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Stephen Bailey

Fifth Generation

40. Carr, Sr. Bailey (John III , John, Jr. , John, Sr. , Stephen I ) was born in 1745/1748 in Westmoreland Co, VA. He died in 1807 in Clover Fork, Knox Co, KY.


Carr, married Mary Ann Turner in 1774 in Henry Co, VA. Mary was born in 1760 in Henry Co, VA. She died in 1839 in Clover Fork, Harlan Co, KY.

They had the following children:

+ 54 F i Mary Bailey was born in 1772.
+ 55 F ii Susannah Bailey was born in 1776. She died in 1855.
  56 F iii Lucy Bailey was born in 1778 in Henry Co, VA.
  57 M iv William Bailey was born in 1778 in Henry Co, VA.
  58 M v Golvin Bailey was born in 1780 in Henry Co, VA.
  59 F vi Sally Bailey was born in 1783 in Henry Co, VA.
  60 M vii Harry Bailey was born in 1786 in Halifax Co, VA.
  61 M viii James Bailey was born in 1790 in Henry Co, VA.
  62 M ix Carr, Jr. Bailey was born in 1795 in Henry Co, VA. He died in Andrew Co, MO.

41. John IV Bailey/ Capt (John III , John, Jr. , John, Sr. , Stephen I ) was born in 1748 in Fauquier Co, VA. He died about 1840 in Harlan Co, KY.


John married Sarah Minter in 1772 in VA. Sarah was born in VA.


John and Sarah had the following children:

+ 63 M i John "Thumby John" V Bailey was born in 1773. He died in Nov 1850.
+ 64 M ii William R. Bailey was born in 1775. He died before 1850.
  65 M iii Daniel Bailey was born in 1778 in TN.
  66 F iv Nancy Bailey was born in 1780 in TN.
  67 F v Sarah Jane Bailey was born in 1782 in TN.
+ 68 M vi Andrew Jackson Bailey was born in 1785.

45. Mary Bailey (Carr , John, Jr. , John, Sr. , Stephen I ).

Mary married James Brittain in 1726 in VA. James was born in Wales. He died after 1850.


James and Mary had the following children:

  69 M i Joseph Brittain was born about 1726 in VA. He died about 1774 in Rowan Co., NC.
        Joseph married Jemima ?.
  70 M ii Benjamin Brittain was born about 1728.
  71 M iii James, Jr. Brittain was born about 1730 in VA.
        James, married Delilah Springfield.
  72 M iv William Brittain was born about 1732 in Chesterfield Co., VA.
        William married Rebecca Ballinger on 25 Mar 1758 in New Garden MM, Rowan Co., NC. Rebecca was born in 1738. She died on 27 Sep 1803.
+ 73 M v Nathaniel Brittain was born in 1734. He died on 17 Oct 1776.
  74 M vi Enoch Brittain was born about 1736 in VA. He died about 1836.
        Enoch married Mary Perkins.
  75 F vii Mary Brittain was born about 1744 in VA.
        Mary married ? Moore.

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