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Stephen Bailey


147. John Cawood

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
Saturday, May 18, 2002 6:22 PM John Cawood is buried in the Chad Cawo
od Cemetery at Cawood Ky. He was born 4 June 1836, d. 11 Oct 1889 . Th
is John Cawood was assassinated in the Turner /Howard fight.. (This is t
he s/o John (1700/ VA) and Nancy Turner Cawood (1797/VA)
Also , Hiram Cawood b. 12 Feb 1860, d. 9 Feb 1934 , s/o John 1836 /Ky, a
nd Louisiana Jones Cawood (1838/KY) , husband of Sarah_______ Cawood (1864
-1948) is buried in the Chad Cawood Cemetery.
Louisiana Jones was the d/o Hiram /Rachel Ely Jones. Rachel Ely Jones w
as b. 2 July 1806 Lee Co. Va and d. 8Apr 1884 Harlan KY Betty Swanson <b

Louisana Jones

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
Louisiana Jones was the d/o Hiram /RachelEly Jones. Rachel Ely Jones w
as b. 2 July 1806 Lee Co. Va and d. 8 Apr 1884Harlan KY Betty Swanson <b

150. William, Jr. Turner

Narcissus Turner wrote about William Turner "At the outbreak of the war, W
illiam Turner, Jr. was a rebel. He at times raided the Union party and to
ok a great deal of property while James plucked the rebels. They were o
ften together, I never heard that they fought any, but I do know that th
ey both got well off during the war"
After the war, it was charged that in the spring of 1863, when a for
ce of Confederate cavalry commanded by Humphrey Marshall invaded Harlan C
ounty, William Turner gave voluntary aid and assistance to the regimen
t. [Harlan Circuit Court, charges brought by Hezekiah Jennings for damag
es stemming from the loss of two horses and the destruction of a wag
on byConfederate troops.] In his defense, William stated that "they he
ld him prisoner while the army subsisted on the county and that said Marsh
all kept his headquarters at his house and subsisted his army upon the def
endant's propertyto a considerable extent, against the defendant's will
." Turner swore thathe "could not help himself and he had to make a virt
ue out of necessity and submit as many other of his neighbors had to do
". He then stated that the Rebel army "tore down his buildings, burned h
is fences, killed his property andtook all of his horses, five of whi
ch he never got back." He continued stating that he himself was injured m
ore than any other citizen in the county andunder the circumstances tri
ed to wield an influence with Marshall for the benefit of his neighbors a
nd himself."
During his brother, James's, trial,Narcissa Middleton states, "William Tu
rner claims to be a Democrat and he issaying that the Democratic influen
ce of the Turners will procure executive influence in their favor. Jam
es Turner and Francis Pace are now writing to this William Turner, J
r. to come to Lexington in the fall when they are to be brought back of Ma
nchester for trial as they say to prevent the KuKlux from killing them, b
ut if he comes, it will be for quite a different purpose. If hecomes, h
is object will be by treachery and false representations to try to effe
ct something in their favor, for he is as subtle as the devil. He was a l
icensed Methodist preacher when he killed Fields. He is more apt to g
et upa company to rescue them upon their way than not, or take a compa
ny with him from home for the purpose".
On May 13, 1878, Hezekiah Jennings brought suitagainst the estate of Will
iam Turner, Jr. for promised payment for his attendance as a witness at t
he Turner/Pace trials in Manchester. Out on bail in the fall of 1873, Wil
liam Turner apparently died before any action was completed against h
im or otherwise avoided the consequences.
Feb Wm. TURNER Jr. appointed a Constable in the room of James TURNER, w
ho resigns.
Decator Daily Republican (Decator, Illinois) 9Feb 1894 "The killi
ng of John and William Turner by Dr. Nolan on the streets of Harlan, Ky, w
ill, it is feared, cause the Howard-Turner feud to be renewed in Harlan Co

Elizabeth Ann Sargent

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
Elizabeth Turner moved to Lee Co., VA with her children after William's de
ath sometime around 1877 or early 1878.

151. James B. II Turner

Alias:<ALIA> Devil /Jim/
It is this James Turner whose activities, aided and abetted by his brothe
r, William, was to earn him the name "DEVIL JIM". ["Harlan Mounain Roots
", Vol II - No 4, Summer 1988; Turner-Howard Fued (10 pages)]
It seems to be about 1850 that trouble first came to Clover Fork. Wh
at wasprobably malicious mischief and other pranks, was blamed on witchcr
aft. AsWoodard Lyttle told it to Reverend John Jay Dickey in 1898 [In t
he late 1890's and early 1900's, The Reverend John Jay Dickey, a circuit r
iding preacher,interview hundreds of eastern KY people, inquiring particu
larly into their family histories. He collected these interviews, savi
ng them in notebooks], "from 1850 for several years withes infested Harl
an County. One of the witcheswas a sister of John B. Cay and daughter-in
-law of the original William Turner. Her husband was James Turner, Sr. O
ld Aunt Dinah, a slave of the same William Turner, was another witch. Sal
ina Sturgeon,] a white woman who livedas the concubine, or wife, of Neg
ro George, a slave of the same William Turner, was the third witch. [Sali
na is listed in the 1850 Census of Harlan Co., with five white children, a
ge 7 and up, and 4 mulatto children, ages 6 and under. Even if George we
re actually living in the household, as a slave he would not have been lis
ted] It began by cattle dying and hair balls being found in them, hide who
le but the internal part shot to pieces, horses died, hogs died, cows & ch
ickens. Log heaps were made and all these burned as a torture to the witc
hes. The hair balls were carried around in people's pockets to show wh
at had happened......At shooting matches if a gun did not hit the mark, t
he contest was abandoned. The Middletons were epically afflicted by the w
itches. Women and Negro boys and sometimes men were bewitched. Guards we
re place around old William Turner who owned the slaves. He and his wi
fe were paralyzed; were ridden [as in the sense of tormented or extreme
ly bother], bythe witches. They were sincere in it........." This sto
ry goes on for fourteen pages and is interesting reading.
In 1853, James Turner, at about age 16,married Sarah Jones. Marria
ge and impending fatherhood do not appear to havesettled Jim down.
In the early 1850's Harlan appears to have had a crowd ofrowdys a
nd n'er-do- wells. Two of the major individuals in the crowd appearto ha
ve been Hezekiah Clem and Joseph Nolan. Devil Jim's older brother, Willia
m, was a contemporary of these two men and may also have been a party to s
ome of their activities.
Joseph Nolan's brother, Chadwell, married Devil Jim's sister in 1863.
Lyttle continued about Devil Jim's activities during the 1850's and 1
860's, "I have known him to drive fourteen hogs from one man's pen in bro
ad daylight, in Harlan County, from Jonathan Lewis of Poor Fork and every
body is afraid to touch him.....He cut the ham out of a live cow of his un
cle [Hugh Eldridge was Turner's cousin, Barthena Middleton's husband, n
ot his uncle.] He was lying out to escape arrest when he did. He kill
ed the sameman's sheep and hung or tacked the hide up at his gate. The a
uthorities called for help from the Govenor when he raped his own aun
t. [Her identity hasnot been established. "Aunt" may refer to a cousi
n, just as Lyttle referredto some of Turner's male cousins as uncles
.] He got up a petition and compelled everyone to sign it, stating that t
he troops were not needed"
Devil Jimwas not yet in serious trouble in the late 1850's but it se
ems to be at thistime that his feud with his Middleton cousins heated u
p. As Narcissus Middleton wrote on Sept. 22, 1873, 9 1/2 months after h
er husband's murder, in a letter published in the October 10th, 1873 editi
on of the Mountain Echo [transcribed from that source in Knox County Kent
ucky Kinfolks Volume XIII #1],"James Turner is first cousin to my husban
d, Willi

Sarah " Sallie" Jones

Sarah "Sallie" was the third daughter of five, of Hiram and Rachel Jone
s. Her father was prosperous and the girls appear to have been well rais
ed properly.

342. Hiram Turner

After his father was pardoned in the State of KY for murder, Hiram travel
ed with him to Washington State. He was there by 1910 but the census reco
rd forthat time does not read right on Ancestry.com

James Short

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
I'm trying to get information on the Short familey. James Short is my gre
at grand father. His son John is my grandfather. My fathers name is Garfie
ld Short. Any information would be helpful. Thank you: Alberta

161. Joanna Middleton

Per Judy Smith: As was quite common in the 19th century Kentucky mountain
s,Wright and Joannah were first cousins as her mother and his mother we
re sisters.

371. Achiles "Acles" Wynn

Military: age 38, 5'6", dark complexion, black eyes and hair, born Lee C
o. VA, enrolled 1 Oct 1863, appointed 2nd Lieut 2 Oct 1863
WYNN, Acles b. 11 March1852 on Yocumbs Creek to Wynn, Wright and Middleto
n, Joanna.

162. James T. Middleton

1864 There was a long feud between the Middletons and James Turneer (Dev
ilJim). It was believed that he killed James on his way home from the C
ivil War. James Middleton was in the Confederate Army.

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