter, in part, reads as follows: 'We went to Wash Goodpaster's and made a charge on the house and got some nine or ten prisoners and very bad ones. Among them was a man by the name of Michael, also Thomas Ross, Aca Cater, Jerry Plummer and two of Wash Goodpaster's sons whose names I have forgotten. We then went on some five miles to a man's house named Cecil and there put up for the night. Shortly after we got our horses fed we discovered a light some miles back the way we had come.

We detailed twenty men to go see what was happening. They discovered that the Guerrillas had come in behind us and set fire to the home of a man named Vest which was destroyed. We immediately went in pursuit of them and surrounded them in the home of Big Jim Stamper. They showed fight and fired on us. We returned the fire, shooting through the cracks of the log house and at the doors. When a door was torn down, they surrendered throwing their pistols in to the yard. On entering the house we found old Stamper had been killed.' Another letter written by Samuel Hurst to William Hurst on February 11, 1864 from Mt. Sterling, Kentucky claimed, 'We killed old Jim Stamper and a ring leader of the Geurrillas by the name Hamilton and took 19 prisoners.' Information on the death of James B. Stamper supplied by Tutt Lambert, Paxton Lake, 1443 Nauticus Cove, Loveland, OH 45140. It is believed that some of James B. Stamper's marriages were common-law arrangements. Land deeds show that his farm was situated on Grassy Creek, Morgan Co, Kentucky. per Oliver Stamper (1945): James B. Stamper (William, James), farmer.: b. December 13, 1797, either in NC or in what is now Letcher Co, Kentucky. He had five wives, two or three of whom may have been common law wives, by all of whom he had children. 1st wife' Tamer Olson; 2nd. Rebecca Osborn; 3rd. Miss Hatton; 4th. Miss Robinson; 5th. Sallie Jones. He moved from Letcher Co to Morgan Co, Kentucky, either before or at the time his father did. Have conflicting reports about his death. according to one report he was killed by Union soldiers January 29, 1864. His Grandson, James H. Stamper, says he died in 1858 at West Liberty, Morgan Co, Kentucky. He is buried at or near Grassycreek Kentucky.

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