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Stephen Bailey


Hugh Eldridge

Hugh Eldridge was born about 1820 in Tennessee. At his death, he le
ft at least 2 children, all under the age of 20. In 1879, his daughter, S
arah, is living with her grandmother, Sarah Middleton, and his son, Davi
d, is living withhis uncle and aunt, Andrew and Sarah Fields. The re
st of the family, including his widow, Barthena, are perhaps in Lee Co,V
A. By 1900, his son Carr hadreturned to Harlan where he was living wi
th his wife, children, mother Barthena and sister, Sarah.
Database: suewilley
Individual: I00759
Link: http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db
Name: Annette Seals
Email: aseals@lsc.net
Note: This is my line. Hugh Eldridge f/o James Eldridge f/o Thennie Eldr
idge w/o James Powell

164. Nancy Middleton

Judy Smith lists Nancy's DOB as Sep 1827 in Claiborne Co, TN and death as 1914in Harlan Co, KY

165. William Thomas Middleton

According to government records, William T. Middleton appears on Company M
uster-In Roll as Private, Co. A, Reg't Kentucky Infantry, Age 21 years, De
cember14, 1861 near New Haven, KY. He was appointed Corporal March 26, 1
863 and in May & June 1863 was listed as absent, sick in hospital N
o. 7, Nashville.In Jan. 1864 he was transferred to Invalid Corps. M.
D. to date from Dec. 15,1863
Civil Ward Draft List of Harlan, KY, P. 214, old book, Vol. 2 - Willi
amT. Middleton listed as Union Soldier 9th sub Dist Clover Fort 9 miles f
rom Harlan, KY located near Evarts, KY.
Narcissis Howard Middleton drew a small pension from Confederate Pension D
ept., Frankfort, KY. William T. Middleton listed as Union Soldier. (Civ
il War Draft List of Harlan, Ky. p214 old book Vol.2)
9th Sub. Dist. Clover Fork 9 miles from Harlan, Ky., Located near Evart
s, Ky.
According to 1870 Census Mt. Pleasant, KY, William Thomas Middleton own
ed 100 acres improved land, 20 acres wood land, 100 acres unimproved lan
d. $2000 cash value of farm land; $25.00 present value of farm machiner
y, 6 horses, 2 milch cows, 2 working oxen, 4 other cattle, 40 sheep, 30 sw
ine, $1000 present a value of livestock; 20 bu rye, 800 bu Indian corn, 1
99 bu oats, 50 lbwool, 10 bu peas, beans, 40 bu Irish potatoes, 200 lb bu
tter, 30 lb molasses, $60 value home mfg. $150 value of animals slaughter
ed $500.
12-2-1872 William was murdered by his first cousin, James Turner. There h
ad been a feud between James Turner and the Middleton family. Turner w
as part of an outlaw group and had shot several of the Middleton family pr
ior to killing William. Narcissa, William's wife, reported that James Tur
ner shot and killed William Middleton off his horse. William Middleton w
as on his way to Clay Circuit Court to testify against James Turner. Turn
er's accomplice was Francis Page.
William was charged with 3 cases of robbery and was pardoned for "war crim
{see Following the Footsteps column #49, #33, and #69, Also Harlan Footpri
nts Volumne 1 Issue 1; and Harlan Heritage III (Harlan Daily Enterprise sp
ecial edition)

Narcissis Howard

Narcissis Howard Middleton drew a small pension from Confederate Pension D
ept., Frankfort, KY. William T. Middleton listed as Union Soldier
1880 Census ofHarlan Co.: Narsis (Narcissa) listed as head of household
At age 44, Narcissa was left a widow with a large family of children, mo
st of them young. It is to her credit that most of them turned out wel
l, raising fine families of their own.

166. Lucy Caroline Middleton

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
From: CAROLINE REDDING <RUB2368@msn.com>
Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 05:00:25 PM
To: Richard Willey
Subject: Re: Elizabeth Clay
Hi Sue, I have been traveling and had company in between my two trips (o
ne of which was to Harlan) so I am just getting back to my genealogy email
Both James Turner and Walter Middleton are my direct ancestors.Walter Mi
ddleton II was my 3-great grandfather. His daughter Lucy Caroline marri
ed William B. Short, my 2-great grandfather. Short was my maiden name.
I have 10 children for Elizabeth and James. How does this compare to wh
at you have?
The twins, Susanna and William born 1833
3. James B. II 1836
4. Lavinia 1840
5. Joana 1843
6. Louisa1845
7. Elizabeth Betsy Ann 1847
8. Nancy 1850
9. Moses 1852
10. Henry 1854
I saw the note alsoabout John and Elizabeth Clay coming from the mountai
ns of TN to Harlan but Ihave not located a birth record for either of th
em (surprise, surprise).
Thanks for your help.
Caroline Short Redding

167. David Middleton

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
1869 David was murdered by James "DevilJim" Turner. James Turner was in
dicted in Harlan Circut Court. David's brother, William T. Middleton, tes
tified against James Turner (Turner later killed William for this). David
's wife sought damages in Clay Circuit Court
TheCivil War brought hard, violent times to Harlan Co., Both Union and C
onfederate forces were often in presence in the county, taking what they n
eeded to support their troops. After the war, a number of damage suits we
re brought bylocal citizens for wartime losses, particularly against t
he rebels. On thegrounds of military orders, etc. many of the accused pe
titioned for and received pardons from the Governor of KY for their warati
me activities. In January of 1867, David, Benjamin and William Middlet
on received pardons from the governor of Kentucky for wartime robbery char
David Middleton: 2 cases ofrobbery (See Following the Footsteps column #
49, #33, and #69), Harlan Footprints, Volume 1, Issue 1; Harlan Heritage I
II {Harlan Daily Enterprise special edition}
David Middleton's petition states he "always was in favor of the old Union
......, that he never thought or spoke a disloyal sentiment, that in conse
quence of these political views and oppinions he was adriven from home a
nd county." He says that his case is "kept in court as a matter of annoya
nce to him, that he is a poor man and has been stripped of his proper
ty by both armies.....the whole matter grew out of the war in consequen
ce of high political feelings."

168. Benjamin Franklin Middleton

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
Benjamin Middleton: 2 cases of robbery,one of larceny (Following the Foo
tsetps column #49)
Benjamin's petition fora pardon for wartime activities describes the wart
ime situtation, "when the recent rebellion broke out, he, like many oth
er young men of the county, weremisled and went off into the Confedera
te Army........while in the service hiscommand was frequently in Harlan C
ounty. That while here they would take such things as horses, cows, hay a
nd such things in order to subsist upon. That if he ever assisted in taki
ng such things, it was done under the orders ofhis superior officers....
He says that he was always opposed to taking property from citizens and es
pecially from his neighbors among whom he was born andraised.....th
at he is a poor young man having been stripped of everything during the la
te war"

Sarah "Sally" Blevins

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
I also found information that Sally was born in TN

169. Carlo "Carr" Middleton

Alias:<ALIA> /1837\40/
[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
Carr was shot by"Devil Jim" Turner and his brother William Turner, his co
usins, during the Civil War and Carr was crippled for the rest of his lif
e. Devil Jim was the child of James Turner and Elizabeth Clay Turner. Jam
es Turner was the son of William Turner and Susanna Bailey.

Marinda "Rindey" Gray

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
Name: Judy Smith
Email: prissysmom1@yahoo.com
Marinda Gray and Carr Middleton were my gr-gr-grandparents and I thoughtp
erhaps you might enjoy reading the few notes I have on them.
Marinda always went by the nickname "Rindy" which is short for Marind
a. I have never heard her called "Rudey" and I believe this is a typograp
hical error somewherealong the line in perhaps trying to decipher the o
ld census records--which can sometimes be a real pain.
According to the 1900 Census for Harlan County,Yocum Township, page 24, M
arinda had given birth to nine children but only eight are still livin
g. Also, they have been married for 36 years.
Also in the same 1900 Census, Carr and Marinda have a grandson "George" w
ho is living with them; he is listed as being four years old and was bo
rn May 1896. The 1900 Census was taken as of June 1, 1900.
Also in the 1900 census, there are other families by the last name of Gr
ay listed on the same page. It could be that these are Marinda's brothers
According to the "Middleton Family of Harlan County, KY" genealogy page re
ceived from Kathleen Thomas, Marinda was bornin 1836 in Lee County, VA.
Gossip Flash:
There is a divorce filing in Harlan County in which Sirena Farmer Noe accu
ses her husband, Nathan Noe, of "running after lascivious women," naming M
arinda Gray as one of them:
The case is that of Nathan Noe versus Sirena Noe. Nathan had married Siren
a, daughter of Lewis and Anne Farmer, in 1845. They had a number of childr
en and then, in1861, he filed for a divorce from her charging that she h
ad abandoned him. Sirena's counter petition states that although they h
ad lived "in perfect peaceand harmony" for several years, he had then com
menced "running after lascivious women and became very disagreeable in h
is family and would abuse the defendant and treat her with inhumanity." S
irena goes on to name two of these women, Marinda Gray and Polly Pace, a
nd then states that Nathan then "fell in love with one Manerva Hall and be
ing desirous to take her to wife" he first tried to force her to leave the
ir home and abandon him and that when she wouldnot, he "removed his bed a
nd board to one James G. Skidmore's, some three miles from their home
." At this point the case was apparently interrupted by the Civil W
ar as most of the remaining charges and counter charges, particularly in r
egards to the marital property, are dated in 1865 when the divorce wasgra
nted, and in 1866, when the disposal of the property was under dispute.
Marinda's first husband has been listed as James Noe,,, at this time unkno
wnto me how James Noe is related to Nathan Noe, but there must be a conne
Carr was shot by "Devil Jim" Turner and his brother William Turner, his co
usins, during the Civil War and Carr was crippled for the rest of his lif
e. Devil Jim was the child of James Turner and Elizabeth Clay Turner. Ja
mes Turner was the son of William Turner and Susanna Bailey.
All this info can be found at the Harlan County Kentucky Research web si
te (with the exception of "Rindy" which was Marinda's nickname).

Stokley Belcher

[Willey Family Tree 16 Jan 2005.FTW]
Military Service: Civil Waar, 64 VA Cav.

Joanna Middleton

Per Judy Smith: As was quite common in the 19th century Kentucky mountain
s,Wright and Joannah were first cousins as her mother and his mother we
re sisters.

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