The Paintsville Herald
Sept. 16, 1926 Thursday
Arthur Leslie Killed Sat. In Midnight Fight
Alleged killed by Mushroe Smith
Fist Blow Fatal

Arthur Leslie, age 22, a son of Myrt Leslie of Hager Hill this county was found lying on the road dead by the side of his car Saturday night and Mushroe Smith it is said is charged with the crime. The body was found sometime after midnight.

According to the information of officials the tragedy occurred sometime between 11 PM and midnight Saturday. It seems that a party was being held on Burnt Cabin Branch and that a number of young people had attended. Young Leslie was one of the number who had attended the party but for some reason left earlier than the others. Leslie was in the company of Myrtle Bailey and a boy by the name of Arms were in Leslies car and en route home developed engine trouble and pulled over to the side of the road and Leslie had gotten out of the car to investigate. While thus engaged another car pulled up alongside of the Leslie car and is alleged to contain Mushroe Smith, Sid Conley, "Shug" Bayes and Harvey Maynard.

An argument ensued it is said, between Mushroe Smith and Leslie over a gun that Smith was to have sold to Leslie and on which Leslie owed him a balance. Smith struck Leslie behind the ear with a blow from his fist and Leslie fell to the road by the side of the car. The Bailey girl and Arms boy fled the scene of the killing.

Officers were called for and Deputy Sheriff Jno. Adams and Grant Daniel left for the scene and found Leslie face downward dead. "Shug" Bayes and Harvey Maynard were arrested and placed in jail at Paintsville and claim that Smith committed the murder. Smith however, made escape and has not been apprehended.

The examining trial was held Wed., before Judge Jno W Butcher.

Other arrests will be made in connection with the death of young Leslie.

The Paintsville Herald
Sept. 16, 1926 Thursday

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