Jason Lewis Webb
and Elizabeth Craft

Jason Lewis Webb b 3 Mar 1820 Floyd Co KY d 23 Dec 1903 Letcher Co KY; buried Bottom Fork, Mayking, Letcher Co KY; Findagrave Memorial; s/o Benjamin Webb and Jane Adams. Jason Lewis Webb m. abt 1841 to Elizabeth Craft b 1824 Perry (now Letcher) Co KY d 23 Dec 1903; d/o James Washington Craft and Drusilla Hammonds. Children of Jason Lewis Webb and Elizabeth Craft;

1. Mahala Webb b abt 1843 Letcher Co KY; m. James T Hayes b 1845 Wise Co VA. Children of James T Hayes and Mahala Webb;

i. Sarah A Hayes b 1864

ii. Altha Leeta Hayes b 1872 Letcher Co KY d 1899 Flat Gap, Wise Co VA; m. 9 May 1891 Wise Co VA to Jesse Joseph Stallard b 24 Apr 1873 Wise Co VA d 30 Nov 1903 Wise Co VA; s/o Joseph Henderson Stallard and Dianah Bolling. Children of Jesse Joseph Stallard and Altha Leeta Hayes;

I. James Willard Stallard b 27 Mar 1892 Wise Co VA d 1948 VA

II. Bradford H Stallard b 24 Feb 1894 VA d 1962; buried Pound, Wise Co VA

Jesse Joseph Stallard m. 4 Mar 1899 Wise Co VA to Derinda Sturgill b 1884 Floyd Co KY; d/o Francis Sturgill and Mary E Parsons. Children of Jesse Joseph Stallard and Derinda Sturgill;

I. Lonnie E Stallard b 30 Jan 1900 Wise Co VA d 15 Jul 1972 Wise Co VA; m. 3 Apr 1920 VA to Laura Bolling b 5 May 1898 Wise Co VA d Feb 1986; d/o William Anderson Bolling and Mary E Bolling.

II. Creed F Stallard b 24 Sept 1902 Wise Co VA d 14 Jun 1989 Wise Co VA; m. 21 Mar 1921 Wise Co VA to Edna Bolling b 8 Feb 1900 VA d 15 Dec 1969 Wise Co VA; d/o William Anderson Bolling and Mary A Bolling. Children of Creed F Stallard and Edna Bolling; II.i. Molly Stallard b abt 1927 VA II.ii. Don Stallard b 3 Feb 1941

2. Archealous Craft Webb b 1844 Letcher Co KY d 22 Jun 1895 Floyd Co KY; buried Bottom Fork, Mayking, Letcher Co KY; Findagrave Memorial; m. 28 Nov 1865 Letcher Co KY to Nancy Craft b 27 Feb 1848 Letcher Co KY d 19 Feb 1915 Letcher Co KY; buried Bottom Fork, Mayking, Letcher Co KY; Findagrave Memorial; d/o Henry Craft and Elizabeth Betsy Williams.

3. Samuel T Webb b abt 1845 Letcher Co KY

4. Wiley William Webb b 10 Oct 1846 Letcher Co KY

5. Mary Jane Webb b 22 Nov 1848 Letcher Co KY

6. Annanias F Webb b 28 Nov 1850 Letcher Co KY

7. Nelson R Webb b 2 Apr 1853 Letcher Co KY

8. Benjamin P Webb b 8 Apr 1855 Letcher Co KY d 10 May 1928; buried Thornton Cemetery, Thornton, Letcher Co KY; m. abt 1878 to Lettishia Adams b 6 May 1863 Cowan, Letcher Co KY d 9 Feb 1941; buried Thornton Cemetery, Thornton, Letcher Co KY; d/o John Dixon Adams and Nancy Caudill.

9. Drucilla Webb b 16 Sept 1857

Mnt Eagle, Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY
Thursday, May 28, 1931 Page 16
Webb Family

Read the account of the formation of the Old Oven Fork Church. Read till you come to the name of James Webb. He was the originator of the families of this name in Letcher and other near-by counties. He was born in England and ran away from there against the will of his parents when he was eleven years of age, and landed on the Eastern coast of the United States. He was born in 1744 and lived till 1849, and died near the site of the old Baptist Church near Eolia, which he helped to organize.

Before coming to the mountains of Kentucky he had become a member of the Old Baptist Church and brought his membership letter with him. He was a peculiar, independent man, small in stature, but athletic, even in his old age, as a boy. The writer has always understood that his wife was Elizabeth Nelson, a close relative to Kentucky's pioneer hunter and settler, Daniel Boone. He remembered and often spoke of the French and Indian War.

When a young man, he enlisted with the American forces. He saw service on many battlefields, and at White Plains, N. Y., was severally wounded, supposedly killed. After the fighting ended he was taken from the field still alive. He recovered, but never returned to the army. He had a fight with an army officer and was afraid of what might result. He found his way through the forests, dodging Tories and English run-aways, till he reached his wife in North Carolina.

His family, said to be five sons and five daughters. Only one of the sons made a permanent settlement and lived and died in what is now Letcher County. This was Benjamin. Two or three of the sons eventually came into the section, settled by their brother, but went on further into the state. One of these was Zachariah, who went, it is said, into the Red River or Middle Fork sections and settled, rearing a large family.

Another, named William, I believe migrated to the Levisa Fork section of the Big Sandy and has a large generation of folks there at this time. Another son, whose name the writer's father or uncles could never name, went back up in the state, most likely into what is Grant County, and settled. The Webbs, like the Caudills, Adams, Collins, Backs and Fields, always made their marks along this line whether they did any good or not. This article is not intended to be a large biographical sketch of the Webbs.

Mention is made of Benjamin Webb. He was born in the year 1783 and died in 1872. He came to what is now Letcher County in 1806 and soon afterward married Jenny Adams, a daughter of the original John Adams. His children were:

Nelson, who died when a young man, unmarried;

Enoch A. (Dutch) who reared a large family, the youngest son being Joe Nelson Webb, still living on Bottomfork and now over eighty. His mother was a member of the old Polly family.

Following the birth of Uncle Dutch, (Enoch A Dutch Webb), Pathia, a daughter, was born into the family. She grew to womanhood and married Isaac Adams, the grandfather of Arch C. Adams, now a well known resident of Whitesburg. After the birth of three sons and two daughters, as we recall, she died. The sons were Wiley, Spence and Moses Adams. Wiley married Vina Polly and became the father of several children, including Jas. H. Adams of Bottomfork, and Richard R. Adams, now residing in Kansas City, Mo. Spencer Adams, living on the head of Little Cowan, is a son of Moses Adams, as is W. Riley Adams, an attorney at Forsyth, Mo. So far as we have knowledge, these are the only two living representatives of this family. After Pathiah's death Isaac married a daughter of Jonathan Hays, mentioned in the account of the Old Ovenfork Church.

The next was Letty, who became the wife of Rev. Archelaus Craft, an old Baptist minister. She reared a large family, among whom was Enoch A, Craft (Chuck), now quite aged, but still living at his home on Millstone.

The next Polly, who married William Adams, who was killed in the Civil War. She was the mother of S. E. Adams, father of Eld. Bennett Adams, now residing at Mayking.

Jason L. was the next one. He first married Elizabeth Craft, a sister of the Rev. Archelaus Craft, who had prior to this married the sister of Jason L. To them a large family of sons and daughters were born. Just two of these are now living, Wiley W., living on the head of Little Cowan (now 85) and Drucilla Hays, widow of Josh Hays, who lives with one of her sons at Jenkins. Early in the Civil War the first wife of Jason L. Webb died and in two or three years he married Loudena Hubbard, a daughter of Eld. Robert S. Hubbard and Sally Bolling Hubbard mentioned in the Old Ovenfork Church record and printed in the Eagle this week. To this union was born nine children (one dying in infancy) all of whom, so far as is known, are still living. The editor of this paper is the oldest of this family.

The next born into this old family was Miles M., who married Polly Holbrook, a daughter of Benjamin Holbrook, also mentioned in the said Ovenfork Church record, and they also reared a large family. Several of this family are still living, one of whom is Big Nelt Webb, residing at Mayking. Dr. Gibson, a highly respectable young physician and surgeon, now with offices in Akron, Ohio, is a grandson of Uncle Miles, and all his hundreds of friends and relatives are proud of him.

Sally Webb was the baby daughter of the family. She married Eld. Simpson Adams and following the rule which none of them would violate, she, too, reared a large family of children. Only four sons of this family are still living. These are, Eld. Ben Jack Adams, W. M. Adams of Pine Creek, Jason, single, and Elder Simpson E. Adams of Haymond.

We now come to the last, the youngest son of the family. This was Wiley W. Webb, who resided most of his life at what is now Mayking and died there. His wife, and the mother of his children, was Elizabeth Polly before her marriage. They, too, reared the usual size family. Four of these are still living, Mattie, the wife of Lee Craft, resides at Anchorage, near Louisville; Ned, in Tennessee; Cornelia, wife of J. Wash Adams, at Blackey, and John A. Webb at Whitesburg.

This little sketch of my family has been written hurriedly. I should have given more details and named all the grandchildren of Benjamin Webb, my grandfather, whom I am glad to refer to as on of the makers of the civilization of our mountain a century and more ago.

Benj. Webb, disregarding his generally admirable peculiarities, was a great man (Pardon me for saying it) and impressed his greatness and usefulness on the country throughout a long career. His sons and daughters were always proud of him, and I would that his grandchildren and all his noble blood learn more of him and endeavor to live as he lived, an honor to his country and to his God. His dust and that of most of his sons and daughters rest peacefully on the flat hill overlooking Mayking, Bottomfork and Pine Creek, where he surrendered like a true soldier and was buried. May heaven continue to smile on that sacred spot where those so dear and near to us rest in peace. (Kentuckiana Digital Library)

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