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Simpson Adams
and Sarah Webb

Simpson Adams b about 1822 Jellico River, Knox Co KY d about 1910 Pine Creek, Letcher Co KY; s/o William Green "Billy Grit" Adams and Mary Ann "Polly" Adams. Simpson Adams m. about 1845 Letcher Co KY to Sarah Webb b about 1825 Perry Co KY d about 1897 Pine Creek, Letcher Co KY; d/o Benjamin Webb and Jane Jennie Adams. Source. (1850 Letcher Co KY Census and 1860 Letcher Co KY Census). Children of Simpson Adams and Sarah Webb;

1. Jane Adams b 1846 KY

2. Marinda Adams b 1849 KY

3. Lettie Adams b 7 Jan 1853 d 18 May 1925; m. 31 May 1873 Letcher Co KY to David L Craft b 5 Aug 1857 d 25 Aug 1954; s/o Henry Craft and Elizabeth Williams.

4. Benjamin Jackson Adams b 3 Apr 1856 d 21 Jun 1938; m. Mary Elizabeth Craft b 12 Jan 1861 Taylor Co KY d 24 Mar 1921; d/o Henry Craft and Elizabeth Betsy Williams.

5. William Bill Adams (from obituary of brother, Jason) b about 1859 KY; m. Lousia J Craft b abt 1864 KY; d/o Henry Craft and Elizabeth Betsy Williams

6. Jason Adams b about 1860 KY d 1 Dec 1938 Mayking, Letcher Co KY. (See Obituary). Never married.

7. Simpson M Seme Adams (Elder) b 4 Jul 1869 Letcher Co KY d 18 Dec 1889 Letcher Co KY; m. 14 Aug 1889 Letcher Co KY to Mary Elizabeth Adams b 13 Mar 1874 d 22 May 1939 Letcher Co KY.

1880 Letcher Co KY Census 12 June 1880 Precinct 1
248 252 Adams Simpson W M 58 Head M Farmer Can't read or write KY NC NC
248 252 Adams Sarah W F 55 Wife M Keeping house Can't read or write KY NC NC
248 252 Adams Jason W M 20 Son S works on farm attends school can't read or write KY KY KY
248 252 Adams Enoch M W M 17 Son S works on farm attends school can't read or write KY KY KY
248 252 Adams Spencer J W M 14 Son S " " " " " " " " " " " "
248 252 Adams Simpson M W M 11 Son S " " " " " " " " " " " "
248 252 Adams Jane W F 33 Daughter D Keeping House Can't read or write KY KY KY
248 252 Adams Sarah E W F 6 Niece S KY KY KY
248 252 Adams Mary W F 3 Niece S KY KY KY

Obituary of Jason Adams
1860 - 1 Dec 1938
Source Brian K Caudill
"Jason Adams Killed By
Train At Mayking"

The following obituary is from The Mountain Eagle newspaper dated 1 Dec 1938, page 1, column 7: The word came this evening before press time that Jason Adams, 74, a son of the late Simpson and Sallie Webb Adams had in the last half hour been run over and killed by a train. Going to the place of the accident we found the body horribly cut and mangled. Death resulted suddenly. The deceased was walking down the way about 350 yards below the railway crossing and near the track when an L&N engine tender and caboose came through the cut. As the train approached him instead of moving further away from the track the engineer says he turned suddenly and walked on to the track. He was run over and left in the middle of the track. One or both legs were crushed, one hand completely cut off and besides mangled in many other indescribable ways.

The deceased leaves two brothers, Bill and Eld. Simpson Adams, besides a great number of nephews and nieces. Owing to the fact that he was a member of the old Adams and Webb families his relatives are numberless being scattered all over Letcher and other counties. He was never married. He was strictly religious, but never connected himself with any church that we recall. The Burke Funeral Home brought the body to the Home here where preparations were made for interment. Funeral services, it is presumed will be conducted at the Mayking cemetery tomorrow where burial will take place. We grieve with the great host of relatives and friends and extend sympathies.

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