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John "Red" Adams
Laurena Roark

John "Red" Adams b 10 Jun 1864 d 26 Apr 1933; buried Horse Mill Point Cemetery, Jeremiah, Letcher Co KY; medical information, retinitis pigmentosa, but didn't go blind; s/o Stephen Adams and Ursula Ison. John "Red" Adams m. Laurena Roark b 24 Nov 1874 d 20 May 1965; buried Horse Mill Point Cemetery, Jeremiah, Letcher Co KY; d/o Leander Roark and Nancy Back. Children of John "Red" Adams and Laurena Roark;

I. Lee Adams b 24 Feb 1893 d 3 Oct 1965; m. Margaret Gent (aka Jent). Children of Lee Adams and Margaret Gent;

1. Rilda Adams; m. Charlie Adams b 13 Sept 1910 d 24 Jan 1979; s/o Jim Adams and Sarah Back.

2. Verna Adams; m. Dennis Tolliver

3. Denver Adams; m. Lillie M Cornett

4. Fred Adams; (deceased); m. Marie Holland

Lee Adams m. (2) to Verta Crace Shepherd. Lee Adams m. (3) to Female Adams.

II. Nancy Adams b 29 Dec 1895 d 8 Nov 1901

III. Steve Adams b 4 Feb 1897 d 17 Jan 1978; m. Verna Caudill. Children of Steve Adams and Verna Caudill;

1. Cwilla Adams

2. Imogene Adams

3. Oakley Adams

4. Sidney Lee Adams

5 3 more children

IV. Ursula Adams b 21 Jul 1899 d 8 Feb 1984; m. Cap Johnson; s/o Babe Johnson. Children of Cap Johnson and Ursula Adams;

1. Emmaline Johnson

2. Rocky Johnson; m. Mae Gent

3. Sidney Lee Johnson (male); m. Edith Sexton

4. Laurena Mae Johnson

5. Anna Fae Johnson; m. Steve Frazier

Ursula Adams m. Unknown. Children of Unknown and Ursula Adams

1. Larry Back b 27 Aug 1941 d 19 Dec 1998; m. Female Devalon.

2. Female Day

V. Sally Adams b 21 Jan 1902 d 30 Jul 1965; m. Lloyd Back. Children of Lloyd Back and Sally Adams;

1. Patricia Ann Back b about 1942; d 23 Apr 2010 Pikeville Medical Center, Pikeville, Pike Co KY; m. Male Slone. Child of Male Slone and Patricia Ann Back; i. Johnny Slone (deceased).

2. Edwin Back (deceased)

3. Stanley Back (deceased)

4. Norman Back (deceased)

5. Pansy Back (deceased); m. Arlon Damon Blair; s/o Robert Blair and Barbara Jent.

6. Ersie Back (deceased); m. Male Combs

VI. Susan Adams b 13 Oct 1904 d 17 Jun 1905

VII. Frazier Adams b 21 May 1907 d 8 May 1977; m. Carrie Walter

VIII. Minta Adams b 9 Apr 1909 d 24 Mar 1984; m. Mark Pridemore (8 children)

IX. Ethel Adams; m. Harry Fields (8 children)

X. Martha Adams; m. Elmer Colley b 3 May 1914 d 19 Apr 1985; buried Colley Cemetery, Adams Branch, Rockhouse Creek, Letcher Co KY. (11 children - 1 deceased)

XI. Mary Adams b 27 Nov 1918

XII. Burnett Adams; m. Mildred Smith. (3 children)

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