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Michael Auxier I


17. Dr.Michael-David Auxier III (bald headed Mike)

Michael Auxier III will forever be known in the annals of family lore as "Bald Headed Mike". The story behind the nickname is bizarre and the stuff of which legends are made. According to Agnes Auxier, Michael was stalking deer at a salt lick near Ft. Blackmore, Virginia when he was surprised by an Indian who knocked him senseless with a tomahawk and relieved him of his scalp. Luckily, the wounds were not fatal. Michael survived the ordeal and wore a hat at all tomes thereafter to cover the horrible scars left by his encounter with the Indian at the salt lick.

18. Samuel Auxier I

Samuel Auxier enlisted in Revolutionary War from Virginia in February 26,1779. Samuel was in Captain Isaac Taylor's company in the Illinois Regiment commanded by Colonel John Montgomery. He was discharged July 14,1780.

Samuel owned 180 acres on the head of Copper Creek in Russell County, Virginia which he sold in 1793 before journeying into the Big Sandy Valley of Kentucky. He settled his family in the area of Johnson-County, Kentucky as the Blockhouse Bottom.

Samuel was riding with neighbors when his horse spooked and threw him violently against a tree. He sustained serious chest injuries and died a few days later.

19. Simon Auxier

Simon Auxier came to the Big Sandy Valley about the same time as his brother Samuel. The name of his first wife is unknown and she probably died before he came to Kentucky from Virginia. Simon's grave is in the Hopson Cemetery near Auxier, Kentucky has marked by the daughter's of the American Revolution.

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