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Richmond B Whitaker
and Mary Polly Ann Stamper

Richmond B Whitaker b 3 Mar 1859 Letcher Co KY d 2 Nov 1934 Letcher Co KY; s/o Stephen A Whitaker and Lavina Frazier. Richmond B Whitaker m. 24 Nov 1881 KY to Mary Polly Ann Stamper b 2 Feb 1865 KY d 1927 Letcher Co KY; drowned in the flash flood of 1927 on Rockhouse Creek; d/o Hiram Stamper and Susannah Hogg. Children of Richmond B Whitaker and Mary Polly Ann Stamper;

1. Mason Whitaker b Apr 1883 KY d 5 Apr 1951 Perry Co KY; m. abt 1905 KY to Rhoda Hall b abt 1890 KY. Children of Mason Whitaker and Rhoda Hall; i. Thelma Whitaker b abt 1907 Letcher Co KY ii. R B Whitaker b 20 May 1908 Letcher Co KY iii. Karl Whitaker b abt 1910 Letcher Co KY iv. Walter Elbert Whitaker b 2 Feb 1912 Letcher Co KY v. Jessie Whitaker b 10 Sept 1914 Letcher Co KY vi. Dana M Whitaker b 6 Ju 1917 Letcher Co KY vii. Harry M Whitaker b 23 Oct 1919 Letcher Co KY viii. hester M Whitaker b 23 Feb 1922 Letcher Co KY ix. Mack S Whitaker b 7 Apr 1924 Letcher Co KY x. Osbrey Whitaker b abt 1927 Letcher Co KY xi.

2. Hester Whitaker b 25 Dec 1884 KY d 18 Jan 1955 Letcher Co KY; buried Calvary Campus, Stuart Robinson School, Blackey, KY; m. 19 Jan 1906 KY to Benjamin McIntyre b 11 Nov 1880 KY d 12 Oct 1939 KY; of suicide; buried Calvary Campus, Stuart Robinson School, Blackey, KY; donated 16 acres of valuable land for the campus of Stuart Robinson School; s/o William McIntyre and Dianah Combs.

3. Hattie Whitaker b May 1886 KY

4. James R Whitaker b Jul 1888 KY; m. abt 1911 KY to Desta Stamper b abt 1896 KY d 27 Apr 1988 Grayson Co KY. Children of James R Whitaker and Desta Stamper; i. Woodrow Whitaker b abt 1913 KY ii. Vestrees Whitaker b 19 Jun 1916 Letcher Co KY iii. Polly Ann Whitaker b 1918 Letcher Co KY iv. James R Whitaker b abt 1921 Letcher Co KY v. Harlan Whitaker b abt 1922 Letcher Co KY vi. Irene Whitaker b 6 Dec 1923 Letcher Co KY

5. Ida Whitaker b Jul 1890 KY

6. Kenon Whitaker b Mar 1893 KY d 31 Jul 1939 Letcher Co KY; m. abt 1914 KY to Martha Banks b abt 1895 KY. Children of Kenon Whitaker and Martha Banks; i. Samson Whitaker b 4 Aug 1914 Letcher Co KY ii. Ternie Whitaker b 18 Jan 1919 Letcher Co KY iii. Vernon Whitaker b 15 Dec 1922 Letcher Co KY iv. Alpha Whitaker b 19 Nov 1924 Letcher Co KY v. Gertrude Whitaker b 21 May 1927 Letcher Co KY vi. Lola Whitaker b 27 Dec 1929 Letcher Co KY

7. Susan Whitaker b Feb 1895 KY

8. Levina Whitaker b 5 Mar 1897 Letcher Co KY; m. abt 1915 Ky to Shade Adams b abt 1892 KY. Children of Shade Adams and Levina Whitaker; i. Osa Adams b 17 Dec 1917 Letcher Co KY ii. Ernest Adams b 5 Sept 1918 Letcher Co KY iii. Renavae Adams b 14 Oct 1921 Letcher Co KY iv. Renavae Adams b 14 Oct 1921 Letcher Co KY v. Cecil Adams b 9 Aug 1924 Letcher Co KY vi. Gladys Adams b abt 1924 Letcher Co KY vii. Helena Adams b 21 Sept 1927 Letcher Co KY viii. Georgia M Adams b 20 Jun 1929 Letcher Co KY

9. Bryant Whitaker b 15 Mar 1899 Letcher Co KY d 28 Sept 1975 Letcher Co KY; m. abt 1919 Letcher Co KY to Mollie Combs b abt 1899 KY. Children of Bryant Whitaker and Mollile Combs; i. Constance Whitaker b 25 Oct 1920 Letcher Co KY ii. Mariel Whitaker b abt 1922 Letcher Co KY iii. Landis Whitaker b 8 Sept 1923 Letcher Co KY iv. Mollie Whitaker b abt 1926 Letcher Co KY v. Glenda Whitaker b 16 Feb 1928 Letcher Co KY

10. Ethel Whitaker b about 1903 Letcher Co KY

11. Douglas Whitaker b 06 Mar 1905 Letcher Co KY d 28 Sept 1970 Middletown, Butler Co OH; m. abt 1927 to Effie Unknown b 1 Aug 1910 KY d 9 Apr 1973 middletown, Butler Co OH

12. Letha Whitaker b about 1907 Letcher Co KY

13. Grant Whitaker b 09 Jun 1909 Letcher Co KY d 25 Mar 1980 Madison Co KY

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