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Elisha Thacker
and Judah Hall

Elisha Thacker b 1783 d 1854; s/o Joseph Thacker and Elizabeth Betty Jones. Elisha Thacker m. 1815 VA to Juda Hall b 1785. Children of Elisha Thacker and Judah Hall;

1. Elizabeth Thacker b 1802; m. Henry Adkins b 1799. Children of Henry Adkins and Elizabeth Thacker; i. Winright Adkins b 1825 ii. Winston Adkins b 1829 iii. Owen Adkins b 1832 iv. Henry Adkins b 1835 v. Judy Adkins b 1838 vi. Jessie Adkins b 1841 vii. Reuben Adkins b 1846

2. Dorcas Thacker b 1805; m. William Howard

3. Sarah Thacker b 1807; m. Millington Milton Adkins b 1809.

4. Gidia Thacker b 1813; m. Booker Justice b 1810. Children of Booker Justice and Gidia Thacker; i. Concley Justice b 1833 ii. Harlan Justice b 1835 iii. Elisha Justice b 1839 iv. Mary Justice b 1840 v. Judy Justice b 1842 vi. Bassile Justice b 1845 vii. Rhoda Justice b 1849

5. John Thacker b 1816 VA; m. Malinda Blackburn b 1818; d/o Thomas Blackburn and Sarah Unknown.

6. Elisha Thacker b 1817 Floyd Co KY; m. 7 Dec 1837 Pike Co KY to Florinda Justice b abt 1813 KY; d/o Simeon Justice and Mary Polly Abshire.

7. Absolom Thacker b 1826 KY; m. Mary Jane Remines Ramey b 1830 KY; d/o Harvey Remines and Lucy Sergent. Children of Absalom Thacker and Mary Jane Remines Ramey b 1830 KY; i. Nancy Thacker b abt 1846 KY ii. Vicey Jane Thacker b 1847 KY iii. Nathaniel Thacker b 1849 KY iv. Jefferson Thacker b 1850 v. Wallace Thacker b 1857 vi. Caroline Thacker b 1860

8. Greenville Thacker b 1829 Pike Co KY; m. Dorcas Adkins b 1827 KY; d/o William Adkins and Elizabeth Thacker.

9. Anna Thacker b 1830; m. William Adkins b 1821. Children of William Adkins and Anna Thacker; i. Nathaniel Adkins b 1845 Pike Co KY d 2 Feb 1925 Fishtrap, Pike Co KY; m. 29 Jan 1869 to Foudie Adkins; d/o Elisha Adkins ii. Sarah Adkins b 1848 KY; m. 21 Jan 1869 Pike Co KY to Millinton Thacker b abt 1833 KY; s/o Randolph Thacker and Martha Patsy Adkins.

10. Joseph Thacker b 1832 Pike Co KY; m. Martha E Black b 1836

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