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Michael Auxier I

Third Generation

9. Christopher Auxier (Christian , Michael ) was born in 1748 in Lancaster-County,Pennsylvania,USA. He died in 1803 in Lancaster-County,Pennsylvania,USA.

Christopher married Catharine Danner on 19 Feb 1778 in St.John,Pennsylvania,USA. Catharine was born in 1757 in St.Johns Episc,Pennsylvania,USA.

They had the following children:

  21 F i Catherine-Mary Auxier was born in 1778 in St.Johns Episc,Pennsylvania,USA.
  22 F ii Anna-Marie Auxier was born on 15 Jan 1779 in Lancaster-County, Pennsylvania, USA.
        Anna-Marie married George Doebler.
  23 M iii Jacob Auxier was born on 31 Jan 1781 in Lancaster-County, Pennsylvania, USA. He died in 1843.
        Jacob married (1) Sarah Ward.
        Jacob married (2) Clara Ward.
  24 F iv Elizabeth Auxier was born on 23 Jul 1785 in Lancaster-County, Pennsylvania, USA.
        Elizabeth married Jacob Steffe.
  25 F v Catherine Auxier was born on 8 Nov 1786 in Lancaster-County, Pennsylvania, USA.
        Catherine married John Dern.
  26 F vi Susanne Auxier was born in 1787 in Lancaster-County, Pennsylvania, USA.
        Susanne married Benjamin Graybill.
  27 F vii M.Margaret Auxier was born on 17 Mar 1793 in Lancaster-County, Pennsylvania, USA.
        M.Margaret married John Oster.
  28 M viii John Auxier was born on 28 Aug 1795 in Lancaster-County, Pennsylvania, USA.
        John married Jane Park.
  29 F ix Sarah Auxier was born in 1797 in Lancaster-County, Pennsylvania, USA.
  30 M x Salome Auxier was born in 1798 in Lancaster-County, Pennsylvania, USA.
  31 M xi Salome Auxier was born in 1799 in Lancaster-County, Pennsylvania, USA.

11. George Auxier (Michael , Michael ) was born in Pennsylvania, USA. He died in 1809 in Montgomery-County, Kentucky, USA.

George married Dorcas Shelly. Dorcas was born in 1750.

They had the following children:

+ 32 M i James Auxier was born in 1770. He died in 1873.
+ 33 F ii Elizabeth Auxier was born in 1786. She died in 1857.

13. Nancy Auxier (Michael , Michael ) was born in Russell-County, Virginia, USA.

Nancy married James-Wallace Brown.

They had the following children:

  34 M i Elijah Brown.
        Elijah married Alcey Coffee.
  35 F ii Sarah Brown.
        Sarah married William-P Nickell.
  36 M iii John Brown.
        John married Abigail Cassety.
  37 F iv Amanda Brown.
        Amanda married John-Botts Lacy.
  38 M v Daniel-K Brown.
        Daniel-K married Rebecca Easterling.
  39 M vi Samuel-Washington Brown.
        Samuel-Washington married Cynthia-Ann Nickell.
  40 F vii Nancy Brown.
        Nancy married Fowler Nickell.
  41 F viii Elizabeth Brown.
        Elizabeth married Charles-T jr. Adams.
  42 M ix James-Jackson Brown.
        James-Jackson married Malina Howerton.
  43 M x William Brown.

15. Abraham Auxier (Michael , Michael ) was born in 1751. He died in Pennsylvania,USA.

He had the following children:

  44 F i Betsy Auxier.
  45 F ii Sallie Auxier.
  46 F iii Nancy Auxier.
  47 F iv Jane Auxier.
  48 M v Abraham Auxier was born in 1774 in Pennsylvania,USA.

17. Dr.Michael-David Auxier III (bald headed Mike) (Michael , Michael ) was born in 1756. He died in 1825 in Adams-County,Ohio,USA.


Dr.Michael-David married Jean Lovebathy in 1780 in Virginia,USA. Jean was born in 1757 in Floyd-County,Kentucky,USA.

They had the following children:

  49 F i Nancy Auxier.
  50 F ii Sarah Auxier was born in 1790 in Pennsylvania,USA.
        Sarah married Benjamin Congdon.
  51 M iii Michael Auxier.
        Michael married Mary Greenlee.
  52 F iv Mary Auxier was born in 1791.
        Mary married Christopher Moore on 5 Oct 1808 in Floyd-County, Kentucky, USA. Christopher was born in 1790.

18. Samuel Auxier I (Michael , Michael ) was born in 1759 in Harrisburg,Dauphin,Pennsylvania,USA. He died in 1800 in Blockhousebottom,Floyd-County, Kentucky, USA.


Samuel married Sarah(Sally) Brown on 15 Jul 1779 in Culpepper-County, Virginia, USA. Sarah(Sally) was born on 16 Jan 1763 in Virginia, USA. She died in Apr 1862 in Floyd-County, Kentucky, USA.

They had the following children:

+ 53 M i Nathaniel-Boone Auxier was born in Jun 1780. He died in 1858.
  54 F ii Nancy-Ann Auxier was born in 1782 in Russell-County,Virginia,USA.
        Nancy-Ann married James-Wallace Brown.
  55 F iii Mary-Barbary"Polly" Auxier was born on 7 Dec 1784 in Russell-County,Virgina,USA. She died on 17 Jun 1847 in Floyd-County,Kentucky,USA.
        Mary-Barbary"Polly" married George jr. Delong II. George was born in 1776 in Mifflin-County,Pennsylvania,USA. He died on 28 Apr 1849 in Floyd-County,Kentucky,USA.
  56 M iv John-Neville Auxier was born in Nov 1786.
        John-Neville married Jemema Ramey.
+ 57 M v Daniel Auxier was born in 1788.
+ 58 M vi Samuel-Lewis Auxier II was born on 7 Aug 1791. He died on 13 Dec 1883.
  59 F vii Nancy Auxier was born in 1792.
  60 F viii Nancy Auxier was born in 1793.
  61 M ix Elijia Auxier was born in 1794.
+ 62 M x Enoch Auxier was born on 22 Feb 1795.
+ 63 F xi Frances-Amelia"Fanny" Auxier was born in 1800.

19. Simon Auxier (Michael , Michael ) was born in 1760. He died in 1825 in Mason-County,Virginia,USA.


Simon married (1) Unknown. Unknown died in 1776.

Simon married (2) Mary-Elizabeth Fugate on 30 Jun 1777 in Lawrence-County,Kentucky,USA.

They had the following children:

  64 M i Christopher Auxier was born on 8 May 1778.
        Christopher married Peggy Collins.
+ 65 M ii Thomas-Jefferson Auxier-sr. was born in 1780.

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